Sunday, February 27, 2011

Swimming progress

With just 4 half an hour one-to-one swimming sessions with his new coach akas daddy and he had shown remarkable progress. He is now able to pull to breathe with just a float behind helping to lift his body.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

My little tortorise

Brought all the kiddos out for a swim. For the girls, its a break from their studies. Its the girls CA1 next week.

Ryan shows no sign of water phobia and was so at ease. He was okay even when we are not holding on to him.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Nothing scared him

I'm at a lost at how to "punish" little Ryan when he is naughty. The usual "punishment" that works with his siblings doesn't work on him.

When I said I'll put him in the dark room when he's naughty, guess what his reaction is?! He happily opens the storeroom door, walked in and closed it with him inside the dark enclosure!!! (I've never refer that room as dark room, so we have no idea why he link the storeroom as dark room) When he did that, we can't help but giggles nonstop outside.

Or when I told him to stand at a corner and not move for his naughtiness, he cheekily stood next to the wall and placed his freshly cheek on the wall which then look so adorable!!!

At times when I scolded him, he will cover his mouth and smile *faint*

And I when I asked him if he wants mummy to beat beat his hand, he nodded his head and give me his little hand!!!

The only thing that will "upset" him is when I refused to give him his milk!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Ryan at 22 months

Ryan @ 22 <span class=

His Motor Skill

He now knows how to "say" please by clasping his hands together and shake. Like how one would do the gongxi gongxi way.

Taught him to place his hand on the mouth as "thank you" and he remember and does it every time I ask him to.

When he wants thing, he has learn to point at himself too. Like when Nicholas said he wanted cereals for breakfast, Ryan will tuck at my shirt and point at himself, nodding his head at the same time.

He had associate thumbs up with good/ nice.


He also aware when we "gossip" about him and he will cover his mouth and smile and shy away.

And now when I scold him, he will close his eyes he knows he did something wrong and dare not look me in the cute!

Photo taken when he tried to climb out of his seat after spilling the brother's food. Scolded in with an angry voice and he immediately closes his eyes which looks very funny. I have to suppress my laughter and continue to show a stern face

His eating habits

I have always pride myself that all my kids are omnivore but my Ryan had dented that.

He is a complete carnivore. He wasn't this previously. I noticed it started when he starts school. He started picking out the veggie from his plate and even finely minced veggie finds their way put from his mouth.

Lucky he likes fruits and thus not so worrying. I'm going to try blending the veggie and use it to cook his rice and see if its ok for him.


He loves to be read and able to sit through a 30mins session. He has also allowed us to expand his storybook from just Thomas and chuggington to all types including Chinese books too!

He only "manja" when I'm around and clingy too. If others carries him away from me, he will cry as if he was being snatched away and won't see me again.

He roars when he's angry especially at Charmaine. Charmaine loves her brothers but just don't know how to interact with them in a loving gentle manner. So each time Charmaine wanted to kiss and hug him, Ryan will roar at her and push her away. Then he will cry and complaint to me pointing at Charmaine.


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