Friday, July 29, 2011


Nicholas started to use phonic to spell simple words and so far, he is doing quite good.

But sometimes he can be cheeky in his spelling too. Like what happen this morning...

Me: Nicholas, can you spell "duck" for me?

Nicholas (thinking and trying to sound the word): D...U....k

Me: nope. It's D U C K.

Immediately he replied with a cheeky smile : you mean "did you see K" ? O...hahaha...I can see it!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

My Little Green Bean Plant

Charmaine requested for some green beans for her Science experiment and when Nicholas heard, he wanted some too. He took responsibility to water his beans every morning when he wakes up and he checked on them the first thing when he returned from school. His effort paid off when it grew from a tiny bean to a plant, bearing flowers and fruits.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Bottle Tree Park

Read some much about this place from all the blogging mummies but never took the effort to bring the kids there. So today, finally gathered all my determination to drive the 2 boys there to check it out. Being a weekday, the place is very quite and we got almost the whole to place to ourselves. Nicholas laughed at the funny looking trees and came up with lots of his creative explanation why it looks that way.

It was bright and sunny one minute....

....and heavy downpour the next. We took shelter under the hut and was glad the rain stop pretty fast.

Back to explore more..took a picture the pack of mega bones! Nicholas said it look like the bones in the Elephant grave in his Lion King's book. Both had reservation going through it but after assurance, Ryan took the lead to walk though the "tunnel" and both started running in and out of the "tunnel"!

Walking up the slope to check out the pin-ball shooting. My dear Nicholas holding his little brother's hand, pulling him up the steep slope.

Boys! Boys! Boys! They stop chattering when they saw the army guys shooting and shouting out command. They just glued their eyes at the scene in front of them.

A Walk On The KTM Railway Track

We lived so, so near and passed by it every day and yet never once did we ever take a serious look at the KTM railway track...The only time we took notice of it is when there's train passing on the bridge over the busy Bukit Timah Road.....

So with its closure, decided to bring the kids down for a walk and explored around. The girls, being girl, were less excited about it. To them, its just a walk, and a very bumpy one. But the boys enjoyed looking at the track and stuffs, especially Nicholas, picturing how it look when it was in operation.

The girls were briefed on the history of the railway and the reason for its closure while the boys busied themselves with the stones and doing balancing act on the tracks.

We found a way to get Ryan posed. All we need to do is to ask him to show us his 2 fingers and we got a "V" sign!

Our four beautiful kids....

Family photo...

The 2 girls wanted to take picture with him but little rascal pushed Charmaine away and only wanted to take with Rachel.

Big brother here had gone into his own "train" world...

Tired after the long walk but my 2 sweeties pie still able to give me their sweetest smile...

*yawn*...little rascal getting restless....

I brought the boy there again a few days later...less people and the boys get to enjoy more.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Music Time In School

Spot him?! He enjoys music time and will even tries to "sing" along too.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Ryan @ 27 mths

27 <span class=

He now able to use 2 to 3 words to form sentence like :
Go up
Sit down
Big house
Big bus

A new vocab he uses this month is "where". When I ask him to throw the litter into the bin, he look around for a bin before turning to ask "where?" as there's not one in sight.

His mathematics is getting along very well. Whenever we have the chance, will ask him "how many....?" and he is able to count (if more than 3) and give the correct answer.

He is doing very well in his sorting skill too, both shapes and colours.

Definitely very, very cute and cheeky now. This is the best age!!! How I wish he is Peter Pan, forever the same age....

One bad area which he had developed is hitting and spitting when he is angry. When he was irritated or angry, he will start spitting saliva and even flinging his saliva at people. He will dig into his mouth and took the saliva with his fingers and throw at the person that he is angry with. I really had no idea where he learn this from. No one, not even his siblings, did that! HELP! HELP! HELP!!!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Durian Swiss Roll

My fridge is packed with durian flesh and so I thought of using some for Swiss roll. I did it once long long ago...hmm..think it was 9 years ago! That's really long ago!

Very simple ingredients and very easy to make. Took me less than 40mins including getting the durian flesh out and meshing it.

3 eggs
1/2 cup of castor sugar (I use slightly less than 1/2)
3/4 cup of self raising flour (sifted)
Durian flesh meshed with fork for easy spreading

Preheat oven @ 180 degree.

Step 1: beat eggs with electric beater till its pale and thick.

Step 2: gradually adding the sugar in and continue to beat till pale and glossy. This is really long. About 5mins

Step 3: add in the sifted flour and gently fold with well combined. Be gentle and so as to not burst the air bubbles.

Step 4: pour into a Swiss roll baking pan (lined with grease paper) and baked for 10 minutes or till golden. It should be springy when touch.

Step 5: remove from oven immediately once done and turn it onto a clean sheet of grease paper. Remove the top grease paper (the one that was lined on the tin). Spread the durian purée evenly and roll it up, like how one would roll a sushi roll.

I find it nicer to eat when it's chilled.


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