Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ryan Starts Counting!!!

The school had been "teaching" them numbers 1 to 5 in both Mandarin and English and we revised with him at home too. The video was taken on the day he was able to count and link the number to the number of fingers shown. Apologised for the soft volume as he was still not very confident in speaking out loud.

This one in Mandarin!!! YIPPEE!!!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

What is Nicholas doing at Chess Competition?!

Chess tournament?? Nope! He is still not ready yet but I brought him along when the 2 girls had their competition. Oh..did I mentioned that he is learning chess too? Its been quite a while..he started in December last year.

Its his first time staying throughout the entire day (he came along previously but only for a short while). When the girls played, he played too with his One and Only opponent... ME.

And once he completed the game, he got to play on the ipad. One K2 boy was attracted to his ipad too and wanted to play with him. They decided to have a game of chess..

More boys crowded around when he played other games on the ipad...

So what about Ryan? Hubby brought him to the Zoo and they had a wonderful bonding time there too!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bird chase

Ryan gets real excited when he sees a bird or cat/dog. It amused us watching going after the birds, just like dog going after one in a playful way. Ryan went round the tree and under the table and bench just to go near it. Don't know what to say of that..to say he is cute and try to be funny or to say he is silly and straight...he could have just go round the obstacle instead of going under them.

We didn't allow him to touch the bird though as one never know what will be passed to him.

Got to put up 2 video clip here as I had no idea how to join 2 videos (taken from iphone) into 1.

Boys' Swimming Video

Video taken on our "Sports' Day"

Nicholas is more confident now with swimming without float though he prefer not to go without one.

"Sports" Day for the kids

17 may 2011

Vesak Day....brought the entire family (including Parents-in-law and SIL) out to East Coast for 2 hours of cycling in the morning. The girls had mastered the skill of a 2 wheeler and was exploring the path with their aunt. Nicholas cycled with us on his trainer bike. The most relaxed person was Ryan. He had the "baby" seat and was enjoying the breeze while I cycled.

After lunch, went home for a nap/rest before going for a swim. Nicholas was able to swim without float for a good distant though he definitely needs to work on his stroke. Ryan was well "inflated" and he enjoys himself in the pool. He even tried to blow bubbles and putting his head into the water!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

His First Horse Ride

horse ride @ zoo
The girls went for their classes and hubby brought the boys to the Singapore Zoo so that mummy dearest can have some "ME-Time". Been really tough coaching the 2 girls for their SA1 and now finally a break that I really look forward to.

Hubby had been very involved with the kids lately. In fact, every Saturday, he will take the boys either to the Zoo or for a swim. In the evening, he will bring the kids out for movie if there's any nice one...all this without me tagging along!

Photos taken by hubby while at the Zoo. Its the boys first horse ride and Ryan was either brave or ignorant. He just sat on t he horse without crying or struggling while Nicholas tried to find ways "escape" the ride.

Then later on, he went on the horse carriage thinking that hubby and Ryan will be coming along too but he was nervous when they didn't get on when the horse move. And after the ride, he tried to act brave too but hubby could see his nervous face.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

2-In-1 Celebrations

Celebrated Mother's Day celebration + FIL's birthday today at Ah Yat Seafood Restaurant @ Turf City. The girls enjoys themselves with karaoke while the adults chatted. They had their last paper today and was happy to bid their school books goodbye for now.

Monday, May 9, 2011

25 mths old update

Ryan 25<span class=

He looks so "big" boy in this photo..aiyo..so handsome!!! (hee..mummy very thick-skin) He likes to act cool too by holding back his smile when we tries to make him smile.

He is FINALLY speaking!!! Hurray!!

Words he is able to say (whatever I can remember...) are:-

please, dun (don't) at the same time wags his finger / shakes his head, doe (go) and point at the direction he wants to go, Q or thank (thank you), bee, fly, bao bao (carry), blue, purr (purple), up, duck, dog, bye, tor (korkor)

He can be really stubborn and insist on till he gets what he wanted. We tried all ways from slow talking to ignoring to scolding but nothing work. What I did was just to let him cry for a while before picking him up and told him to stop. Sometimes, he stop and I gave him what he wanted but sometimes he just refused to stop and continue his tantrum fits.

He is also very independent in a kiddy way and has a mind of his own now. He will go to his cupboard and choose his own clothes and if we gave him another piece, he will refuse to put on and insist on the piece that he chosen. The same goes with his shoes.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Mothers have a special way
Of saying "I love you"
A love that God has given them
A love that will hold true
For Mothers sacrifice so much
Providing for the home
Creating an atmosphere
That reflects God's love alone.


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