Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me...

I had a joint birthday celebration with my bro-in-law last Wednesday at No Signboard Seafood Restaurant @ Geylang branch feasting in our favorite Chili Crab. Since its a double celebration, hubby ordered the Geoduck too! The Geoduck is yummy, but the soup that comes with it is even better! Think its the soup base for shark fin too.

And on Saturday, hubby got a wedding dinner to attend and I'm too lazy to go with him. In-law brought the kids out and they came back with this small bouquet of flowers. Rachel said its from MIL to me. hmm...I'm a little "idiot" when comes to flowers, but thought that little yellow ones are Chrysanthemum? Funny that its in there, thought its for the "dead"? hahaha...nonetheless, appreciate the sweet gesture from MIL.

After the girls came back from school today, they each gave me a present which they bought using their pocket money. Rachel bought the Teddy bear. She said its to keep me accompany. Charmaine bought me the Princess's Notepad, she said its for me to "take order" of what I need to buy from the supermarket. (I usually write down a list of what groceries and food to buy before going the supermarket)

And when I picked the girls back from their enrichment class, LZmommy gave this to me! So sweet of her! And I feel paisei..Thank You

First, I have to say the numbers of candles does not represent my age! We put in 4 so we can each blow off 1 candle (Rachel; Charmaine; Nicholas & me)

The cake was so yummy (our favorite Chocolate) that hubby asked me to learn how to bake it. We each had 2 big slice even though we had a very filling dinner!

Friday, July 24, 2009

I Love You, di di Ryan!

My camera shy Nicholas wants me to take this picture for him carrying his beloved brother.

He really love little Ryan very much..every now and then, especially when Baby Ryan cries, you will hear Nicholas running to the crying baby and say "Baby don't cry, kor kor is here. I love you, di di Ryan." and his face will go cheek to cheek with baby!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

He Flipped!

Caught him flipping, though ended in an awkward way, but still, another milestone achieve!

But so far, he can only flip when he is crying, haha..probably because crying/angry generate more energy. Huh?

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Baby Ryan Off To The Movie!

Brought the whole family out to watch Ice Age 3. And I really meant the entire family including Baby Ryan.

This is his second time going to a cinema with us. The first was to watched Night At The Museum 2. That time, he was barely 1 month+ and he was either sleeping or nursing throughout the show.

But, now at 3 months old, he watches in excitement. He kicks his leg and waves his hands, coo-ing and gagging (baby language) throughout. Luckily, no one seems to mind at all as their own kids too were asking questions, talking and laughing out loud.

Anyway, its a very funny movie, everyone was laughing, including Nicholas. If you have not watch it, go for it. Have a good laugh there.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

His Daily Morning Exercise

Baby Ryan loves to be placed on his tummy WHEN he is not sleepy or hungry. Guessed he is happy to see the world from a different dimension. Laugh

Initially, his face will rub on the bed and mouth/tongue licking the bed sheet but as his muscle grows, he is able to hold his head up for quite a while. And His legs are so strong that he is able to push his way forward too!

Thumb! Thumb!

Must shake hands with LZmommy. My boy had now picked up the habits of sucking his fist for comfort. And in just 2 weeks, he had moved from trying to put the whole fist into his mouth to...

... the Index Finger to....

Finally, the THUMB! And he cried out loud if his thumb slipped out of his mouth when he is sucking it.

Must find a way to take this bad habit away or he might have difficulties in quiting it later...hmm..remind me of some one who suckle her thumb all the way to Primary 6..hahaha Burst Laughing Oops! Better not laugh at her or it might comes back to me. Goofy

Now, my solution is to push him the pacificer which he is not very fond of. I tried offering my breast to him but it only angers him when the milk comes.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Check up @ 2months & 23 days old

Was debating whether to give him the Pneumococcal & rotavirus vaccine. Rotavirus is the leading single cause of severe diarrhoea among infants and young children while Pneumococcal disease is an infection caused by a type of bacteria called Streptococcus pneumoniae. When these bacteria invade the lungs, they cause the most common kind of bacterial pneumonia and can then invade the bloodstream and/or the tissues and fluids surrounding the brain and spinal cord (meningitis). Another common complication is infection of the middle ear (otitis media).

The Pneumococcal seems more serious, so in the end, decided to just go ahead with just the Pneumococcal vaccines and skip the Rotavirus one. And today was his 6 in 1 jab too, so he was to have 2 jab altogether.

The paed asked if I want to nurse him while they jab as this jab would be very painful, I was quite cool about it and told them its ok. I thought it would be one after another but to my shock / surprise, the paed and her nurse each standing at one side of his thigh, and without even the need to count 1 2 3, they poked in together! 2 jab at one go!! Baby Ryan cried, though not very loudly, probably caused more by the shocked than the pain!

He was a real tough boy, stop crying in less than a minute. Probably he got more fats in his thigh, thus not so painful. Paed told us to monitor him for fever this two days.

Paed also asked to put him more on his tummy to get him to exercise his neck and tummy muscle.

The Paed checked on his belly button too and said its hernia. Its very common and said to give him till 6 months for it to get back to "normal". I mentioned that its like balloon. She said nothing to worry, its the intestine in there and very seldom will they need operation.

And Paed observed that he has slight Enzyma. Remedy? Keep him cool.

As for the greenish watery stools, she said she is not at all concern if I am still 100% breastfeeding him.

His weight gain was very satisfactory.

Weight : 6.255kg

Length: 58.5cm

His weight and height are on the 90 percentile. hmm..thinking back, I was still worried when my gynae said he will be a short boy during one of those check up.


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