Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Random Pictures

Trying to stand up on my bed using the quilt as support

Happily sitting in his car seat, "dancing" even at times.

A terrible sleeper! He goes 360 degrees when he sleep!

Best shot! A kiss from the loving kor kor!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Another conversation with my darling...

Brought Charmaine & Nicholas out to get birthday present for Rachel today.

While Charmaine went around the shop choosing the present for her sister, the little boy saw this toy police car and pestered non-stop if I can buy it for him. Next he saw a train and asked again holding both the toys.

Me: Let me think first. If you behave, maybe I'll get for you.

Nic: ok mommy. Maybe we can get two.

And as we shop, he kept repeating this sentence, partially directed to me, partially trying to convinced himself that mommy is gonna buy both for him "Maybe mommy get two right, mommy?"

Since he was so well behave and the toys is very cheap, I bought both for him. While we was walking toward our car, we passed this popular fair and this little rascal saw this!

His immediate words was "OHH!! Look Mommy! Mommy, i bought the car and train for jiejie Charmaine. Can I have this, please mommy?" what a fast twist of words!

I admit I have a soft spot toward my dear boy. Mommy sayang the boys and daddy sayang the girls. That's why the saying goes : Mommy's boy and Daddy's girls.

Anyway, bought it too on the condition that he share it with baby Ryan and he promised. I am now training him to be bolder and thus gave him the exact amount and ask him to pay it at the cashier which he gamely did. (He'll do anything just to get what he wants)

He loves it so much he held on to the bag all the way the the car and even after we reached home. When he saw our helper, he told helper that he has to eat his food fast and be good boy then mommy will let him open the box to play with the truck. Isn't he a good boy? I didn't even said that to him!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Our Little Conversation

Nowadays, Nicholas likes to blink his eyes whenever he is being asked a question. Don't want it to become a habit, so told him to stop doing it.

Mommy: Nic, Can you don't blink your eyes?

Nic (tried hard not to blink): I cannot don't blink my eyes, mommy.

Mommy: Why not? You can blink but not like that (keep blinking)

Nic (after some thoughts): I have to blink my eyes, mommy. If I don't blink my eyes, it means I am dreaming. If I blink, I not dreaming.

Isn't that cute?! Found out later that he had learnt it from his teacher...hmm...my dear boy must be day dreaming in class.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Baby Ryan @ 11 months old


The past month had been a bumpy month for the little baby. Beside the scary fall, he had 2 more minor bump on his head, once was when he try to turn around while cruising along the sofa and fell side ward onto the hard marble flooring and the other time, he fell backward while trying to sit on the edge of a mattress on the floor.

Both time he cried loudly and enter into "shock" like the first time, no movement, no sound and lip turned white. The last one was really nothing (He actually went down very slowly using his stomach muscle to slower the fall and his elbow to cushion it) but he still enter into shock...hmm...has he turned it into a habit or was it a reminder of the bad fall that he did this even with the slightest bump??

What's New:-

He had started taking porridge just a few days back. Uses fish bone stock to boil the cargo rice and added fish and carrots in it too. All my kids ate cargo rice from baby to toddler.

Why I choose cargo rice?

The greatness of red cargo rice is similar to brown rice. Only the husks of the rice grains are removed during the milling process, retaining all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals intact in the bran layer and in the germ. It is a good source of Thiamin (Vitamin B1), Riboflavin (Vitamin B2), fibre, iron and calcium.

His routine:-

In the morning, he will has his milk follow by cereal. Lunch and dinner will be the porridge and in between, he will have half an apple or one whole banana. Mommy's milk is still needed, even during the NIGHT!!!!! Yup! He is 11 months old now and still waking up for milk!!

His character:-

One word to describe it. TERRIBLE!! He is definitely born in the year of OX. Stubborn and insistence! If my mom was to read this, she will say he has my character. Ignoring You

His temper is horrible too! He is displaying the "Terrible 2" symptom at 11 months old!

If we take away the thing he is holding, he would screamed and cry and sometimes even throw his body backward if he sees us there ready to support him!

If we feed him his food too slowly, he will be angry too.

If he is doing something, like climbing up the stairs and we carry him away, he would kick his legs and cry! *faint*

He likes to throw things around too. He loves taking things out from their boxes or container and throw it on the floor. And if it does not land on the floor, he will pick it up and throw it again till it landed on the floor.

His favorite activities:-

He likes climbing... up the stairs, out of his baby chair, on me and everything that he can climb on....

His achievement:-

He is able to stand up on "his own" with minimal support from my finger.

He is able to stand totally unsupported for 10 seconds. As he is still not very stable, I usually hold on to his T-shirt just in case but he will swing or pull my hands away. My little show-off..

Monday, March 8, 2010

First Puff

Baby Ryan had been coughing and having running nose for the past few days and it got worst yesterday. So brought him to the doctor today and there's very slight wheezing heard. Doctor gave him his first "Puff" to clear his lungs. Couldn't take any photos as I have to hold him while the doctor gave him the mask.

He is better at this than his korkor Nicholas. Nicholas cried and screamed when he was first given but Baby Ryan just sat there and only occasionally tried to push the mask away. Not much fuss or cries. Born in the year of an Ox, a tougher boy??

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Follow Up on His Move To Big Boy's Class

My dear Nicholas was excited about his new class that throughout the week, he kept telling us that he likes to go to church. Bravo! We thought he is good BUT... today when we finally reached our church and was walking towards his class, he said he does not want to go in. He wants to be with me.

Nic: I want to be with you.

Me: I can't stay with you anymore. You are a big boy right? No more a baby, right?

Nic: But big boy must stay with family! (fighting to keep his tears from falling)

Me: Ok. I stay with you till your class starts and I go off.

But he still refuses to enter the classroom and I have to coax him in, all the time, he is fighting to keep those tears from falling. After some warming up with the toys provided, I told him I have to go to the baby class to change baby and told him to stay. He agrees.

After church, asked him if he joins in any singing and activities, he said he didn't sing. Only the Big children sang. Well, at least he is ok with the idea of being there without mommy. He is pretty slow in warming up, hope he settle into the class soon.


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