Sunday, November 30, 2008

Gold Coast Holiday - Day 1

Finally the day we had been waiting for is HERE!!!

MIL was so worried that little boy will cry on the plane as this is his first time taking a plane. I had to assure her that he will be fine and thank God, he did so well! No crying during take off and landing; able to enjoy his kid's meal and slept well too. And so glad that he got a seat too so he is able to lie down and sleep during that 7 hours flight.

We touched down at 6.30am (Australia time..which is 4.30am Singapore time!) and little boy make no fuss at all waking up and walked by himself out of the plane! By the time we checked out and collected our luggage, its closed to 7.30am and the coach transfer was there waiting for us (and the rest). All of us slept on the journey to our apartment which is about 1 1/2 hour ride except for Rachel who is wide awake and filled with excitement!

View from our Marrakesh apartment

Its quiet convenience to eatery and public bus to theme park is just outside the apartment. Beach is less than 5 mins walk.

By the time we settled down and unpacked our luggage, its already 10am+ and hubby told everyone to take a quick nap before leaving for our Extreme Sea Sport at noon. I so tired but little boy is not sleepy at all and wanted to play. Luckily, Rachel is not sleepy to and she helped to accompany her brother for that 2 hours so mommy can catch some sleep.

We took the public bus to Sea World and only to realise that the venue for our activities is located 800m away at the Sea World Resort! No bus in, no cab too. So we just had to walk all the way there. Luckily, the weather was good.

I had emailed and got ourselves a family package costing AUD550 for the 4 sports (Parasail; Jet Ski; Seaplane and Jetboat extreme). Its really worth it as each activity lasted for 30 minutes.

All of us went on the speed boat (have check that its safe for pregnant woman) and start off with Parasailling for hubby and the 2 girls. Little boy had fun riding on the speed boat and the 2 girls have a great time up there!

Next, the 2 girls take turn to ride on the Jet Ski with hubby while the little boy catch his beauty sleep.

Hubby with Rachel

Hubby with Charmaine

Next they went for the Jetboat Extreme which the girls were truly thrilled! Not able to get any photos for that as mommy is enjoying her lunch at the cafe. The girls couldn't wait to tell me the fun and thrill of the ride especially when the boat did the 360 degree speed turn!

The boy woke up just in time for the Seaplane ride and all of us got up the plane to view the beautiful scenery.

Little Nicholas wanted to play at the pool but the water is freezing cold and we didn't want to risk him catching a cold and falling ill right at the start of the trip. Just let him kicked around the shallow water while the girls went for the slide.

And hubby slipped on the way up the slope as its full of moss...

Finished everything at about 5pm and we went for dinner at Broadbeach for a quick bite. Little Nicholas didn't like the food and was cranky by then too.

We hurried finished our food and went back to our apartment. Little Nicholas started to look for helper and luckily, he is still attached to me and I consoled him and told him that we are here on holiday and aunty is not here. Let him watch some car racing on TV and he soon ready to settle down to sleep. This was the only time he look for helper and the next few nights, he will tell me saying that "cannot look for aunty; cannot cry". Such a good boy!

Saturday, November 29, 2008


We are leaving for our holiday!!!! Leave this video to keep you entertain.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Fantastic Four

Ling passed me this tag.

Four places I go over and over:
- Giant; Cold Storage; Market and Parkway Parade

Four people who email me regularly:
- hmm..that's a very tough one! Nicholas's teacher; Charmaine's teacher; the tour agent (now) and junk mail sender!!!

Four of my favorite places to eat:
- No signboard; Steamboat at my sister's place; Swensen and my house (home cooked meal)

Four places you’d rather be:
- Australia, Korea, Paris and UK

Four TV shows I could watch over and over:
- They kissed again (part 1 and part 2) for now..Meteor Garden (Part 1 and 2) many years ago.

Four people I think will respond:
- LZmommy, Joanne (Sarah's mommy), Little Prince; 3lilangels

Saturday, November 22, 2008


Hmm... This is how he likes to sit nowadays... Ummm

A 100% copied of his daddy!

Friday, November 14, 2008

1st Year End Concert

This is his FIRST stage performance and when we were told months back by the centre that the toddlers will be performing, the first question I raised then was "Are you sure?? Won't they cry??" The teacher assured me that the kids will be fine and after having a peek at their rehearsal, I was more relaxed. Little Nic danced and shake his butts so well and looks real cute then!

But almost at the same time when I conceived, he became clingy and will not dance whenever I'm around, insisting that I carried him...they say children has "vision" when their mommy are expecting, how true!

Back to his concert, hubby and I prayed that he doesn't cry up stage and God answered our pray! He didn't cry but he didn't move either! He just stood there looking around for us while the other kids danced around him. And his eyes...aiyo! look so pitiful!! So heartache!

We all gave him a big hug right after his "released"..poor boy, think he still shocked to see so many audience there! It took him quite some time before he returns to his bubbly self...

Oh, hubby like his new hairstyle..said he look so much better with his fringe gel up! What do you think?

Thursday, November 13, 2008

I'm Wishing

We have a CD collection of all the princess's song in our car and little boy like to listen to them too..

This is one of his favourite...Snow White singing "I'm Wishing"... a good entertainment for us!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

15 weeks check up

Brought Rachel along for baby 15 weeks check-up. Hubby couldn't come along as he had to meet a client and he instructed Rachel to take care of me...

Question Mark

As the gynae was not back from her "room-tour", we had to wait for quite some time. Rachel was very well behaved, reading her book all the time. The nurse was so impressed by her and we chatted at how times flies...remembering the first time I came into their clinic 8 years ago!

Finally, when my gynae arrived, we went in for ultrasound scan and Rachel was so eager to find out the sex of the baby and kept asking my gynae. When my gynae asked her what she wants, she told her she wanted a brother and my gynae told her that her wish had come true.

Everything about the baby is fine for now and my next check up will be on my 20th week after we got back from our holiday.

See the little thing popping out? That how we know little Nicholas will have a little brother in few months time!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Baa Baa Black Sheep?!

Didn't managed to get his original version of "Baa Baa Black Sheep" as he always refused to sing whenever I take out the camera.

His original version goes something like this :

"Pat pat noo noo (his pet name) goes to sleep, like a big wolf and you! and jiejie! and daddy! and mommy!"

Its so funny when he sang the original version and we never fail to laugh at his compose!

Today, I finally managed to bribe him to sing the not-so-original-and-cute version using his favorite fruit - watermelon!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Bird's Week

This week, the centre's topic is about Bird and today the teacher brought in a little 'Birdie' to show to the children. The little ones were so thrilled to see her!

Teacher showed the children how the bird is being taken care of and the body parts of the bird. They get to see what type of food that the birds eat and where do we keep the bird.

Nicholas enjoy touching and carrying Birdie.... I would have thought he's going to be scared given his timidness but he's not!!!! ;)

I love the last picture, so cute...what about you?

Monday, November 3, 2008

What Is This???

9 weeks 4 days. Length: 2.9cm

11 weeks 4 days. length : 4.9cm

12 weeks 5 days. length: 6.34cm

Got it right? Yes! I'm Pregnant!

First, I must apologised to all my friends for the little white lie I told when asked if I was expecting. I'm really sorry about it as our gynae had told us that the pregnancy was not stable and thus, to avoid the embarrassment, we decided to keep it a secret till its stabilised.

It's so difficult to keep this under wrap. Hubby was so excited when we found out about the pregnancy and wanted to tell the whole world but I'm strongly against it. He understood and agreed to keep quiet about it till we got the green light from our gynae..but given his BIG MOUTH which he inherit from his mum, he would drop hint here and there to our family members. The hint was so obvious that even my 2 girls can guess it!

Back to the pregnancy, when we first visited our gynae, we were told that I had a low lying placenta which means that chances of miscarriage is rather high during the 1st trimester. To add on to the complication, I had mild bleeding and was advised to rest and walk less. We can only prayed to God to protect the baby...

On our second visit, the placenta had shifted upward and the chances of miscarriage has reduced to 20%. It's only on the 3rd visit that we were told the placenta had gone up and its in a good position. Praise God!!

We were also told on our first visit that the baby was conceived on Singapore National Day (9th August) and estimated delivery will be on Labour Day (1st May). Nice dates, erh?! But given the past 3 experiences, I doubt this baby can wait till 1st May...will be expecting this little one to be out in mid-April.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

He Eats DURIAN!!!

So many things happen today!

First, its Charmaine's Primary One Orientation Day. Next, its Rachel's Piano Grade One Theory Exam. Then, in the evening, finally got the little boy to eat durian!!!

So surprise that he did not run away after putting the first bits in his mouth. I tried to gave some to him last night but he gave me those "yucky" face but today, he ate some much! One funny moment is when he place his nose near the durian, hahaha...he can tell me "so smelly!!"...but smelly be it, he still eats it!

Another mission impossible accomplished!


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