Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Nicholas's School Year-End Concert

Today is my big boy 3rd year dancing on stage for his school year-end concert. He knew the day is here and was dragging it. In the morning when I dropped him off in school, he was still grumbling that he doesn't like concert. So I was carrying little hope that he will dance up there tonight but still, I "beg" him to please danced for mommy to see. He promised he will and HE DID!!!!

He had come a long way to reach this stage! From standing there like statue for his 1st year concert to shaking a little and waving his hands every now and then for his 2nd stage performance to now, a FULL BLOWN dancer!! He danced so well then both hubby and I couldn't help cheering him on! I was so proud of him overcoming the stage fear! When his dance ended, both of us shouted "Well Done, Nicholas!"

Don't think anyone can recognize him. He is in black, on the left and in between the 2 girls for the above video and the first boy on the right of the stage (next to the boy in white) for the second video.

Pictures of him dancing.... This mummy is so PROUD of him!

After the concert, we drove over to the hawker to have a light meal and Nicholas again shown me that he is really a big boy now, all ready for Kindergarten! He told me he wanted Ribena and I told he to go get it from the stall which is a table away. He actually went and asked the auntie "Auntie, can I have Ribena?" The auntie was smiling at him and handed him his drink.

And I dared not claim any credit for his achievement. I really have to thank his school's teachers for their persistence "brain-washing" and encouragement. I'm really thank God in helping me finding such wonderful centre.

One thing the centre need to improve on is their dance. Compared this with my girls' kindie concert was way below par. But actually, I'm quite fine with it cos it means less time on preparing the kids for "marketing" but more time teaching them on other issue.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ryan @ 19mths

Ryan @ 19 months

The new "words" he is able to say is:

Boo for book. He used the word "Boo" also when he is playing peek-a-boo. He will go hide in a corner and when we got near, he will stuck his head out and says "boo". He doesn't shout though.

YEAH - when he is excited and he will raise his both hands high up. Think he learnt this from the Monkey Preschool's monkey.

His achievement:

he knows how to turn on my iphone and find his games! How advanced are kids today! He's only 19 months!!! *faint* Now the first thing he does when he opens his eye in the morning is to look for my phone! And every time he sees my phone, he will ask for it!! gosh...addiction at this age!

His 2 favorite games are Thomas the tank engines and Monkey Preschool lunchbox. He is able to do 8 cards matching (not by chance but really remember where the fruits was) and 4 piece puzzles on his own now.

His Behaviour

His temper is really very terrible. He throws tantrum at every thing that doesn't go his way and his tantrum is not just crying but throwing himself onto the floor. If we were very near him, he will throw himself backward (slowly just in case we couldn't catch him - cunning, right?), otherwise, he will throw forward and lie on the floor crying.

And when Nicholas comes near me when I was reading storybook to Ryan, Ryan will actually push his brother away which of course, I'll have to remind him that its not right and make him apologise to Nicholas by stroking (sayang) and hugging Nicholas.

HK- Macau - Day 8

The boys were again the first to wake up. So while the rest slept, the 2 boys got the whole bathtub to themselves. Actually to them, there's no need to go anywhere, just throw them in the tub and already had a wonderful time.

We checked out of the hotel and went for brunch. The girls commented that they love holidays because they had one meal less..combine breakfast and lunch almost everyday. While daddy decide which restaurant to patronise, I took a quick shot for the kids.

Our first stop was to visit the Biggest Hotel in Macao...The Venetian Macao. Its really very BIG! This is the foyer leading to the casino..very grand.

The let the kids ride the Gondola. The kids had been asking to ride on one when they saw it at the MBS. So their wish finally come true here.

We spend about 1 hour there before leaving for our next and final visit the ruins of St. Paul's. On the way to the destination, we passed the Postal office and explain to the kids.

Then, passed a Cathedral and brought the girls in to see.

More walking before we finally reached the ruin of St. Paul's. We went down to see everything and the girls even climbed up the "building".

Hang around and ate more of the street food before we had to rush back to the hotel to get our luggage and dashed to the ferry terminal. While waiting to board, the boys decided to show their affection and KISSED each other.

The ride back was terrible as the water was very choppy. Even Ryan felt like vomiting and everyone had a headache upon touching down at Kowloon.

Then its straight to the airport for our flight home. The girls grumbled that the holiday is too short. They wished they can stay in Hongkong for another week 8 days still complain...*faint*

Monday, November 8, 2010

HK Macau - Day 7

Time flies by real fast and we were on our way to our last leg of the tour...Macau. I was told by my MIL that we should go since we were in HongKong and said there is a BIG gun shooting range there. So I persuaded hubby to go (he was reluctant) for the kids.

We checked out of the hotel, have a nice breakfast at the nearby "cha can ting" (coffee shop) for wanton noodle and other stuffs. then we took a cab to the pier where we were to take the cruise ride to Macau.

Waiting to board the cruise...

The ride there was very smooth and the kids were excited to be on one, especially the boys.

By the time we reached our hotel and settled down, its almost 5pm!! So practically a whole day wasted! Our rooms is on the top floor and the view is "so-so"...

We took a cab down to Fisherman's Wharf, a place strongly recommended by MIL. The first thing we did was to find the "Gun shooting" place which my MIL had so strongly recommended but try as we might, the only shooting games available is the Amusement Arcade! Maybe we were too late thus the place looks rather deserted. And we can't find any attractions mentioned in the website. So disappointed...

Since we can't find the "shooting range" nor any attraction, we took the opportunity to see the "Roman buildings" (if I'm not wrong)..

We had a expensive and yet not very delicious dinner there before heading back to our hotel.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

HK Ocean Park - Day 6

Finally we woke up to nice sunny weather! Thank God for the perfect weather! Its our last day here in Hongkong and Ocean Park is our last stop.

We start off with the kiddy rides together...

We watched the sea lion show and had burgers for lunch.

Then we split into 2 groups with Daddy taking the girls to take the thrill rides and me, taking the 2 boys to more kiddy's games and rides. Our first stop is the Aquarium. Both boys were excited to see all the big fish and sharks swimming around them.

They were equally fascinated by the jellyfish display.

We took cable car down to where most of the kiddy stuffs are. I had thought they might be afraid of the height but to my surprise, both enjoyed the ride so much!

We played many kiddy games and rides. While Ryan naps, Nicholas enjoyed himself to a few games of the "speedboat".

We really thank God for the amazing weather for us to have a wonderful day in Ocean Park.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

HK Stanley Market & The Peak - Day 5

Still light drizzle today. Called Ocean Park but was told that most rides were still close due to the weather. So we decided to visit Stanley Market today. But not before a BIG Hearty tim sum from the hotel next door. We ordered too much and had to packet the rest as snack later.

Got to Stanley Market. Very very light drizzling but was windy. Notice Ryan is missing from the picture? He fell asleep during our journey there and thus was sleeping in the pram.

The girls looking at key chains and cutie stuffs.

The 3 kids got a T-shirt each as souvenir.

A nice weather to stroll around and snooze...see little Ryan was still sleeping.

Like these few pictures of the 3 kids. Its really nice to see them together WITHOUT squabbling.

We checked out the Maritime Museum.....

...and checked out the Stanley "Ma Hang" park.

After all the walking and exhausted all the (packet) snack (tim sum), we shared a small lunch at one of the coffee shop. The girls had sandwich while hubby shared a bowl of "maggie" mee with the boys. I had none as I was still very full.

More exploring after lunch before taking a cab to Garden Road to take the tram up to the Peak. The 2 boys was specially excited during the short ride up.

Took lots of photos up the Peak viewing gallery. See how happy they were..Ryan giving a cheeky smile at the camera. Oh, while we were up there, Ryan was one of the attraction as well! See, I let him explore around on his own and many tourist started smiling at him and some even took pictures of him!

We stayed up there for almost half an hour. Had the professional to take a picture for us before getting down to have a nice hot meal.


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