Saturday, June 28, 2008

Double Award

Thanks Angeline for giving me my First award since I started blogging... I really felt so touched when I saw this. Thanks, my blogging friend!

So being first time receiving such an award, I'm at lost of words and also no idea what to do...(i don't know if I should take away the "I'm a daily blogger" as I not one ) But guessed the idea is to pass the friendship on and so here are the blogging friends in my Thank You list.

Names are not in any particular order...

1. Mommy to Mandy

2. Mommy to Ashley

3. Michelle

4. Mommy to Faythe & Vyktore

5. Mommy to Kayton (Think u received this award from Angeline too, but just want u to have it from me too!)

6. LZmommy

7. Queenie

8. Catlover

Friday, June 27, 2008

D-Day for Nicholas

Today is the D-Day for him. Helper dropped him off in his class and left. He only cried for less than 10 minutes and was fine after that. He did not even asked to be carried.

He participated in all activities today and even found a new friend that he likes to play with (Jolie who is a new child and her first day is today. )

Lunch today was a healthy burger made with tomatoes, cucumber and the patty is made from eggs and long beans. He ate only a little and asked for his favourite apple. The teacher thought he maybe not used to the centre's food and gave him some biscuits to munch so that he won't be hungry. Isn't that very thoughtful of the teacher?

This week topic is about red and today they made a red telescope for the class and the children enjoy looking through it. They even pasted the red cellophane paper on the glass window and the children get to see what is it like to be in a world where everything is red.

See him holding the "telescope"

For outdoor play, the children "helped" to paint the porch red.

See him dancing together?! Mommy so happy to see this pic!

This is his new "girlfriend"

Drawing/ of the activity he had no patience to do or dislike...but seems like he is doing well..

Have to agree with what Angeline said in her post, here, it is easier to do it with the kids only when they are ready. Think he settle down pretty fast this time as compared to the previous round...So guess my little boy is really ready for school now...*sigh*..its mommy's turn that is not ready to let go... Teary

Thursday, June 26, 2008

4th Day - Disappearing Act

Today is his 4th day and after bringing him into his class, my helper "disappeared" upstairs. He cried when he couldn't find her but the teacher and aunty helped to sayang him. He got attached to the Chinese teacher and stop crying before lunch. After lunch, he followed the class and participated in the centre's activities.

Took off all their clothes except the diapers so as to not dirty them. When I received these pictures, I was rather surprise to see him "exploring" the flour. As I mentioned so many times, he is a "clean-freak" baby, so to see him "dirtying" himself really surprise me!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

You & Your Children

I would like thank LZmommy for tagging me.

I searched through our album and realised that there's not many photos of me and my kids together...always the one behind the camera...*sigh*. After searching and searching, finally found this one which we took during the professional photo session.

Here are the rules:
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Rules :
1. Start Copy from “Begin Copy” until “End Copy“.
2. Choose the photo(s) of you and your child(ren) that you would like to share in your blog, with a small story/explanation about when and where the photo(s) was/were taken.
3. Add your blog name and url blog, then leave your url post in here. And I’ll add you to the Master List.
4. Please help spread this tag by tagging your friends as much as you can.
5. Please come back again to copy the update of the master list, often. This process will help new participants to get the same gains as the first participants.

Master List :
1. Juliana’s Site 2.Moms…..check nyo 3.Pinay WAHM 4.Residual Matters 5.So Cute 6.Pinaymama’s Diary 7.Beauty of Life 8.Point of View 9.The Callalily Space 10.Nyumix 11.Aeirin Collections 12.3 Garnets & 2 Sapphires 13.Twerlermz’s Blog 14.My Virtual Journal 15.Mummy Diaries 16.Super Mae 17.All About Your Child 18.BabiesLZ 19.All About Baby Nicholas
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I would like to tag :

1. Catlover

2. QueEnie

He's Almost Ready!!

Today, mommy couldn't bear to "torture" my baby so got my helper to ease him in.

Its very sweet of the teacher to emailed me on his progress today.

Nicholas is much better today, he can play on his own most of the time and were not very clingy to your helper. However, he did cried when helper went to the toilet.

The activity of the day is treasure hunt and they have to find balls in the treasure box. Nicholas manage to find the ball after trying twice. During the free play, Nicholas was having fun with the magnifying glass and we explored the water droplets on the windows. Since it was raining, we didn't get the chance to go outside. We kept changing the games to keep them occupied. We did bowling, crawling, aiming and throwing the ball in the hula hoop and going round the cones.

Experimenting with Manifying Glass

Hula Hoop

Story-telling time

Treasure hunt

What happen when we mix blue and yellow together??

GREEN! Of Course!

Going Round the Cone....

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Back To School - Day 2

Yes! Its about his school progress again...Its an important milestone for him and so I try to record as much as I can on how he ease into his new school.

Today, he insisted on carrying his own bag, so mommy let him be. But got tired even before we could get out of our apartment compound!

Tired already..See, we just got down from the lift!

Yesterday, he was very fascinated with the construction work that was going on opposite the centre. So today, we stop at the top of the bridge for him to take a proper look. Take this opportunity to point to him what is what too.

He was quite co-operative during the hand-foot-mouth checking today. He even stuck out his tongue for the teacher to check which is a surprise! Once he is in his classroom, he headed straight for the truck's tray and played with the trucks and the cars.

During lesson, he was often being distracted by the piling sound and kept looking out at the construction site. He would point and said in his cute voice "piling!". I'm impressed by his memory as I only taught him this word this morning when we were at the bridge!

Outdoor Play

Lunch today was much better. The aunty even helped to feed him once in a while....Aunty liked him very much. (He bid goodbye to her yesterday with a hug and kiss in aunty cheek and this morning with a "Hi" )

As most of the kids are new to the centre, the teacher got into some difficulty to get them to sit down for lesson. So, they decided to let the kids explored around and took this time to get the kids to get attached to them through play.

Chinese teacher tried to play with him. For quite a while, he did not look for me...then, almost like he could see through wall/object, he started looking around for me when I just went into the restroom and cried till I'm out. From that moment onwards, he made sure we maintained body contact!

Today is the last day I will be with him..tomorrow will get helper to ease him in as he is very munjar with mommy... Another reason is also because mommy will feel heart pain to hear/see him cry, so cannot make it.

Monday, June 23, 2008

First Day Back to School

The new branch is finally licensed to open and its back to school again for little Nicholas. Eager and excited, he couldn't even wait for me to finish my breakfast and kept tucking my shirt to leave the house.

On the way there, (we walked over as the centre is just across the road) he greeted everyone with a "Hi!" and waved his tiny little hand. And I really mean EVERYONE! He greeted the aunty and uncle that swept the floor, the foreigner that was waiting for cab and the big jiejie that came down from the bus! Everyone was surprised by his reaction and "hi" back to him. Its really some kinda ice-breaker ; P

As today is the first day this new branch operates, the teachers are trying to adjust everyone into the timetable. Think they did fine and I'm glad to see the teachers are giving my boy a lot of attention. They tried all sorts of way to encourage him to paint. When he refused to paint with his fingers, the teacher get a brush for him.

The boys in the centre all seems to have this "You go ahead and dirty your hand. I ok just standing here watching" attitude. The teacher was trying to get the children to feel the flour and later the watery dough, little Nicholas tried the first part but once the teacher pour the water in, he just refused to put his tiny hand in and feel. All the girls were enjoying the "feel"!

Wonder what is teacher doing with the flour??

He was encouraged to touch the flour to feel the softness...

Outdoor play is by far his favourite. And I don't think my boy will ever be bullied by N2 boy tried to squeeze into his little car and he kept saying "No! No! No!" till I think he got quite fed up and said "Stop It!" The teacher and I couldn't help laughing at his "cuteness".

Click to play outdoor play

Giving a try at bubble blowing...

After that, its back to indoor for lunch. He was taught where to place his dirty dishes too. Mommy complaint about the extreme saltiness of the anchovy and the aunty agrees and said this is the first time she bought this prepacked one and she will look for others.

By noon, he is comfortable enough to play with me out of sight for 5 minutes. When he realise I am not with him, he just look around and shouted "Mommy!" and came running to me with a hug and smile. Not so bad, I guessed.

When going home time, he even ok to hug and wave goodbye to his teacher. I really hope he will settle in fast this round.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sweet Nothings

Just want to record his sweet/ cute moments for remembering...But its so hard to catch him.

My boy doesn't know what co-operation is ; (

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Reading Time With Jiejie

Click to play Reading Time With Jiejie

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I'm so grateful to have my eldest baby easing me of my busy schedule...Since she is having her school holidays, she volunteered to help me read to her little brother so that I can complete my work or just take a rest...

She had seen and also experienced the way I read the stories and she kind of pick up the skill and doing it very well with her brother. The first few occasion, my little boy insisted for mommy but her persistence in reading to him paid off. After a few persuasion from us, he obediently sat on his Jiejie's lap and listen to the stories..

After a few days, he even drag his jiejie down onto the floor and said "lap" and bumped right onto my skinny girl's lap!

Thanks Rachel! You really are my good helper!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Frequent Used Words

My house seems a lot noisier these days with my little prince getting more and more vocal. Words frequently heard him SHOUTING are :

"NOoo!" ; "Don't Touch!" ; "MINE!" ; "Go away!" ; "Help" ; "Jie Jie!"; "OUch!"

Think he learnt the first 4 words from his 2 jiejies as they used to use it on him when he touches their stuffs. He used these words when he wants that particular thing even if its not his.

The last 3 words were used as last resort when he couldn't get his way after using the first 4...

Wonder is this a sign to the beginning of Terrible Two??! Mine gosh! He is only 21 months!!


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