Saturday, May 30, 2009

His Belly Button

This is how his belly button look like. Funny? Its like mine when I'm pregnant. Its soft and can feel the "air" when I try to press it down. Wonder if its normal. Must remember to asked Paed during the next check up.

Any one of yours have the same?

Friday, May 29, 2009

Tiring Week

We brought him out on Monday and Tuesday to see his 2 jiejie's school performances and helper carried him in a sling throughout (She finds pram to troublesome). So my dear Prince Ryan got so used to being carried and refuses to be placed on the bed NOW! Whenever his buttock touches the bed, he would go crying!!! This happen even when his eyes were close!

So, I have no choice but to hug him and sleep together sometimes. This way, he can at least sleep 2 hours and I can have my rest too.

And when I'm not sleeping with him, I have to carry him till he is deep asleep and placed him down on the bed gently on his tummy. But I really don't like this position but seeing that he has good head control now, I just have to check on him every now and then to make sure he does not suffocate himself.

We have sarong at home (hand me down from Rachel) but I'm trying not to use it. Firstly, if the baby got "hook" to sleeping in sarong, then if we were to travel, we will be in trouble without one.

Secondly, I seen Rachel sleep facing downwards (nose pressed against the sarong). I'm afraid it might suffocate him if no one watches.

Thirdly, though no scientific proof, hubby worried that sleeping in sarong will cause one to hunch.

Ain't I glad his naughtiness only kicks in now than earlier (during the exam period). And Nicholas is down with high fever and vomits the whole of last night. He is extremely touchy, whining the whole time. But even how uncomfortable he felt, he still misses his baby brother, wanting to sayang and play with him. We have to explain to him that he is sick and he might pass the germs to baby again. He understood and kept away from him as long as his little brain can remember.

*gosh* Its tired handling these 2 "terror" now.. If this were to happen during the exam period, I doubt I will still have any hair left... hahaha...

Saturday, May 23, 2009

His First illness

Nicholas was down with flu and cough on Tuesday. No matter how we avoid contact of the two and keeping good ventilation, the germs/ virus some how still got to baby Ryan. He had stuffy nose yesterday and had a little difficulties feeding.

His stuffy nose got worse today, struggling to breathe and suck at the same time. Seeing him this way makes my heart ache. And sometimes, his mucus would flow backward and he got choke on it and cough...heehee..the way he cough just like his brother when Nicholas was a baby...the old man" type of cough.

Brought him to Paed, got a nose drop for him. He is very co-operative with it, no fussing/ crying when i drip the nose drop into his nostrils. After applying, he seems better. Hope he recovers soon. Oh, we were told to monitor his temperature too. Should his temperate goes above 37.5 degrees, we are to bring him down to KK Hospital immediately...Doctor said that we have to extra careful with babies under 3 months old as their immune system is weak.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Dairy Week

Last week, they did activities on dairy food and the children learn that all dairy food comes from milk. The children really enjoy making the cheese omlette. The fun part is when they get to see the cheese melting and the egg changes texture in the process of cooking. They had fun games too like golf during outdoor playtime to test their eye-hand coordination.

Learning "Maths"....

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Check up @ 5 weeks old

When you have 4 kids to handle, time really zoomed past without one knowing! Its 5 weeks since little fellow come to this world and we are back at the Paed for his first month check up.

When the nurse weighs him, I'm not surprise at his weight gain..almost 1.5kg given the amount of milk he is drinking! He suckled so much that my breast "muscle" ache!!

And he is still waking up 2 - 3 times for the night feed. Sometimes, I really feel like just expressing the milk and let the maid handle the night feed but I told myself that this is my last baby and I want to enjoy the body contact and everything of direct breastfeeding. Also, someone ever told me this "Why give (expressed) bottle when you can feed directly? Its fresher. And you never know if any nutrients got loss when you warm the milk."

He is a night owl too! He will sleep throughout the day and waking up only at 10pm. His eyes by then will be as BIG as marble and he can last all the way to 1am some nights! Mommy sometimes dozed off chatting with him but he will make noises to ensure I keep up with him!

He still has mild jaundice and Paed said to monitor him for another 2 weeks. If the jaundice persist, we will have to do a blood test to ensure the liver is ok. But at the meantime, no more tanning for him. Now he has to depends on his own body system to "discharge" the jaundice.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Vegetables Week

Last week, their theme was on vegetables. The children had lots of fun planting the onions. They also did sorting of fruits and vegetables. Its quite challenging for them to group the food but after a few repetition, the children could identify some of the vegetables.

Look how attentive the children were!

Digging the soil for the onion.

Planting the onion in...

Finishing job..covering it up.

Pretend play..he was pretending to cook rice and share it with friends ...

Monday, May 11, 2009

His Expression

wordless..just wanna catpure some of his cute moments...

Sunday, May 10, 2009

3 in 1 Celebration!

Finally! I survived the first month!!! He's the best baby among the 4 that I have. For the first 3 weeks, baby Ryan just drink and sleep, keeping awake only for a short while during the evening. However, during the last week, he stayed awake for the best part of the morning and sleeping throughout the afternoon.

We never have the practise of celebrating Full Month for all the 3 kids and baby Ryan is the special one. Not because he's the last baby we gonna have, but because it happens to fall on Mother's Day and also my FIL's birthday.

We had our 3-in-1 celebration in a Thai restaurant (Thai Table near Simei). The food was yummy and service excellence!

This is the Birthday "MAN". He turns 62 this year and he is the most important person in hubby's life.

Baby Ryan and my mom

Baby Ryan; my 3rd sister and mom. My 3rd sister is the smartest among the 4 of us and also the prettiest! She is the only one that make it to Singapore Uni..

The grandparents praying for Baby Ryan....

Another pretty 2nd sister.

Look at the fats that still clinging on to me..wonder when I can get rid of them!

Our 4 Babies!

And the center of attraction for the day!

Happy Mother's Day

Little boy made this in school andhe presented it to me once he got home! So sweet of him! He is so proud of his art piece telling me how it was done.

Happy Mother's Day To All The Wonderful, Selfless Mothers Out There!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Our Little Conversation...Transport

I'm happy to find a centre that really teaches kids. And I really mean teach and not putting up a show or marketing front like my 2 girls' previous childcare centre.

Whenever I asked Nicholas what he learns in school, he will be able to tell me exactly the same as what the teacher emailed me. I don't remember my 2 girls doing that previously. When I asked my 2 girls what they did in the centre, all they can say is "play, had lunch; sleep..." nothing as specific like Nicholas. And I really "see" him learns!

Here is one of our little conversation one day while I'm driving with him next to me.

Nic: Aeroplane, land; air or sea

Me: air?

Nic: Correct, very clever.

Nic: Truck. Land; air or sea?

Me: sea?

Nic: No. Wrong. It's land.

He learnt all this from the centre as I did not teach him this and he speak like as if he is the teacher and I'm his student.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Video To share...

Someone emailed this video clip to me and I showed it to my 2 now very picky; slow and grumbling-at-the-food-that-lays-on-the-table girls.
After watching, they were so remorse..hopefully, this will change their attitude towards the nice food that lay on the dining table.


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