Saturday, March 29, 2008

Sleepness Night

*sigh*.. He's sick again...I'm still keeping my finger crossed that it's not Chicken Pox...

9.30pm...His temperature suddenly shoot up! Took his temperature (through ear)'s 39.1 degree!!! Fed him with his usual Ibuprofen and paracetamol (I had to rotate these 2 medicine every 3 hourly) and his temperature is under control again... Grandma is very worried and try to convince his daddy and me to bring him to hospital..she kept saying that children with high fever will become retarded and this worries daddy. I had a hard time explaining to him what doctor had said...that the fever is a sign of the body fighting the virus and it will not cause the child to be retarded. I used to bring him to our family doctor every time he had a fever and was told by the doctor that we can just give him the medication and bring to him only if the fever doesn't subside after 3 days or if he is lethargic and restless...

He's fine during the day, playing and laughing...His terrible stunts was only reserved for the nights (after 1am when everyone is asleep..) He will cough and then followed by the "Merlion" stunt and this wakes everyone in the house. My maid used to be able to pacify him but this round, he doesn't wants her. He kept crying "mom meee! mom mee!" Although I had to wake up very early tomorrow morning to prepare his eldest sister's birthday party and would gladly leave him to my maid, but hearing him calling me in such a "pertatic" tone, I gather my strength and went into his room to take over from my maid.

Guess talking to him in a soothing manners help and I guess he can somehow feel my calm inside and he soon quiet down...I asked him in a soft tone if I can put him down, he gave me a nod and down he goes...I slept next to him with my hand on him so that whenever he tossed and turned, I quickly patted him back to sleep.

Being mummy is never easy job...

Friday, March 28, 2008

Counting My Blessing

Humans are short-sighted species and complain at every little things that befall unto them.

I'm not exempted. Been complaining why I was so unlucky this prince got HFMD and now my 2nd princess got Chicken Pox! Its one of those "hair-pulling" episode and I think I'm getting a nervous breakdown soon (so worried that my prince will get the Chicken Pox from her as he has not been vaccinated yet!)

But after my quiet time today, I realised I have to thank God for all these! Why?

1. I thank God that his is a very mild case as compared to the current HFMD outbreak.

2. I thank God that he recovered in a very short period of time with no complications and scarring.

3. I thank God that my 2nd Princess was given two Chicken Pox's immunisation jab (one by mistake by the School). Due to this, her Chicken Pox is very, very mild and she recovered within 5 days with no scarring too!

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that my little prince will not get it. But should he caught it, I must remember to thank God that he caught it now and not later in adulthood which could be worst...

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Eating The Whole Corn By Himself

18 months and 1 week old

If my MIL sees this, she would have freaked out! But I think he's already a big boy now and should be able to handle a small corn without choking. Sees how much he enjoys it!

I had given him the corn so as to keep him satisfy/occupied during our dinner time (he made lot of noise and wants to join us at the dinning table) but to my amazement, he finished it in no time!! When he finished with that piece, he asked again for more. Mind you, he just had his dinner! Think he is eager to move on to "adult food" and finding his baby porridge boring already...

His vocab had increased tremendously and even his daddy who doesn't seems to understand anything he used to said was impressed. Daddy said only my maid and I understand what he's trying to say but i don't think so...He can actually pronounce every word quite accurately, guessed daddy did not spend enough time to understand his baby prince ; P

He now knows how to tell us he walks to go to the playground down at our house. He would take his shoes and say "walk, walk", "playdown" (playground)..

When he spot a mosquito, he will try to "kill" the mosquito by hitting his hands together and say "mo key toe" (mosquito)

And when he spot ants on the floor, he will hit the floor and say "ants"

I'm satisfy with his progress so far although some said he is slowed compared to his 2 sisters but common, all kids progress differently and I try not to compare them. Moreover, the amount of time I spend with him is far less than what I had spent with his 2 sisters and thus, it might have a little effect on his progress but I'm trying to make it up as much as I can.

Some time, I wished that there are 48 hours in a day instead of 24.... *sigh*

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Pork Floss Sushi

You must be wondering, sushi roll again?! Yes, since they love it so much, we did it again today.

As my kids and I loves Pork Floss, I decided to try making sushi roll with pork floss and the response ? ... Fantastic! They loves it so much they requested me to make it again. My Big Princess had even placed order for this as her Bento tomorrow!

Although these foods are nothing extraordinary, but seeing the happy faces that eats them makes it extraordinary! Don't you agree?

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sushi Roll

Fillings: Tuna/ Prawn/ Crab stick

Today, daddy is not coming home for dinner and so I decided to make Japanese Maki for dinner after some positive encouragement from his elder jiejie. I prepare Maki bento for her yesterday and she said it very nice and kept asking me for more : )

And as to why I did it only when daddy is not around? Simple, because eating this Maki alone will not be able to satisfy his appetide.

The kids and I had lot fun in the kitchen spreading the rice and rolling it up!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Toilet Training

Alright, I know I'm a little late in toilet training him as compared to his 2 sisters who were already not wearing any diapers when they were 14 months old, but I'm too occupied with the 2 princess and works so, sorry my prince for delaying the toilet training till now.

To start with, I put him on his potty in the morning when he wakes up and also after every afternoon nap and tell him "sh sh". Initially, he is quite resistance of the potty and refused to sit on it. But I just make it sit on it until he pee. The first 3 days was a struggle but soon he understands how the whole things work and started to be very co-operative.

For the first 3 days, I had to set an alarm to remind me to bring him to the potty. After the third day, I began to ask him if he wants to "sh sh" (urinate) and if he doesn't wants to, he will shake his head. If he wants, he will say "hm".

My maid finds the whole thing very amusing as she kept hearing me asking "do you want to go sh sh?" the whole day...

Since he seems to understand what I trying to do with him, I taught him to tell me when he needs to move his bowel.

He now able to tell me when he needs by saying "pu put". He looks so cute when he say this and each time he said it, I can resist myself from giving him a kiss. Guessed he likes the attention and sometimes he will say "pu put" just to trick me and get the attention. : )

Although he still wet himself when I forgot to ask, he will not missed tell me he wants to "pu put". So I think I can still say I succeeded, right? : P

A Day At The Gym

Today, I signed him up for an hour at the one of those baby gym just to try out if he is ready for playgroup.

At first, he was very excited and was exploring around by his own. Then, suddenly he started clinging on to me and crying, I was wondering what happen when I realised that a male gym coach was making funny faces at him (the coach is just trying to be friendly with him). He kept pointing at the coach and then patted his chest to indicate that he is scared. *sigh* and this goes on for a good 10 mins and I had to try all means to distract him from looking at the coach.

After some coaxing, he finally stop clinging to me like a Koala bear and started bouncing on the "bouncer". He loves it! He kept jumping and landing on his buttock and laughs. After the "warm up", he started exploring again by himself.

This is the first time I saw him climbing! (hmm...since when my timid little boy become so garang?!) He climbed the vertical bar effortlessly by himself to mummy's surprise! He also walk up the steps by his own without mummy holding....this is a big step for me and him as he had been very timid all this while...He kept climbing up the steps and sliding down until our time is up.

Think boys are boys...once they found their courage, nothing can stop them : )

Friday, March 14, 2008

Sibling's Love

18 months

Guessed his sisters are very eager to play with him again after the quarantine period is over. But I still have to remind them not to kiss him and not to share food with him.

Got this snap shot of his Dajie changing his nappy. As he kept wriggling, dajie uses a book to distract him. heehee..think from now onwards, I can hand over this task to her. : P

Friday, March 7, 2008

His Progress @ 18months

Finally, my boy is able to point to the correct body parts when asked to. Think it's a little slow as compared to his 2 sisters but some of my friends consoled me saying that boys tends to be slower than girls. Hope it's true...

He is now "talking" more but daddy still worried a lot about his progress. I'm now on a mission to look for a playgroup for him to attend so as to keep his mind "active". Hope to find one soon...

I still have difficulty reading with/to him *sigh* I only managed to read 1 page those big book to him (so discouraging). Hope to do more with him soon.

Vocab: Ding Dong, naining (raining), Bye bye, Thank tew (thank you) , Mami (Mummy), Loli (Lorry), daddy, parti (party)

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Hand-Foot-Mouth Disease

My maid called me this morning telling me that my boy's legs were bitten by a lot of mosquitoes. I told her to apply some cream for him and take his mattress out for sunning, in case it's bed bug and not mosquitoes.

When I got home, I was shocked to see blisters and not mosquitoes bite marks on his thigh! As he had a slight fever the day before, the first thing that came into my mind was Chicken Pox. I immediately quarantine him from his 2 jiejie and told my maid to wash all his toys and stuffs with Detol. While she is at it, I brought him down to our family doctor to have him check.

The doctor suspect it to be HFMD instead of Chicken Pox as he found 2 small ulcers in his mouth and the blister only appeared on his legs and not body. But as my boy is feeding fine, the doctor just gave him some cream to apply on the blisters and asked me to monitor him closely.

Poor boy, he's really very weak as compared to his 2 sisters. Seems to be that he will fall sick every 2 months...*sigh*..Wonder what i can do to boast his immune system...


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