Monday, November 30, 2009

Early Christmas Present from Santa Daddy

Christmas came early this year for my 2 girls. Their daddy bought them this Wii game with many game discs, and since then, they have been trying out almost all the games available.

I tried the "Cooking Mama" and gosh! Its tiring and so difficult to control! Wonder why they make it seems so easy?!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Baby Ryan @ 7 1/2 Months old

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How time flies! It was as if yesterday you were such helpless baby being bundle up in that blue cloth and today, you are able to crawl to get what you set your eyes on. While nursing you today, memories of the 3 days hospital stay flooded my mind, have grown so much!

From a tiny 3.16kg infant to now a 8.1kg baby, carrying you now is no longer an easy task. Even with the help of the Sarong sling, though my hands do not ache, but my back does from long hour of carrying you when I had to bring you around to do my errands. And you love to wriggle around which make carrying you even more challenging!

And you have also taken up the role of a taster Laugh , tasting everything you can, from the floor to the wall to the furniture! *yuck*...

Since you are into exploring, mommy bought this Exersaucer for you to keep you occupied while I rushed about doing my work. It managed to keep you occupied for good 15 minutes, as long as I am in your sight.

You are the only one among the 4 kids that dislike medicine. Feeding you your medication is a struggle. We have to hold both your hands and secure your head to feed you. Even at such tender age, you know how to close your mouth so tightly that we practically have to "force" the syringe in! And when you tastes the medicine, your eyes will go blinking..(open/close/open/close), oh so cute! What a way to provide entertainment for mommy amidst the power struggle. Lol

You still needs to suckle to sleep 90% of the time. The times when you don't need to nurse are when you are really too tired and had just been fed. Unlike other babies, you only sleep at 10pm every night and wakes up at 6am!! While other mommies talked about the last feed for their baby, I wonder when I can use those words, with you waking up at least twice in the middle of the night demanding for comfort suckle. Twice is when you are in better mood or HOURLY when you are in bad mood! Oh..when will you sleep through?...I'm so longing for a unbroken sleep...I want to ignore you sometimes, but you would continue your fake cry and I just have to raise my white flag and gave you what you want.

You sure are a kisser! hahaha..when I carry you, you will cupped my cheeks with both your tiny hands and pull me to your mouth and kisses my chin!

Love that feeling!!! Wink Wonder will you still kiss me this way when you grows up...

Though you may not be fast for your age, PD assure us that you are not slow, just average. You definitely need more muscle exercise so as to be not so "soft". I shall try not to bring you out so often so you can "crawl" on the floor at home. Oh, and the way you crawl is just so cute! You dared not, though you tried, to lift up your buttocks and crawl. To move around, you will pull yourself forward with both hands, just like the army style!

Your weight and height have dropped from the 90 percentile to now 50 which made mommy so guilty. I have been bringing you around that you hardly have time for your cereals. Paed said if we want to pump you up, we can start you with vegetables and porridge now. So we shall!

You want nobody but me when I'm in sight. Once, aunty brought you to the playground with Nicholas, you suddenly burst into tears when you saw someone like me from far. You dashed your body forward indicating that you want to go to that lady (thinking that was mommy).

Friday, November 13, 2009

Nicholas's 2nd Year-End Concert

His concert day is finally here. In the morning before dropping him off at school, I actually bribed him. Told him that if he danced for me later on, I will get him a "BIG" ice-cream.

His class was the first to perform. I was so happy to see him shaking his buttock, though little, but still a very big progress from last year whereby he just stood there like a statue. This time, he did some shaking, turning and even a little hand movements. So proud of him!

Just in case you can't locate him, Little Nicholas is the 2nd boy from the left. The boss of the centre told me that he can dance very well during those practises and she insisted that she is going to send me one of those video. I know he can dance cos I saw him dancing too at home and also singing the song. Nonetheless, I am really very proud of him moving even that little bit.

The K2s from another branch did a guest performance. It was a tribute to the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Think they danced rather well. Oh, this year concert theme is Super Star and my girls thought they are really in a concert. See Charmaine and her classmate, jumping up and down as if they were in a rock concert! Catch them in action towards the end of the short clip.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Isn't He Cute?

Look at his mouth!! Maid said like "chicken buttock"! cute! Got no idea how he does it, we tried imitating him, sucking in our lips but can't make it.

He is now very into blowing bubbles with his saliva. hmmm..Is that a form of self-entertainment?

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

His First Biscuit

After a week of boring plain rice cereals, baby Ryan finally had his first HEINZ Baby Biscuit. Its melts in his mouth and he loves it!

He has finally know how to suckle from his trainer's cup too! What an achievement!

I was holding the biscuit in one hand and the trainer's cup in another and this little boy was so cute. He took one bite from my left hand, which was holding the biscuit and then turn to my right hand for the water. So to and fro his face turns till the biscuit no more.


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