Thursday, September 24, 2009

I Have A Terrorist In My Car!!! Help!!

Help! Help! I am totally at a lost at what to do to get baby Ryan sit in his car seat without bursting into tears!! I really envy those lucky mommies out there that can have their baby sit in the car seat without bursting into tears.

You see, I have to ferry my 2 girls to and fro their enrichment class which is in the East (a good 25 minutes journey when there's no jam) and baby Ryan will cry non-stop when strapped in his car seat. I have to really try my best to turn a deaf ears to his crying, actually more of screaming nowadays. Its really tough to concentrate on driving with a screaming baby in the car and I'm so lucky that no accident so far *touch wood*, only 2 tickets for speeding from "cops on the top" just because I want to reach home fast so I can carry/ soothe that poor boy.

He was never like that when he was a baby. I still remember he would quietly sleep through or even laid on his baby car seat when we drove up to Kuala Lumpur in June. That was a good few hours drive but not a single sound from him at that time.

Even when he was 3 months old, he was able to sit in there without making any sound as long as my car was moving. Whenever I stop, he will gave out warning sound but stop once the car moved.

And when he was 4 months old, sometimes he will cry even when my car was moving and I tried playing some familiar songs for him and that does the trick.

But now, at 5 months old, my gosh! He will cry and scream no matter what we do and however the 2 jiejies tried to entertain him in the car. It makes the 2 jiejies sometimes very irritated.

Poor thing, right?? And those uncles that stop beside us whenever we were at the traffic lights will give me a funny look. Hello!? Do you think I want to let my baby cry until this way?? If the government allows me to carry the baby in one hand and drive, I would have done that. And it definitely solve the problem..but too bad, I can't!

Then, I saw this car toy in the Takashimaya kid's sales and bought it for a try. Hoping that it will at least help to distract and provide some entertainment for him.

It seems to fulfilled it task for the 1st week! When we placed him on the car seat, he will still cry but once he got hold of the little chick's feet, he stop as he will stuffed that in his mouth.

But after a week, even the little chick's leg cannot help. And now, every time I drive, he will be crying in better days or screaming in bad days. The only time I can have a peaceful drive is when he was sound asleep before entering the car. Everyone will try to keep as quiet as possible for fear of waking him. But I couldn't possibility wait for him to sleep every time.

His voice had turn hoarse with all the screaming. Anyone with good advice how to soothe him while I'm driving? Sometimes, I just hope I can press a button and my car will be transported to our destination right away!

Please rule out hunger as I always make it a point to feed him first before we embark on this tiring journey.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Baby Ryan @ 5 1/2 months old

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Went to Paed for his 5 month old check up. Yes, we are 2 weeks late due to his cough/ runny nose as we do not want to give him any injection when he is unwell.

Anyway, his weight still hovers around the 7kgs but he definitely shoot longer within the last 2 months. He is now 66.6cm "long" !

Paed accessed his development and was very happy with him. Baby Ryan can now "sit" unsupported for at least a minute and he is also able to lift his chest up when placed on his tummy. He had started wriggling backward too. When Paed asked if he is wary of stranger, I told I don't think so as he smile at everyone but he sure know who the "cow" is. Goofy

Paed had a look at his skin and confirmed that he had enzyma (Is that the correct spelling) and advised us to apply lotion for him more often. Hmm..wonder where all the Bird nest gone to.. I was told that when expecting, consuming bird nest will help give baby nice skin, so why the enzyma??

His hernia is better now but his left eyes still has some discharge. I was told to continue to apply pressure message on the side of the bridge 3 times a day till no more discharge.

After all the checking, its time for his 6-in-one vaccine and the pneumococcal vaccine. Again, this time, they had to poke 2 needles at one go! I was holding him this time round and I dared not even look when they poked. He cried just for a while but quiet down fast.

Some development of his to note down:-

* He laughs when I sing "round and round the garden, goes the teddy bear..." he will giggle loudly as he knows I'm gonna tickle him.

* He is my only baby that is not frighten of balloon. In fact, he will laugh loudly when we bring the balloon near him.

* He is able to "sit" with korkor when we had our story time. He will kicks his legs and moves his hands excitedly when he sees us holding a storybook.

* Still need to wake up for night feed, twice a night.

* During the day, he will wake up from his nap crying. When we carry him, he will pee..and after changing him, he goes back to sleep. will he be the easist baby to train bladder control??

* He baby talk a lot to himself too. Now when I'm busy in the office, will place him on his play mat and he will "talk" to his animal friends for a good 5 to 10 minutes. Ohh..its so so cute!

* But he is also a TERROR when he is in the car. Shall talk about it in my next post.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Birthday Present from School!

What a surprised!! This school is really fantastic! In fact, RARE!!

Beside having the initiatives to help videoed Nicholas's birthday celebration without us even asking, Nicholas came back today with a present from the school! Wonderful!!

Nicholas never had this type before and he was so fascinated with his new toy. The 2 jiejies played Tic-Tac-Toe with him on this..and of course, he lost. The 2 big bully..

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mini Birthday Celebration For Nicholas

We had a mini birthday celebration for Nicholas in his school today. The goodies bag was prepared on the night before and Nicholas was so excited with the content in the bag that he refused to let it go and wants to bring it to his room and sleep with them!

Its my first time preparing goodies bag for 3 years old kiddos and I was totally lost with what to put in there. Didn't want it to be filled with sweets, so only 1 sweet per goodies bag. Bought the sunglasses, playdoh and Mickey Mouse blower sets from IMM Jurong.

Like last year, I ordered cupcakes for the children as I find that they can handle it much easier. This year, I ordered from Cupcake Divinity. Nicholas got to choose what he want this year and his choice is obviously none other than Thomas the Train and Bob The Builder. I was glad I ordered 2 months ahead as they are almost fully booked by the time I confirmed the orders (for Nicholas & Charmaine).

And Nicholas had been telling everyone since that mommy is going to buy Thomas and Bob's birthday cake for him on his birthday.

I had informed the teacher and centre earlier on that we will be celebrating there and guessed what?! The school thought hubby and I won't be there and they got ready a video camera to help record the moments for us! Isn't they great! They stop only to realised that we will be staying for the party. that's a WOW!

And unlike last year, Nicholas is in his camera shy mood and refused to smile at the camera. And he didn't blow the candles like he did last year too. He just stayed there and "act cool". Look at all his friends, all happy and ready for the camera, only him giving a funny impatient face. *faint*

No matter how we persuade and dangle the goodies bag in front of him, he just refused to blow the candle. So in the end, the friends got tired of waiting and help him blow.

A family picture minus the 2 sisters (they were in school)

Once home, Nicholas couldn't wait to open his own goodies bag. Seen here with the sunglasses.

That night, we have a mini family celebration for him at home. As I had ordered 28 cupcakes, (there are only 14 kids in school), we bought the rest back for the night celebration. heehee..

This time, he blows...


Little Nicholas @ 3 yrs old

N-3yrs old

Ever since baby Ryan was born, Nicholas had declared himself no longer a baby but a big korkor. And indeed, he is such a great brother to his baby brother, kissing and stroking him at every opportunity.

A big boy he is. Though only 3 years old, he is fully capable of holding a decent conversation with adults, occasionally adding in a little cheekiness to spice up the conversation. He never fails to bright up our days with his "jokes" and action. His favorite teacher told me that the class will not be the same without him. He liven up the class!

He is able to count from 1 to 13, which then leap to 18. I know he is slower than most kids in this aspect but I'm not worried. Judging from the way he converse, we know he will soon catch up with his peers. He recognise almost all the 26 alphabets and able to spell simple words like "zoo", "car", "bus", "fish". He learns to spell these words from those storybooks that had repetitive words.

He is growing into a typical rough boy, talking about guns and swords; cars and trains. We never exposed him to any sword nor guns (TV or toys) at home, but boys will be boys. Guessed his friends plays with it and he learnt from there. His favourite cartoon now are Thomas and Friends; Wordworld and Little Einstein.

He can be very forceful to his 2 sisters, getting things he wants by force, especially with Charmaine. Though rough to everyone, he is never rough to me, always talking to me in a gentle loving voice. Now as I am typing this, my little darling is feeding me his biscuits.

Overall, he is still a very obedient boy given his "tyrants" way. When I said "no", he will not do or take it even if he wanted it very much. At most, he will just ask "Why, mummy?" in his sad tones and mommy's heart will melt and had to resist the temptation to give in to him.

And sad to announce that he had joined his sisters' slow-eating club about a month ago. He used to be the first to finish his dinner but had now seems to have forgotten how to munch and chew and swallow his food. The 3 of them will take 1 hour to complete their simple dinner. While the girls chit-chat and occasionally having their legs entangled underneath the dinning table, Nicholas would turn himself into a squirrel/ hamster, holding the food in his mouth till we remind him to munch and swallow. *faint* So one can easily guessed how noisy our dinner time is!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Staying with In-laws!!!

Many thanks for taking the effort to do the poll on "Staying with In-Law". Out of the 28 of you who voted, only 4 voted to stay with their In-laws. So, I belongs to the majority who simply cannot accept the idea of staying with my in-laws.

What's the poll for?

I used it hoping to persuade my Emperor Qin (hubby) not to make any rash act but sad to say, Emperor Qin is a tyrant and I failed.

You see, we will be getting a bigger place for our family and the initial agreement with hubby was that it was meant for us only. Of course, when his parents are older and my MIL tamer then, I assured him that we will definitely "accept" them in to take care of them. But NOT NOW!

I was so looking forward to our new house when he suddenly announced during our extended family dinner gathering that his entire family will be coming over with us! That was absolutely the rudest shock I received this year! This meant that not only his parents will be joining us, but his 2 brothers and a teenage sister too! I was really furious!

I boycott him for the next few days till he finally sat down to discuss it again with me. After much persuasion, he gave in a little. The decision? His parents and teenage sister will be coming with us.

He is a filial man, I know. He wants to look after his parents and hope that our kids will see and learn too. He always says "You want your children to look after you when you are old, right?" Of course, I hope our kids will look after us when we are old but, frankly, I have never thought of staying with them. Just hope that they will come back and visit us once a week. Told him that its not easy to stay together and it will spoilt the relations and his answer to me was that I watched to many HongKong drama.

So if staying with PIL is not bad enough, I have to put up with his teenage sister which I totally cannot stand. I don't know why, she didn't do any thing wrong to me, but I just cannot bring myself to love her. I don't mind seeing her and having small chat with her, but NOT staying with her!

I tried explaining to hubby that he is making the wrong decision by forcing us to stay together. I told him my current relationship with his parents is good and told him not to risk it but he said he is willing to take the risk! *faint*

I am still sulking over his selfish decision to stay with his parents and sister and get really touchy whenever he mentioned about the new house and the impending move. He knows that I gave in a lot and thus whenever I snapped at him over this issue, he would "sayang" me and ask me to cool down.

But how to cool down?? He said that I will set the house's rule and his parents and sister will follow..Oh, come on?! How do you expect me to force my ILs to abide to my style of living and teaching/ handling of my kids?!! Even if his parents were to "follow", there will prone to be unhappiness.

Sometimes, I do ask myself, "Am I selfish? By doing this, am I not filial? Was I wrong not to stay with my IL?" But the fear of staying with them soon over took these "guilty" thoughts.

*sigh*..All I can do now is to pray hard for a miracle..Oh.Please, please help me change his mind.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Baby Ryan Is Sick Again...

*sigh* Baby Ryan is down with cough, stuffy nose and fever again.

His itchiness of the throat began on Saturday and by Sunday, he gone into full fledged phlegmy cough and stuffy nose. His fever about 37.5 degrees came on around evening and I started sponging him. It hovers around that range until about 5am in the morning. Measured him while feeding, his temperate gone up to 38.5degrees and his lips are very red. Fed him a dose of paracetamol and his fever subsided.

Brought him to the doctor this morning to get medicine for his cough and stuffy nose..So glad that his lungs are still clear.

As I was needed in the office, went back there with the girls and baby Ryan. He had disturbed nap most of the time and cried when I fed him. Guessed he could not breathe while sucking thus, very frustrated.

Hubby was very sweet to suggest that he take over the 3 older ones while I rest at home with baby. He told the kids to finish their dinner within half an hour and he will bring them for a movie. The kids ate super fast! Within 20minutes, they were done!! So different from their usual meal time which could last to almost an hour, and their dinner was not even a 10 course meal..just 1 vegetable + meat + soup!

*Oops* He is crying now..time for medicine and milk...Just pray that he recovers soon..

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What A Funny Boy!

This happen over breakfast today.

Little Nicholas was having his donut with baby Ryan sitting on the baby chair next to him.

Nicholas was "chatting" along with baby Ryan as he eats...

Nicholas: Why? you want to eat donut, is it?

Baby Ryan (kicking his legs and waving his hands excitedly.)

Nicholas: Oh..poor baby Ryan..You got no teeth, cannot eat..wait ok? Later korkor go market with mommy and buy you some teeth then you can eat..

We couldn't help laughing at this!
Laughing 1


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