Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Han Yu Pin Yin

I was teaching his jiejies Chinese and he insisted on joining us. So decided to let him join in the Han Yu Pin Yin lesson...

I was giving er jie her Chinese spelling (in Han Yu Pin Yin) and my little kapo too join in in testing jiejie! After every word I said, he repeats after me! He really makes us laughed out loud gagagaga

We loves the way he said "mu ma" (wooden horse) and make it repeat again and again till I think he got quite angry : P

Monday, April 28, 2008

Trial Lesson - Day 1

Finally found a Pre-School near my place for him. Went down on Saturday to speak to the "boss" as she said she couldn't brief me during the weekday as she will be busy with the kids. She spent a good half an hour with me, impressing me with her concept. What I really like about it is that it's Montessori base and thus my Little Nic can have do a lot of gross motor skill learning. So I agreed to put in on a few days trial to see if Little Nic is "suitable".

So today, Daddy came along to drop us off at the centre and his first questions to me was "Why so small?" Told him it's a rather new set-up so the numbers is still growing. But I can already sense his resistance to the school.

After he left, Little Nic went around to explore the centre while waiting for the rest of the children to arrive. He was very curious and was looking, poking at everything.

Even can play "Peek-A-Poo" with me

When the school bus children arrive, after they routine HFMD check up, the little ones proceeds to the dining room for their breakfast. This is the first time Little Nic ate with so many jiejies and korkors. Surprisingly, he is not afraid and went right to a empty seat and sat down. Guessed that's the magic of food. This is also the first time he tasted MILO and he loves it!

Just as I thought he will be doing fine without me, he started looking at me and said "mommie, dump (come)" *sigh* think he senses that I'm about to walk out of the place...(actually I'm just walking around looking at the centre...baby, mommy won't leave you alone on your first day...how can I bear to do that to you...)
See how he enjoys the food and Milo

After breakfast, they proceed to the Montessori classroom where the children learn their hands on activities. As for Little Nic, since it's his first day in the centre, the teacher doesn't want to force him to sit down and do it but rather allow him to walk around and watched how the rest of the children play with the "toys". The whole class was total silent throughout and even the teachers whisper when they talked to the little one (1 to 1). I'm a little surprise at this as from my past experience, childcare shouldn't it be lively and "noisy"?

Observing the korkor
Want to try it too

Anyway, my boy did try some of the "toys" but soon finds it boring and started coming to me more often and clinging on, wanting me to carry him. Guessed the environment is too quiet that it makes him feel sleepy (actually mommy feel sleepy too). So mommy decides to call it a day.

At night, after discussing it with daddy, we decided that this centre is not really suitable for my active little boy. So, I'm back to square one again...

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Please Jie Jie

Little Nic now knows who to look for when he needs help to open his cookies' container. Nope..not mommy. If he were to come to mommy, I will ask him to "revised" his body parts before opening the container and giving ONE cookie to him. : P

He now looks for his er jie as he now learns that er jie is just as greedy as him. All he needs to said to Er jie is "Pissee" and his sis will happily open the container for him and both will start munching the cookies until mommy takes it away!

Saturday, April 26, 2008


Mommy a little adventurous today and decided to let him try feeding himself the yogurt. Little Nic was real happy that he is able to "feed" himself instead of us feeding him as this means he doesn't need to "perform" before the food is placed in his mouth : )

Initially, he was doing fine with the scooping...but towards the end, he became a little impatient as he could scoop much out and he decided to do away with the spoon and pour it into his mouth instead!

Managed to put the yogurt into his mouth with the spoon

Decided to bring the container nearer so as not to spill any

Decide to pour it in directly instead

Result: Messy Kitten

Thursday, April 24, 2008


We were having our dinner and as usual, he demanded for his share. After trying some chicken and vegetables, he shake his head and pushed it away and said "nooo"

Then something in jiejie's bowl caught his eyes! And the next words that came out is "phish ball" (fish ball), we were initially wondering what was he saying until he kept pointing and repeating the word "phish ball". When his jiejie realised he is eyeing her fishball, she initially refused to share, however he doesn't give up. He kept pulling his jiejie and say "phish ball" till finally his sister couldn't resist his "pleading" and gave in to him.

How he enjoys his fishball! He goes *chomp* *chomp* and once he finished, he asked for more PHISH BALL again! His funny noise "hum hum yummm" + his chubby cheek = lots of laughter from everyone of us!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Simple Sea Bass

Another simple recipe!

All you need is:

1. A few Sea Bass boneless fillets without skin;

2. shredded ginger

3. a tsp of light soya sauce

4. some Boxthorn (kei chi)

5. 1 tsp of olive oil (or any cooking oil)

Steam it and its all ready to eat in 5 mins! Goes perfectly well with vegetables (I used the water left in the pan after steaming the fish to par boil the veggie to give a little flavour to it.)


O! How I love this age group!

Today he took out his favourite truck (Noah's ark) to play and upon noticing that no music coming out of it when he pressed the buttons, he immediately got off the "ark", turned the ark over, and tried to push the on/off button. When the music still did not comes on, he patted my thigh (I was sitting there watching him) and pointed at the battery compartment and said "bat ti ! " (battery); "On!"

O! My clever little fellow, wonder how he knows that is the battery compartment and how he knows he need battery for it !? In my limited memory, we did not change the battery at all for his little "ark"ever since he got it as his Christmas present...

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Sorry to disgust everyone but i finally got ONE picture of him trying to "force" his poo out...YES!

And no, his bowels are not hard. When it's real hard (usually happens when he is sick), his whole face turns RED when pushing them : P

Think this mommy a little sick, hor? But I just love to see him poo..it just so CUTE!!!

Side track a little: Please pardon me if I'm bragging too much about my little one now as ooo..he is in his adorable stage and I can't help not to...so pls forgive me if I'm a little thick-skin NOW. : )

Dad At "Work"

A moment which I told myself I must record it!

The last time daddy washes the kid's buttock was...hmm..like me think...Yes! that's was when my eldest was 2! So you can imagine, how surprised I was when daddy offers to wash this little prince's buttock after he poo poo!!

Guess he is getting a little nervous now that his little prince does not want him to carry...gagaga

Monday, April 21, 2008

TV Time

Decided to stay home today and spent time with my little prince. We did some reading..okay, not exactly reading but rather flipping through the pages as he still refused to sit there for me to finish reading 1 page to him.

After he was satisfied with looking at the pics in the books, we moved on to some flash card with animal's pic on it. To get his attention and help him remember better, I decided to add in some action or sound in relation to the pic. After we are done with 5 cards (I want to see if he knows before we move on), I try to "test" him to see if he can remember. To my surprise, he can point at the correct pic and do the action too for some!

Kids at this age is really like a sponge, absorbing everything silently...hmm...mummy better beware of what I do or say now...

I left him to play with his toys after that and guess what? Instead of playing, he went over to our TV, switch it on (pressing the button), then pointed the controller at the TV as if to change the channel!! Of course, the channel did not switched to the one he wanted, so he brought the TV controller to me and said "On"! "Tat Toon!" (cartoon).Then he walked over to the sofa and sat right there waiting for me to switch to the disney channel. He then said to me "come" and patted the seat next to him! This is the first time I see him does it and mummy was so...impressed?? I really don't know how to describe the feeling....I went over, give me a BEAR Hug and BIG kiss!

My maid told he favourite program is "HI-5" and sometimes, he will even danced with the music! I try to capture his "dance" but whenever he sees the camera, he stopped. > (

See how engross he is...

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Pain! Pain!

Saw the little cut on his pretty face : P

He was playing with his daddy's key when his er jie try to snatch it away from him. What a close shave! I can't imagine what happen if it is a few millimetres higher...

gosh..really got to thank God for his mercy.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Look alike?

This is my BIL. Many said my boy looks like him....

For me, I couldn't tell but they do love each other company.


Recently my boy begin to show his dislikes... When I gave him papaya (Only thing that he doesn't eat) he will shake his head and point his little finger at my mouth indicating that he doesn't want but mommy to eat.

He also starts to be selective in who can and cannot carries him...and surprisingly, everyone in our household, including all the uncles and grandparents are welcome except DADDY! Whenever daddy tries to carry him, he will laugh and run away as fast as his little short legs could. If he can't out-run his daddy, which happens most of the time, he will starts to cry and struggle when daddy carries him. Daddy doesn't seems to mind and keep playing this "game" with him...think if this happens to me, I'll be very sad...

Once daddy touches him, crying starts

See how he tried to wriggle off daddy's grip

Tears flow within seconds

See how pitiful he cries when daddy carry him

Totally unconsoleable even after letting him go

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Helping Himself

Since he had learned his climbing skill, nothing is unreachable for him now. Whenever he "smell" food on the dinning table, up the chair he goes...

We were having our after fruits today and as usual, he demand for his share. Knowing that I will make him to "pay" (I make him kiss, hug and call me before I accede to his request) for his share, he hurriedly kissed, hug and call "mum mee" before ONE grape was deposited into his mouth.

Think he finds this too troublesome and slow and so he decided to help himself instead! Before I could even react, he was already up and sitting there helping himself with the grapes. When he saw the whole plate of grapes, he shouted in excitment " gapes!!" and make the sound of eating "aum!"

O! And he eats like a squirrel, storing all the grapes in his pocket (mouth) and I have to ask him to finish what he had in his mouth before taking more. Think he is worried that we eats too fast and left nothing for him if he were to take his time...gagaga

The excited face when he saw the grapes

Helping himself to the grapes

Having fun "catching" the grape

Think its faster to use my hand..see the "pocket"?

I give up the spoon. Verdict: Hands is a lot faster!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Entering Into Deal

As we were walking to his Sunday school today, he spotted some toy cars outside the kindergarten area and started pulling me toward them. When we got there, he let go of my hand and started getting into the "car" and drive...

I tried to get him moving (as we are late for the class) and he refused to move! Only after I promised him that we will come back later to play that he agrees to let go of the tri-cycle...Seems like he understand what deals means...hahaha

Think he is really ready for play-school now...

Saturday, April 12, 2008

He Is Jealous

My boy has really grown...

Scenario 1 : I noticed that whenever his 2 sisters hugged me or sat next to me, he will come over and pushed them away and then, dominantly sat on my lap. (I actually love the feelings.. :P)

Scenario 2 : Sometimes when I was feeding him some food (his favourite hobby), and his sister came over and wants to have some, he would "kick" a fuss and pushed his sister away. And if he fail, which is normally the case as the sister purposefully disturbed him, he would use his powerful weapon - CRY!!!

Scenario 3 : When he saw me changed out of my home-clothes, he would dash for me and wants me to carry him. Reason : - He wants to follow me out. And when my maid tries to carry him over, he would cling on tightly. And if that fails, he would try to cry in a pitiful manner and struggle out of my maid's hand. It couldn't be separation anxiety as he is also attached to my maid...guess he just wants to get the house...my gosh...at such young age and he likes to go out, wonder will I be able to see him at home when he grows up : { Better enjoy his company now...

Don't know how other parents feel about it, however, I kinda find these events interesting and cute and sometimes we kind of do it in purpose to see his reaction...very bad hor...

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Conquering New Height

Remember his daring moves to climb into his walker? I had kept his walker to prevent any unfortunate accident. Today, I'm shocked to find him conquering something else!!

Watch how he climb up the chair effortlessly!!

See, mummy, I'm up in less than a minute!

Now, we have to keep a constant eye on him otherwise he will dash for the chairs! Can't possibly keep my dining chair, can I?

Guess boys are boys...always finding new challenge...

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

@ 18 months

For all the past few jabs, I don't have any problem with him. He will just lie there and let the doctor jab without a struggle. But today, my gosh, he needs 3 persons to hold him down!!

Wonder was it because he has grown up already and knows what's happening or of the frequent Salbutamol "breathing torture" whenever he sees the doctor...?

When we got back home, he refuses to let us put him down onto the floor. He will wrap his legs around my maid or me and "cry" once his legs touches the ground! It suddenly occurs to me that it could be the pain from the injection. So we just let him mun jar for a while...

The funniest part is when he woke up from his afternoon nap, he actually walk with a limp!! My maid laughs and said he is trying to get our attention. Just like daddy... ; P

Monday, April 7, 2008

Claypot Tung Hoon

One of my favourite dish


1. Butter/ pork lard - 2 slices

2. Coriander Leaves (root/stem part) - 4 stalk

3. Spring Onion (white stem part) - 2 stalk

4. Large prawn / crabs - estimate 2 to 3 prawns for each person (min 8)

5. Glass Noodle (Tung Hoon) - pre soaked to soften - 1 packet abt 130g

6. Ready made chicken stock - 500ml

7. Oyster sauce - 1 tbsp

8. Sesame oil - 1 tbsp

9. Dark soya sauce - 1/2 tbsp

10. Light soya sauce - 1/2 tbsp

11. Sugar - 1 tbsp

12. Cracked peppercorns - 1tsp

13. Pepper - dash

14. Chinese cooking wine (Hwa Teow) - 2 tbsp

15. Coriander leaves - for decoration

Lazy methods:

1. Place the butter on the bottom of the claypot

2. add in all the above according to order listed

3. Cover and cook over high heat abt 7 - 10 mins.

4. Remove from heat. Add no 14 and 15, cover for 5 mins.

5. Before serving, use a chopstick to place the prawn on top of the glass noodle for presentation.

King In The Making

Think my little prince had decided tp upgrade himself... today, as we were about to leave the house, he happy walked to the shoe rack and retrieve his shoes. Guess what? He brought his shoe to his 2 Jiejies and indicate to them to wear the shoe for him!! And now, he has 2 princess serving him!

Sunday, April 6, 2008


One of his favourite activities is to play with my cooking utensils. Not that he doesn't have any toy cooking utensils, he got lots of them, thanks to his 2 jiejies. But he still prefers the real stuff! (Good for me too, can use this as excuse to buy new one for my kitchen...gagaga)

And today, he found his companion! His dajie! And my gosh, they even took my oranges to play with!! When they are done playing with it, I even found some with bite marks!

Notice he still uses his left hand? The dajie reminded him to use his right and he obediently switched it.

Side track a little, I'm still anxiously finding a good playgroup for him...any recommendation? The centre must be able to see him through to K2...

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Salmon Patty

A very easy receipe.

1. 2 fillet of Salmon - steamed and mashed

2. 3 to 4 potatoes - peeled, cut into cubes, boiled and mashed

3. some cheddar cheese (depends on your liking)

4. 2 eggs beaten

Step 1: Put all the above together and mixed well

Step 2: coat it with some bread crumbs and fry (oil covering half the patty)

Step 3: Ready to eat!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Left Handed?

I just realised that he had been using his left hand a lot. He uses the left hand to waves, to point at things, to hold things etc...

I now trying to "force" him to use his right hand by handing things to his right hand and "remind" him to point and holds thing with his right hand...

It's not that I'm against left handed people... I've learn that left handed people are more creative and artistic but there are a lot of inconvenience that comes with this gift.

Hope I still able to reverse the situation...Any suggestion parents as to what else I can do?

Up He Goes!

Today is the 13th day counting down from the first day his er jie first chicken pox symptom appear. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that he will be EXCUSED this round. I heard from my sister that those who do not have the jab will have the whole body covered with the dots. I can't imagine that happening to him...

His fever has subsided and he is back to his active self again. He kind of "lost" his voice due to too much crying and coughing....poor baby

It's his dinner time and I told him to go to his walker first...and this is what he did!

Finally got his butt on the walker's tray...

Okay. I'm ready mum! Where's my food?
I didn't expect him to climb into his walker. What I meant as for him to bring his walker to me so I can carry him in. With him doing this kinda stunts, guess I need to put this walker away when no one is watching or accidents may happen...


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