Sunday, March 11, 2012

3rd National Kindergarten Chess Championship 2012

This is one of the most important competition for kindergarten kids that are into chess. It is similar to the National School Chess Championship where you played with opponents of the same age. In this competition, you will know where one stands compared to kids their age. Of course, there are exception cases where one may under-perform.... just like HIM!!!

Everyone was so confident that he will be among the top 5 and so when he didn't, everyone was very surprised. But then again, he is just a little kid who has his swings. He was so not himself in this competition. He was not able to focus on the games at all and only managed to win 3 out of 6 games. With this score, he was ranked 20 out of 35 players.

But nevertheless, he was still given a merit medal for his effort.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Ryan @ 35 months


We saw the biggest leap in his development this month as he started spelling his own name and simple words like "bus; ball; bell; no..." and 2 long words - his brother's name and the word "Banana".  I was surprised when he spelled his brother's name as we had never spelled to him. Only after a few days later did it appeared to me that he must have learn it from this....
Their names were pasted on their room doors and so, I guessed he read it so many times till he remembered it.

For the word "banana", he told me that elephant taught him...! Nicholas said in WordWorld, the elephant taught the monkey and duck how to spell banana. In fact, he picked up all this words from WordWorld as we did not expect him to spell at this age.

We were playing pretend games when he suddenly took a play-doh cake and sang "Happy Birthday"! Although his tune are out but yippee! All the words are there!


He joined in our nightly prayer now too. He is able to prayer the entire prayer by himself without much prompting from me. After the fall, he added this sentence to his prayer..."pray that I don't fall down again"

Bits and Pieces
When he was holding my ipad, I asked him a difficult question "You want mummy or ipad?"  He held on to the iPad, eyes switch between the ipad and me, unable to decide. Then naughty me pretend to cry and mumbled that he wants iPad and not mummy. Poor boy then started to cry too! Naughty mummy! 

He started to address me as "mum" now when he decided to be cheeky. Ask where he learn this from, his reply "tor tor"(nicholas)... That's remind me that Nicholas do call me mum sometimes when he try to be funny.

One night while I was busy with the 2 girls and Nicholas is doing his work with grandma, Ryan suddenly came up to me and said this "Nobody wants me...nobody likes me..." in his super sad face and tone! hahaha...think he felt neglected that the adults are doing things with his siblings and no one was with him.

Handling him
Found a way to deal with him..although not sure if its the right approach...

He had been naughty these 2 days and I was a little angry with the little fellow. He is not scared of anything/ anyone. So I told him this "you naughty, I don't want to care about u anymore!" I put him down and walk out of the house (to fetch the girls). When I got home with the girls, helper told me Ryan was sad and told her in his sad voice that mummy don't want him.

Although it seems quite mean of me, but for the rest of the day, he had been behaving himself and whenever I praise him, he would ask me  "you want me?"

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

He fell again...

I was out sending the girls to school when it happen.  By the time I got home, he had already stop crying and enjoying his breakfast. And from the way the helper had describe, I thought it was just a minor fall from the bottom of the steps till Nicholas shown personally where and how it happen...I was horrified!
The glass panel was shattered on Saturday and I had already blocked up the place and reminded the kids not to go near it.

 The shattered glass panel...

But this little poor boy came out of his room this morning and walked towards the area where the glass panel used to be. Nicholas chased out to call him back but he thought Nicholas was playing with him and he squeeze through the gap and fell 1/2 mtr down with his head landing on the steps first and rolled down the remaining steps.
 The height he fell from...

Nicholas was so shocked that he cried and screamed while helper dashed up to check what happen. Helper immediately carried Ryan and comfort him. She also boiled egg to "massage" Ryan. Beside the small "mountain" at the back of his head, he was okay. Since he is okay, I did not bring him to hospital but when his daddy found out, he persuaded me to send him to KK Hospital to have a complete check. So brought him there but was told by the nurse to go home and observe him instead...

For the next few days, he refuses to go near accident site.

Thank God for his protection over this little boy! The unthinkable outcome is frightening now when we think back...he could have fracture his skull, break his neck/spinal cord, paralyse, brain damage or even die!!! Thank GOD for answering our nightly prayer!


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