Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Ryan @ 20 months

ryan @ 20 months
He had just started his half day playgroup this month (will talk about that in another post) and he is more clingy than previous. He also is more firm in his decision, characteristic of an Ox - Stubborn.

His speech is like roller coaster. He can say a certain word this month and can't the next.animal smileys Anyway, this month, he managed to voice the word "bowl" pointing at the bowl. His only consistence word is "there".

He is able to do simple sorting of colours now, differentiating the yellow counters from the reds.

He is getting cuter and cuter by days, and mischievous too. He has also mastered the skill of blowing a blower without having his saliva shooting out at the same time.

He has 6 teeth on top and 6 below. (picture was taken while he was laughing...cos I tickle him)

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