Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Week In School

This is a super back-dated post, better get it out before it gather dust in my draft post..

For the week to Christmas, the centre got the kids to get down to do some cookies baking.

See how anxious he was...

Eating the fruit of their labour...

They used Playdoh to make snowman too. I was surprised to see him touching the dough as he used to stay away from this type of sticky stuff but guess he had grown up and not so "clean-freak" anymore. Love the way he focus on doing the snowman..hope he would be just as focus on his work when he grows up.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Triple Awards

Angeline gave me this 3 beautiful awards! Thank you soooo much!!

The first one:

Here are the rules for the recipients:

1. Put the logo on your blog or post.

2. Nominate at least 10 blogs which show great Attitude and/or Gratitude!

3. Be sure to link to your nominees within your post.

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5. Share the love and link to this post and to the person from whom you received your award.

And a second one!!

And the third one:

And the lucky 10 are:

1. Ling's

2. 4malmal

3. Little Princess Alexandrea

4. Baby Darren's mommy

5. Little Chumsy's mommy

6. Joanne

7. 3lilangels

8. Little Prince

9. Aces Family

10. Physiomom

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Complete the sentence tag

Thank you Joanne for passing me this tag. It is another interesting tag!

1. Life is full of ups and downs

2. I smile when I see my babies smile

3. I can't sleep when I have unfinished work

4. I love the smell of babies!!!

5. When I can't sleep, i play with my phone game

6. I often dream about ...forgotten liao..

7. I get irritated when everyone start demanding for my attention at the same time!

8. I like the sound of baby laughing

9. People often call me Michelle

10. I wish I could have more time in a day

11. The best creation in the world is baby!!

12. 1st 3 words that comes to my mind: Rachel, Charmaine & Nicholas

13. I've discovered that I addicted to making DVD of my kids (now)

14. When I'm in love, I do everything.

15. A baby is born with love and smile.

16. Before I met my husband, I was still schooling.

17. A good marriage requires communication, patience and understanding.

18. I dislike places : any noisy places

19. I say 'I Love You' not more than my husband say it.

20. My favourite subject in school was Maths.

I'm not passing this tag as most of my blogging friends had already done it.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary - Day 8

Visited the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary today. Should have bought the tickets through Internet as it much cheaper than off-the-counter price.

The place is not very well maintain if to compare to our Singapore Zoo. But it does have its plus point. It has a number of animals that is only found in Australia and not in Singapore like the Wombats; Koalas; Dingoes; Possum and Tasmanian Devils. Its the first time we saw how a wombat actually look like though the kids had read about it through storybooks.

We were there just in time for the "Totally Wild & Snake Alive" show and the kids were thrilled to see all the "special" animal like the Possum... The fur is very soft and the Possum is a very shy animal.

They got up close with some snakes too! Kids nowadays are real brave. I remember how afraid I was when comes to snake!!! Let alone holding them!!!!

It drizzle a little and therefore the Crocodile Show was cancelled. However, the kids got to hold the baby crocodile and have their pictures taken for FREE! The girls commented that baby crocodile is very heavy.

Nicholas was excited to see the baby crocodile and feeling it.

Next, we went over to the Kangaroo enclosure to feed the kangaroos. Its similar to our Singapore Zoo's but this place is much bigger and the kangaroos are more active than ours. Little Nicholas was "attacked" by kangaroos twice!

First was when he was trying to feed one of them and another kangaroo came from behind and scratched the little boy's head. He was annoyed and frightened by that action. But after comforting him, he was back to feeding again.

The second time was when he was having his cookies and a kangaroo came over to snatch it from him while he was putting it in his mouth! He was totally shocked.

Just as we were about to leave the enclosure, its started to rain and we hopped onto the tram which bring us to the main gate where the Lorikeet Feeding was. The girls had fun feeding the Lorikeet but suffered "injuries" on their hands as the Lorikeets land on their hands to feed on the food. We hanged around there for almost an hour before the girls are willing to leave.

Day 9

We had a full day today and I had planned to visit the Tropical Fruit Farm but hubby was not very keen. So we drove to Australia Fair (another shopping centre) for some last minute shopping and food and then drove around aimlessly till 5pm before returning to car and back to the apartment to wait for the coach to pick us up. Its really a waste we didn't go for the farm....

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Day 7 - Pacific Fair and the Beach

Finally a day of sleep late and no agenda!

After playing some board games and watching cartoon in the apartment, we moved off to Pacific Fair for lunch. Pacific Fair is one of their largest shopping mall there.

Saw this train ride and the 3 kids couldn't wait to hop in to play. While they go a few rounds on this train, mommy took this opportunity to do some shopping.

The big baby found his own entertainment with this and almost bought it! But its cheap as they are having Christmas sale. It cost AUD49 only!

Now you know what my boy's latest interest, couldn't you? Yes! Thomas & His Friends are his favourite now!

Once everyone has satisfied with their "toys", we headed back home. Stop by at the Caravan Park and let the kids played at the playground and had an ice-cream each. The ice-cream is expensive! AUD3.00 per cone and its only from those ice-cream van!!

Head home and change into their swimsuit and walk over to the beach. Little Nic loves the sand! Mommy too! Its what I missed most of Australia. So soft and fine! Wonder how they can keep their beach so clean...compared to our East Coast, our is embarrassing...

The water was super cold! Like ice water. We let the kids played till the sky turns dark before we head back for a quick shower and dinner. Oh, and as the kids play, the big baby (hubby) started day-dreaming about buying an apartment here...

Friday, December 5, 2008

Dreamworld & White Water World - Day 6

After a tiring long day yesterday, we had initially planned to take a break today before going to White Water Water. However, after considering that if we don't go today (Friday) we will have to squeeze with all the kids on the weekend.

However, we did sleep in a little late and only moved off at around 11am after an early lunch. Hubby decided to rent a car and we drove to White Water World. Driving over here is rather easy, their Pacific Highway and Gold Coast Highway lead you to almost everywhere.

As ours was a 2 day pass to Dreamworld and White Water World, we visited the Nickelodeon Central again for some rides before moving over to the White Water World. We gave Ocean Parade a miss as the girls couldn't ride on any of them.

By then, little boy was in his dreamland and we didn't wake him up. With the height restriction, the girls can only played at the Nickelodeon Pipeline; Cave of Waves (similar to our Wild Wild Wet); Wiggle Bay and Super Tube HydroCoaster.

The weather today is cooling as the weather forecast today to have shower. The water was icing cold but the girls don't seems to feel a diff. They dashed straight to the Nickelodeon Pipeline once it came in sight!

The girls saw Dora appearing and couldn't wait to take pictures with her!

This is the Green Room which they can't make it due to height but hubby gave it a go!

The queue for this HydroCoaster was really long and the girls only managed to go twice.

Nicholas woke up just in time as the girls was going to the Wiggle Bay. Its a 10 minutes affair for him in the cold water as we didn't want to risk him catching a cold.

Glad he didn't make any fuss of the short water play. So while waiting for the girls to dry themselves, bought him here to take a shot.

Just as we were getting out of the park, it started to rain and quickly took a shot while waiting for hubby to drive the car over. The girls were trying to shield him from the rain.

Since its still early, we drove to the "Strawberry" farm which we found when hubby missed the exit for Dreamworld earlier. A disappointment as there was not a single strawberry plant in sight. Found out from owner that there was a fire months back and they had moved the plantation to another place. Since there, we bought a box of fresh yummy strawberry for only AUD3.00!

They have some goats there and the kids had some fun feeding them.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Day 5 - Hot-air balloon and dreamworld

We had an super early night yesterday (sleeping at 8.30pm) as we need to wake up at 3am to get ready for the Hotair ballon ride. The girls were brief the night before on the day's programme and thus, very co-operative in going to bed and as well as waking up at 3am in the morning.

What surprised me was little Nic woke up too with no fuss. I had initially planned to "lift" him up and go but after finishing up the milk which I put in his mouth while still sleeping, he actually woke up! Everyone was ready and waiting for the coach downstairs by 4am. (The sky was already bright by then)

It took us closed to 2 hours to reach the launch site and the kids took the chance to nap on the bus. Once there, they were so excited at the sight of the Hot air balloon, even little Nic! Too bad, he couldn't go up with them so he stayed with me and watched in envy (but no crying..phew) as hubby and the 2 girls took off.

I was worried that the temperature up there would be cold but the girls said that its very hot when the pilot turn on the fire. According to the pilot, the temperature is closed to 100 degree C when it heat up!

Spot them? They are in the first row right where the word "The best balloons" is. They took the 30 minutes flight and said the view was great. They even flew higher than the clouds. Its a great experience for the kids.

Little Nic was so excited to see the balloon coming down and couldn't wait to go near it. They had this so-called "balloon games" which was actually getting us to help keep the balloon, which is a very tough job especially under the hot sun!

After the tiring job of keeping the BIG balloon, we went over to O'Reilly's Grand Homestead & Vineyard for a good Champagne breakfast. The girls gave a try at the Champagne but don't like the taste.

Next, its another hour drive to our next exciting destination - Dreamworld! The kids napped again and thus very refreshed by the time we reached @ 10am. The weather was terribly hot!!!

We had bought the 2 day World Pass though internet and hubby again throw the task of planning the day route to me. Dreamworld is much bigger than the other 2 "worlds" and the map looks confusing too. Even an "expert" like me have difficulty matching the the rides with the map. And it got plenty of rides too! So, I decided to cover the Nickelodean Central first before little Nic takes his beauty sleep.

But even over there, he doesn't have much option but the girls were having a great time! Next we crossed over to the Tiger Island to watch the Tiger show. Hubby actually wanted to try the Tower of Terror but gave up after seeing the queue.

Next, we crossed over to the Wriggles World. While the girls went with hubby on the "Mick Doohan's Motocoaster", little Nic and I had our lunch.

And when the girls were back with hubby, its their turn to have their lunch while little Nic and I went on some kiddie ride.

The kids love this Big Red Car, not because its fun to ride but love the song. I think its one of the Australian's Kiddie show and even till now (back home) the kids are still singing the song! Its very catchy and Little Nic can sing the chorus and even the action of "toot toot"!!

Surprisingly, little Nic was not feeling sleepy by then. We follow the flow and went over to check out the Australia Wildlife which is like a mini zoo. For the first time, I seen what a Tasmanian Devils look like!

The only attraction there for the kids were the kangaroos and koalas....

For the sake of little Nic who now very into cars, take a few round on this Vintage cars.

Next, the girls went for the Log Ride and Gold Rush. Wanted to let little Nic takes the Log ride but he couldn't take it anymore and fell asleep while queueing, which was less than 1 minute!

Little Nic had been waiting all day to take photo with these 2 bears but missed the chance as he was still napping and we didn't want to wake him up.

And this photo sum up the day activity. Every one was tired by then. Got on the theme park bus and home we go. The fare was rather cost us AUD12.00 from the theme park to our apartment which was not very far away.


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