Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Rolling & Smiling

He is a very happy baby. Smiling at every single sound I made.

At 3 1/2 months old, he is already able to lift his head up good and doing the rolling over!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

3rd month check up

Taken during his 3rd months check-up.
He continued sleeping even after I placed him on the weighing scale!! But he, like his 2 elder sisters, was very brave and didn't even cry when the needle poked into his little bum..

Friday, September 15, 2006

Birth of Nicholas

When I was 6 months into my pregnancy, I felt contraction and also showing sign of "red". Panic and worried written all over my face. Thought I'm gonna have miscarriage! I called my gynae immediately and was told to go to the hospital right away! On my way there, both hubby and I prayed to God for protection over this little one.

After strapping with all the necessary equipment to check contraction and baby's heartbeat, the nurse was pointing to me that I'm having very serious contraction and asked if I felt any pain. To my surprise, I didn't even feel any thing, okay, just a slight tightening on the tummy but that's all. Gynae was worried that this little fellow couldn't wait for the full term but she's not for it to come out at this time when I'm only 24week pregnant. So she prescribed some medication for me to take and I was ordered bed-rest for the rest of my pregnancy. I was also ordered not to stroke my tummy as its encouraged contraction and thus I was being robbed off the best part of the pregnancy. All mommies knows that the feeling of your big belly is the best part and I was supposed to refrain from that...! I was also given a jab to strengthen the baby's lung just in case the medication to keep him in there doesn't work. Hubby and I were concern on the effect of the jab but gynae told us that whatever side effect is still better than risking him having infections should he pop.

Stayed in hospital for 2 days to further monitor the situation before gynae agreed to discharge me on the condition that I rest in bed and totally off stress. I didn't tell my mum about it as we didn't want to cause any unnecessary worry on her.

The medication did help to keep little baby in there but the side effect of the medication was it made my heart beats very fast and my hands will tremble too. But I faithfully take all the medicines and pray to God that He will keep the baby inside me as long as possible till he is ready for the world.

Finally, right on the dot of week 36, this little boy couldn't wait any longer and insisted on coming out on the day when we had plan to celebrate his Er Jie (second sister)'s birthday! Glad the childcare centre teacher helped us to celebrate for her with her friends.

During the stay in the hospital, he was given a hearing check and we were told to have a follow-up again 1 month later as his left ear had failed the test. We were so worried that he could be deaf but the doctor assured us that we should not be overly worried about this. She said that in most deaf babies, both ears hearing would have failed but since he was only on the left side, it's most likely due to water blockage inside the canal and once its dried, he should passed the hearing test. Although with the doctor's assurance, we were still worried.

We were so relieved and can only thank God that both the ears are fine when we took the test again one month later!


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