Friday, January 29, 2010

Excursion to Chinatown

Nicholas's pre-school organised an excursion trip to Chinatown. The place can be very crowded and the teachers had requested for adults to follow if possible. I gladly opted to follow, of course. (hee.. I can do some new year shopping and be with my darling..kills 2 birds with 1 stone!)

Holding hands with his "girlfriend"

His favourite stall...Sweets booth

Ain't they sweet!?

Fire crackers decoration for our house

It was fun but hot day. We were perspiring towards the end of the trip and was so glad to see our bus! Lucky it was only about an hour walk. Little boy also demonstrated how strong he is by helping me to carry this "Big" box of fire crackers decoration.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


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Every morning without fail, Nicholas will come into our room and crept onto the bed to lie next to baby Ryan. He will gently place his hands around baby Ryan, smelling and kissing him occassionally.

And when baby Ryan wakes up, Nicholas will be the first to greet him "Good morning, di di" and baby Ryan will give his brother the biggest smile. Isn't this sweet?

What a wonderful way to start the day!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My Little Gardeners

These 2 girls had been my little gardeners since we moved in to our new place and I must say, they both had been doing a very good job at keeping the garden and car porch clean.

But since school re-opened, they are so tied up with all the school works and enrichment classes that they can only help on weekends and days which they had completed their work early.

Seeing them working so hard under the evening sun, I paid each of them $2 each for the hard work.

This extra money will be used to buy small stuffs which they need for school. See, in the beginning of the year, I will give each of them a brand new set of stationery (1 box of 2B pencils, 3 erasers and colour pencils). If they decided to misuses it (Rachel loves to sharpen the pencil and play with the erasers), then they have to use their own pocket money to buy new ones. This idea was shared by a church friend of mine who is very good at handling kids.

Monday, January 25, 2010

His First Taste Of Durian

Baby Ryan had his first taste of durian today and he LOVES it!!

I "peeled" off the "skin" and gave him the meshy fresh.

I'm not sure if its too early to give him durian but, aiya, since he is number 4 already, mommy not so uptight anymore and follow strictly by the books liao.Tongue Out

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Baby Ryan @ 9 months old

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Just a quick one to note down little Ryan's achievements:

1. Able to pick up small biscuits with his 10 fingers and put them in his mouth without dropping it.

2. Able to sit through complete session of nail-cutting.

3. He seems to understand what "NO" means. He will stop and look at us when we said "no" to him.

4. Able and love to pull himself to standing position..that makes mommy very busy. We cannot leave him unattended even for 1 second as he will dash towards any object and try to pull himself up!!

5. He is able to climb out of his walker/ baby, another constant supervision...Cannot put him in walker and on the floor without supervision for even a second! Its easy to see why mommy had been so busy lately, cos I have to follow him everywhere but I'm not complaining..I enjoys every moments with him!

Things that he is still trying to do:

1. He is trying to crawl with tummy up but has not make past 2 steps. So he still uses the "leopard" style to crawl.

2. He is learning to get himself into sitting position and succeed occasionally but still not very steady when he succeeded. But if we sit him properly, he's steady.

3. He decided to skip learning to crawl the proper way and go straight to "cruising" around. When he is standing, will try to move a few steps holding on the furniture.

4. He is trying to climb up the wall! cute! Of course, he never make it. He would kneel in front of the wall, and tried to stand up but always ended up on his back. Luckily, he only did that on my bed, so when he falls, he falls onto the mattress.

5. Learning to waves goodbye..did it a few times.

Things he loves:

1. loves things that are black, even if its very small and far away, he will crawl towards it.

2. loves to watch cartoon and me playing my facebook games...heehee Sickened

3. He prefers my mattress than his...hmm..he sure knows the good stuff..hahahaYellow

4. He likes to shake his head and we gladly took the opportunity to tell him that it means "No, no". Don't think he equates that yet.

5. He simply loves his brother, Nicholas! He'll scream excitement whenever he sees Nicholas, especially in the morning! And I'm so glad that Nicholas loves this little brother of his and took very great care and even supervision of baby Ryan for mommy.

Sad to say..Dismay

1. He still wakes up 2 - 3 times for the night feeds.

2. Still not "talking" no "mama; mum mum or papa" yet...


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