Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Excursion to LTA Gallery

The school brought them to the LTA Gallery today. Nicholas was thrilled to see train so up close! He simply loves all kind of transportation. He even get to experience the "future" of public transportation as they had the opportunity to sit in an SMRT train that has been designed for the Downtown Line which is scheduled to be ready in 2018. That's a long way to go, but they had the chance to see it today!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

School Update #5 & Father's Day Gift

This week, the school did activities revolving around the Father's Day theme and they talked about how it comes about.

Nicholas' school Father's Day project. A cup decorated with paints and cut outs..hee..compared to the Mother's Day gift from him, I think mine is way better! Smarty

The highlight of the week was the baking activity. The children were very excited to help mix the ingredients, knead the dough and to roll them into small balls. The end product was shared during snack time.

To encourage letter recognition, they did an interesting "alphabet soup" collage activity. The children colored a 2D bowl using crayons, painted it with some glue then pasted Alphabet macaroni on it.

The weather has been rather unpredictable lately and thus, the teachers created new indoor games for the children to play, our current favorite is the "fishing game", the children will cheer each other on as they attempt to hook the fishes using the rods.

And when the weather permit, they went outdoor where they worked on the children's balancing skills by arranging the wooden stumps in a row and getting the children to walk from one to the other without any assistance. It was quite a challenge for Nicholas initially but he soon found his courage and master the skill.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Phuket Day Day 5

Its our last day here... Think its too short, we didn't even get to do much things and we are going home.Blowing Nose

Our flight back to Singapore was in the evening so we have the whole day to go shopping around. While my sister's family went for the Elephant trekking adventure, we got the hotel taxi to take us to Central Festival, a big shopping centre, to shop. Price wise is almost the same as Singapore so we didn't get anything there.

We had our lunch at MK Restaurant before meeting up with my sister's side to go for more shopping.

And its home sweet home after that....

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Phuket Day 4 - Coral Island

Itinerary today was a very last minute decision. After dinner last evening, the adults went to look for activities for today while the kids stayed in the room to play their Game Station. After much discussion, we booked the Coral Island adventure. We bought 3 passes for Sea walking and Parasailing too. So its another day at the beach!

The girls woke up first. Saw them having breakfast and chatting at the small balcony. They were so loving (for once) and I quickly grab my camera and took a snap shot of them!

Today, we will be taking a speed boat to Coral Island.

All ready for the bumpy ride...

No life jacket available for the if anything, he will be the first on daddy's person to rescue list.

After the briefing from our guide, everyone couldn't wait to head down to the clear water to feed the fish. We brought along a few loaves of bread for the kids so they can go on a feeding frenzy.

Its free and easy time till the guide rounded us up for our next activity - Sea Walking. Only the 2 girls and their daddy paid for this but I brought Nicholas along to watch and I was also like a back up, just in case one of the them didn't dare to go.

The instructor briefed everyone what to do when they were in the water and the girls were nervous but excited. The first to go down was my sister and followed by Rachel. But Rachel came up after a while saying that she had difficulty getting the air out from her ears (which was instructed by the instructor) But we assured her and told her to try again and down she goes again. This time a success. Guess she was just too nervous and needed some assurance.

Daddy was next and followed by Charmaine. Charmaine, too, got out saying she couldn't breathe but went down again after assuring her. But still, she came up again and didn't want to try anymore. I was surprised as she was always the more adventurous girl than Rachel. So I told her to stay with Nicholas and I took her place.

Spotted everyone down under and we got to hand feed the fish. It's ticklish when the fish nibble the bread from our hands and we could see corals too, though not that colourful. Just before coming out, they caught a fish and gave it to Rachel. After taking pictures with it and showing the rest of the groups the catch, Rachel let it go..back into the sea.

The girls were supposed to go for Parasailing with their daddy but the guide said the water is too choppy and the kids can't go. So daddy and my sister took their place instead. The girls were very disappointed with that.

After lunch (provided), the kids fed the fish again and try snorkeling too before heading home.

Ryan had learn our pose for the trip (pretending to shoot with our hands)...

The kids with their cousins.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Phuket Day 3 - Kayakying

Today is the "highlight" of our Phuket trip. We are going Kayakying!! This is Rachel's second experience, her first was when she was only 3 yrs old with us.

Everyone up on the "shutter lorry" which takes us from the waiting area to the boat.

This is our boat where we will be spending the whole day on...

Our first stop was the famous James Bond Island and the ride there was super long. Simple breakfast was serve on board. Family photo without Ryan (he asleep).

The kids really enjoy the ride...

Finally, got to our first destination. Its really nothing much, I would say a waste of time there. We finished the "cave" and out in less than 10 minutes.

Our next stop will be going into caves which is really the exciting part! The entrance of the caves are narrow and low and at some point, we have to lie flat to get through with our nose just millimeters away from the sharp rocks!

I was worried that Nicholas and Ryan will be frightened (Nicholas is very afraid of dark) but surprisingly, Nicholas enjoys it! I can even hears his laughter when we were going through the dark tunnel. Ryan was sleeping during the initial stage but woke up when we were in the middle of the narrow tunnel. He cried a little and was struggling to get up but I have to pinned him down which made him angry and cry even louder.

Can you see Nicholas's smile?

Like this shot. Nicholas look as if he was the sailor on the marine ship looking out for enemy Goofy

Father and daughter went down for a dip in the sea water. The water is very salty and Charmaine was complaining that it made her eyes very painful.

This is the inside of another island/cave...a very beautiful paradise...while in there, hubby and I can't help wondering what will happen to us if there's a tsunami now...There's no way to run, only way is to climb up the steep hill which is impossible...

The girls posing in front of the "shutter" lorry just before we bid good bye and head back to our hotel.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Phuket Day 2

Everyone woke up pretty early today and was eager to head down KATA beach for some water/sand play. We took the hotel's shutter service down Kata Beach and appointed for them to pick us up at 11am.

Very peaceful and clean beach..just like Gold Coast. We were the only one there...think its too early for the beach goers. We walked around checking out for sea activities but were disappointed to find NONE! Was told that its the low season now, only Coral Island has the sea sports.

Nonetheless, the 2 girls couldn't resist the beautiful sea and dragged their daddy down the water with them.

Nicholas was afraid of the gashing waves and preferred to stay back and play with the super fine sand.

Ryan, completely opposites of Nicholas, was happily getting his legs splashed by the waves!

Back to our hotel for a change, but not before a game of pool at the hotel lobby for the 2 girls.

With nothing plan for the day (we had wanted a no-rush holiday), we booked the hotel transport and went to a shooting range. Nicholas was so excited to see all the guns on display and couldn't wait for his turn.

Since the kids were too young, they can only use the BB gun (I think so). It made no different for them anyway. The girls getting ready for their first Shot!

Rachel being the eldest got to go first.

Next was Charmaine.

And last, comes Nicholas!

Proudly showing off their "result"

Where's Ryan? He was out watching the real gun shooting.

Next, we walked over to the Go-Kart Mart (just next door).

Next, the driver took us to a seafood restaurant by the beach and we had a super late lunch. Everyone was super hungry! I've never seen the girls eat so fast before!

After a nice lunch, we went for Elephant ride. Initially, wasn't sure if Nicholas was gamed enough to ride as it can be a little scary when the elephant goes down the slope/hill but I was wrong! He enjoys it and was laughing so loudly!

View from the top of the hill..

Ryan was sleeping at first but woken up by Nicholas's laughter and he too enjoys the ride.

Our last stop for the day is at their "Peak". A nice place with great view!

My sister and her family just got to the hotel when we're back. The kids went for a dip in the pool before we head for dinner.


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