Saturday, March 28, 2009

Singapore Flyer, Here We Come!!

Finally, we fulfilled our promise to the kids and brought them to the Singapore Flyer today. We got there about 6.30pm. No fuss, No queue at all!

We had this photo taken before entering the Singapore Flyer. It costs us $18 for this nice shot. Little Nicholas was in one of his naughty mood again. Deliberately looking away when we ask him to look at the camera.

The ride was very smooth and we didn't even feel it moving! And its didn't seems to us that we were on it for 30minutes as there are so many things to see from every angle, every height!

Enjoying the scenery...

The Sunset view...

After the ride, we had our dinner and drove over to the Padang to join in the Earth Hour. We were disappointed to see the turn out is not as what we expected. We thought it would be filled with people but sad to say its not. So after about 30 minutes, we decided to go home.

The kids were happy and tired. They knocked off once their head touches the pillow!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Messy Art Play

The teacher in the centre has a lot of kind words on Nicholas. She said that he is one of the best child in class. He's very attentive and now very comfortable with everyone. I know the words might be exaggerated, but nonetheless, I'm happy to hear that!

This week, they had a crazy time in the outdoor painting the wall in the back corridor. labour..hahaha.. The children & teachers were painting each other too! The Children were putting paint of hi-5s everywhere! It was so much fun and they had a ball applying paint all over their bodies!

After the session, the teachers "scrubbed" as much as they could to make them look like children again (after awhile, they did look like warriors with war paint). I'm really surprise that Nicholas is willing to have his body "painted" and he even told me that he painted on his friend's body and his friend painted his! My worries were unfounded and unnecessary..boys are boys...the time will come when they no longer a clean-freak ones!

Last week, they take a look at things that are rectangle and the children went around the class looking for things that are rectangular in shape. We also had fun exploring with paint and painted on a rectangle shape paper.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Baby @ Week 35

Went back for check up again today. This time, hubby did not follow me as he has a customer in town, which was lucky as the whole check up took me close to 3 hours!

First, my caution gynae wants me to do a ECG (Heart check up) which was normal when it comes to C-section unless its an emergency. Glad that everything is ok.

Came back and have to wait for quite a while. She has a lot of patient today! And when it was finally my turn to see her, even before she could take a proper look at the baby, I had a strong contraction and she immediately ordered me to do a CTG. As she only has 1 CTG machine and another patient just went in, I have to wait for 45 minutes before I can do mine.

During that 45 minutes or so CTG check, I had 2 contractions, 1 small and 1 strong. Gynae was really worried as its could means that I am having sign of early labour. So I was told to take the Ventolin medicine which helps to stop contraction / prevent me from going into labour. Its the same medicine but smaller dose compared to the last time I was carrying Nicholas. The side effects of this medicine is that it makes the heart beat faster and my hands/fingers will tremble. But no matter what, its still better than going into labour now. Gynae wants me to rest more and not over stress myself now. She hope I can hang on for another 13 days. Was glad hubby wasn't there or I will have another worried face!

*sigh* how to relax and relax when I have to prepare for audit closing this month end!?! I'm also praying hard that the baby doesn't comes out before the DATE or I can't imagine what will happen to the Audit closing!!!

A Perfect Blend of Friendship Award

I'm so touch to receive this award from Joanne! Thank you so much for thinking of me. I really appreciate this award, Thank You.

And now, I’m giving this award to:
1. Angeline

2. Ling

3. Little Chumsy's mommy

4. Michelle

5. Physiomum

and everyone that visit my 3 blogs!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Song That Never Fails To Make Me Tears

I love this song! It never fails to make me tears. The lyrics is so touching...

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Baby @ Week 33/34

Had my detailed scan today. The baby is still in a bridge position which makes my gynae very happy (according to her, its easier to pull him out this way).

Baby weighs about 2.4 - 2.5kg now..hmm seems like he is a bigger baby than than Nicholas. Every things else seems to be in good condition and gynae had decided to deliver him exactly on the week 37 and the exact date will be on 9th April 2009, 9am. Hee..quite a nice number..9/4/2009..9am. And no, the date and time was not chosen by us but by gynae.
His testicles had already descended and hee..he's not shy to show it at all!

Perfect picture according to gynae. The full side view of the baby's face. The black colour part is his eye and we can see he got quite a nice nose. Look carefully and you will be able to see the mouth and the chin! He was caught on another scan sucking his toes too!

My gynae is a very careful lady and explained again to us her decision to have the baby out at 37 weeks. She told hubby that she cannot imagine what will happen if I was to go into labour and the uterus rupture. Hubby was very concern after hearing her many "scary" story / scenarios. He told my gynae to take the baby out earlier but my gynae explained to him that week 37 is the safest. If the baby is out too early, there might be complication too as the baby will be deemed pre-matured and might have health problem and we might end up paying hundreds of thousands with the baby in ICU.

Being a caution lady, she wants me to admit on the 8th to have my blood match in case I have any massive bleeding and needed blood transfusion from the blood bank. Sound scary isn;t it? She told hubby that he can replaced the blood should I used it by donating it back within 2 weeks. She also reminded hubby to wait outside the delivery/operating suite just in case she needs him to sign any emergency consent. Wow! That really make hubby panic!

So let's all pray for me to have a smooth and safe delivery.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

His First Movie

We had planned to bring the kids for a movie and followed by a ride on the Singapore Flyer today. The girls picked Hotel For Dogs. I have no idea what the show is about but the girls said they saw the trailer on TV and said its a very funny show.

Since its their day, we gave in to them. Booked the tickets online for the 4pm show. Our plan was to watch the sunset on the Singapore Flyer after the movie.
Its the FIRST TIME Nicholas came with the girls to watch a movie and he was surprise at the big screen. Other than that, he was very obedient. No fuss throughout the entire movie. Daddy sat with him and Rachel, occasionally explaining what's going on to him. We had read him a book about not talking loudly in the cinema and he remembered. So whenever he saw something interesting, he would whisper to daddy.

Its a very enjoyable show for the kids and me too.

Right after the show, we went straight for the car and drove towards Singapore Flyer. Everything seems to go so well as plan till we reach the Marina exit. The traffic is terrible!! We had forgotten that today was the last day for the IT exhibit and thus, did not expect the jam. So we told the kids that we have to miss the ride on the Singapore Flyer. The girls were ok with it but Nicholas kept asking "Why? I thought you said we are going to ride on the Flyer?" We tried to explain to him about the jam but guessed he is too young to understand what that means.

So instead of watching sunset on the Singapore Flyer, daddy drove up and down the expressway so the kids got to see the sunset from the expressway.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

What Has He been Learning In N1

Since little Nicholas started full day programme, he seems to be more open and picks up a lot of new things. I still remember the first day when he got home from his full day programme, he sang us a Chinese nursery rhyme as we played with his Thomas the Train set! And every other day, he will entertain us with some new songs that he had learnt. I'm so glad I didn't make the wrong decision to send him on a full day care.

Teachers commented that he is very chatty with his friends nowadays too, like asking them to do things like "keep the toys"; "go wash your hand" and when his friend's mom came to fetch his friend, he will call out to his friend who is from China in Mandarin "ni de ma ma lai le. Go take your bag and go home" etc. So cute!!

So what are the extras that he did in the centre...? He gets to go "dirty" with sand play in the evening outdoor play! Remember he was such a clean freak boy? Ha! He has overcomes it and love the sand playing part!! Though the sand pit is just a small tub but he loves it!

He learns how to put on his own sandals too!! Well, actually he already knew that since beginning of the year but he will get a little lazy at times and wanted to be prince. Sometime, we put it on for him so that we can all get out of the house faster too. But now, with him already in N1, the teachers told him that he has to put on the sandals himself or he couldn't go for outdoor play. So he obediently put it on by himself and he is very good and fast with it now.

Sometimes, instead of sand play, they were given a cup each to water the plants. The girl in pony tail is one of his good friend.

For last month, the children learn about colours. He is able to recognise "green"; "red"; "blue"; "black" and "yellow".

The centre is into teaching of shapes this month. They might had learnt it last year, but they are doing it again.

First week, they did "Circle". They are supposed to colour within the circles in circular stroke.

Painting the inside of a paper cup. See how concentrate he was at doing all this stuffs.

The second week, they learn about "Triangle". He is able to recognise and say the shape in both English and Mandarin.

And this week, the centre took a look at things that are square. They also made their own square sandwich with a square cheese and spread their own margarine themselves.

Nicholas is a pro at making the sandwich himself. He didn't need any help and he was careful at putting the cheese and the bread together!

More bread play. This time, with nutella..his favourite!

All in all, I must say the centre did a very good job and I'm glad I found them. Most importantly, he enjoys going to school now!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Baby @ Week 31

Today, my gynae took advantage of the trial machine she got and took a detailed look at the C-scar. She was very satisfy with what she sees. At least for now, the scar looks pretty good and I should able to last till week 37. All this while, she was very worried that the scar might give way and the uterus rupture. So, we can all sleep in peace for some weeks, at least for now.

The blood test I took in week 28 came back and it showed that I grossly lack of iron (blood). My result shows 9.7g/dL while the acceptable range is 11.5 - 16.5g/dL! .. hmm.. seems like LZmommy and I have a lot in common. hahaha.. She wants me to up my Iron and folic tablets and eat more meats and spinach. She explained that she doesn't wish to used other people's blood for the surgery, so I have to have enough blood for the C-section.

Everything is doing fine and baby is very active. He is still in a bridge position but gynae said it is a good position for C-section as she can easily grab the legs and pull him out. Its more tricky to hold the neck.

My next appointment with her will be in 2 weeks time and that will be another detailed scanning. Hopefully by then, she will decide when the baby is coming out.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Little Nicholas @ 29 months

In less than 2 months time, baby Nicholas will be "promoted" to kor kor and so far, he has taken the news of having a new baby brother very well. Every now and then, he will come over and stroke my tummy and said "my baby brother". He even kissed my tummy sometimes!!

With the baby arriving soon, we decided to place him on full day care at the centre now. So he started his FIRST full day with the childcare centre today. It pain my heart (I don't have such feeling when the 2 jiejies go on full day...) to place him on full day but with the baby coming soon, we are really short of manpower. Instead of placing him on full day after the baby is out (he might feel threaten then that we love the baby more than him), I better do it now. At least, I know he will have more fun and learnt more things in the centre than being at home as I won't be able to spent much time with him then with the baby's arrival just 2 weeks before the 2 jiejies mid-year exam.

For the past 2 days, we had been preparing him for THE DAY. I explained to him that after lunch, instead of waiting for us to fetch him back, he will shower with his friends and take his milk and nap. After the nap, he will have some snack and sing songs/play games with the teacher. He understood and promised not to cry and look for us.

Things that he can accomplish so far:-
  1. Express clearly what he wants and speak in complete sentence;

  2. finally able to pronounce the letter "S", "F". He used to say "sleep" as "leep"; "see" as "lee".. we are so happy that he finally able to correct his own pronunciation!

  3. Complete Diaper free

  4. Understanding the concept of counting. He is able to count things up to 6. He always replaced the "7" with "11" but with constant reminder, he occasionally could get it right and reached 10.
  5. He will also question our action. Sometimes, when I scold his sisters, he will ask, "Why you scold jiejie? Is it because jiejie is naughty?"

  6. He definitely knows how to make me feel guilty! Whenever I leave the house without him, he will give me a sad look and ask, "Where are you going? What about me? I thought you bringing me too?"
Lastly, he is getting more and more handsome!!! hee..very thick skin hor, this mommy. Well, beauty in the eyes of the beholder!


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