Monday, January 30, 2012

Faint ... Captured In Slow Motion

Didn't capture the first part. This was what happen...

We were playing ball (small light plastic ones) throwing in the room when one of them hit him on his head. His immediate reaction was to pretend to faint. We laughed ourselves silly when he kept on doing it... taking a ball and knocking on his own head and pretend to faint!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

CNY break - Sentosa

I redeemed the Sentosa Play Pass with HSBC credit card's reward points and brought the 3 babies and my SIL down to Sentosa for a day of fun. Charmaine couldn't join us in the morning as school is a school day. Rachel's school as usual, gave them an extra day off and thus, she was able to join us in the morning. 

Hubby fetch us down to Mount Faber in the morning and we took a cable car to Sentosa. The cable car ride is included in the Play Pass and taking a cable car in means we do not need to pay for the Sentosa admission fee. The first thing we did when we got there was to redeem the return cable car tickets. Although the cable car is available till 10pm, but the Play Pass redemption is only till 7pm.

We did the less thrill stuff in the morning, leaving the thrill attractions in the afternoon when Charmaine & hubby joined us.

We took the Tiger Sky Tower, a thing that we will not bother trying if its not included in the Play Pass as its super boring.

Next, we proceeded to the Butterfly Park & Insect Kingdom. The kids, except my SIL who ran away every time a butterfly got near her, enjoyed looking at the beautiful butterflies.

Next, we took the free Sentosa shutter bus down to Resort World where the Maritime Museum is located. Its quite an experience in there and had fun in the multi-sensory Typhoon Theatre!

By the time we are done with the Museum, its lunch time and we went to the Malaysian Food Street near the entrance of USS.
There was a long queue and we were half-hearted to join. But Rachel said the queue was moving fast and when she peeked in, there were lots of empty seats. Food we ordered there:
Penang Lim Brothers’ Char Koay Teow 
Penang Lim Brothers’ Char Koay Teow
 Penang Ah Mei Hokkien Prawn Mee 
Penang Ah Mei Hokkien Prawn Mee
KL Jalan Alor Hokkien Mee 
KL Jalan Alor Hokkien Mee
 KL Wanton Mee  
KL Wanton Mee

and how can we miss the Famous Penang Cendol!

We took the monorail down to Palawan Beach where Charmaine and hubby met up with us. With all united, they 4 big ones tried the Segway Eco ride in the enclosed area.
The 3 girls went for the Flying Trapeze too. Here a video of Charmaine doing it.

Next, we visited the Images of Singapore. We spend a good time there looking at the exhibits.


Then the kids went for all the shows (DESPERADOS in 3D; Pirate @ 4D Magix; Extreme Log rides @ Cineblast)

We end the day doing the Skyline Luge before heading back home via cable car.


Friday, January 20, 2012

Dance steps

Ryan been doing this funny dance steps that look a little like how the chicken walks. Couldn't resist taking video of him doing it and only after we watched in again, then we realised that he was dancing! Its his concert dance steps!

So cute to watch him dance!! Towards the end, he even uses the wall as support so he can balanced on one leg!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Nicholas' Annoyed Look

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His dad brought him for hair cut and though he had out grow the crying and whining stage, he now learns his sister's protest the annoyed look!

Looking at him, the daddy suddenly had a flashback of his younger days when his dad brought him for hair cut and he gave his dad the same look and was thinking back then, "Why are you doing this to me!"

Like father, Like son...

Monday, January 9, 2012

Ryan @ 33 months old

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  • His speech is progressing well and no more worries that he can't speak properly.
  • Knows most of the alphabets in both capital and small letters.
  • He likes to pretend to be the animal/ character in the book I am reading to him. Like the one above, he pretend to be the Heterodontosaurus, licking his hand and walking like one. Its quite hilarious to see him doing it.
  • He now cheekily called me "mom" instead of "mummy" sometimes. When I asked him where he learns this from, he said korkor taught him...hmmm...come to think of it, Nicholas actually called me "mom" instead of mummy. So we had this little game between the 2 of us. When I call him "baby", he will reply "mummy". When I called him "babe", he will reply "mom". He super good at this...good reflex there.

My Sweet Boy...


It was drizzling when I pick him up from school. He surprised me with his sweet gesture... sheltering me from the drizzling rain with his tiny hand!
Its so sweet! Valentine butterfly kiss

Thursday, January 5, 2012

My Little Helper

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He loves to go grocery shopping with me and its hard to get him to sit in the push cart. So decided to let him have a basket and help with choosing the light stuffs.


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