Thursday, June 30, 2011

School Update - Nicholas

For the month of June, the K1's children were introduced to the animals' kingdom. They spent the 4 weeks discussing about the following topic.

"The Giant Jellyfish invasion" ;

Can animals be nice? (animal's behavious)" ;

"Extinct Animals";

Spiders at risk in human-altered world. They may be creepy-crawly but spiders are a bellwether for a healthy environment.

They did their part in saving Gaia too. They each were given a pot and to plant their seeds. They took responsibility to water it every day and observe the growth of the seedlings to a young plant. A topic they touched on too for their Science lesson...Life Cycle of Plant.

School Update - Ryan

Been a while I update on the boys' school is a brief one...

For the first half of the year, they learn counting in both language the number 1 to 5. They learn about colours too...Red; Yellow; Green; Blue; White; Black. They did many sorting skill too.

Here the little boy sort the blocks according to their colours...easy job for him.

Then they learned about transportation: Air, Sea and Land transport. Here, Ryan was given picture cards of some transportation vehicles and he is able to sort them according to Land, Sea and Air.

His cutie face when he tried the lemon juice...The teacher were introducing them the different type of fruits according to their colours. This week, they learn about the yellow colour fruits and they were shown lemon. They got to smell it, feel it, and taste it.

Outdoor playtime with Nicholas.

Making a photo frame for daddy - Father's Day present.

The end product...

Monday, June 20, 2011

Counting More Confidently

He is more confident in his counting with both languages. Now he speaks loud and definitely much clearer.

Friday, June 10, 2011

A Milder Tantrum....

If he wasn't too upset, his tantrum is much milder and can be very CUTE!
Loves his mouth when he says "no".


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