Sunday, April 18, 2010

My Cute Little Bee

I bought this 2 years back, supposedly meant for Nicholas. But that funny timid boy of mine refused to put it on and thus, it was placed in a corner of their wardrobe.

Yesterday, while unpacking and finding more clothes for little Ryan, he has outgrown most of his baby clothes, found this still in its plastic bag and decided to put it on for him before he can shown any objection.Big Smile

See how HANDSOME he looks in this little Bee's costume!! Aiyo!! In Love

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Trip to Central Fire Station

Nicholas's school send out an email invitation to us parents a few weeks ago to bring our kids down to the Central Fire Station today. Its part of the school's excursion for the month. Little Nicholas was so excited when he learns that we will be going there today.

When we got there, we were about 10minutes late, so daddy dropped us at the entrance and he drove off to park his car (we are not allowed to park inside). Even before we got down, Nicholas saw the CPL (Combined Platform Ladder) and SCREAMED in excitement! He couldn't wait and pulled the 2 jiejies along with him to check out all the engines! Ryan was just as excited too seeing the Red engine. He kept pointing at it and making those "ah; er" sound.

BUT... excited he may be but my this little timid boy dared not try anything! Not even when he is being offer the hose to spray water!! An activity which he enjoyed most at home, pretending to be a fireman, spraying water with our garden hose at the flowers, pretending to put out the fire.

So he just ran round the place exploring the vehicles until daddy arrived and did with him.

We tried the CPL and my legs went wobbly as it goes up but have to act cool in front of the kids....How can I be nervous when even Nicholas is not!

Stayed there for about an hour and we walked over to daddy's old school's building and memories of his primary school days just came rushing out....He couldn't contained his excitement and told the girls where he used to hang out and what he did while waiting for his daddy (their grandpa) to pick them up.

"Hyper-active" sweat glands

Look at those BIG droplets of sweat flowing down his head!!

Photo taken after his breakfast (cereal) and the weather is not to be blamed too..its raining and the wind was dear boy... really can perspire!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Nicholas's School Update #2

This week, they did an expansion from last week topic revolving around "sea creatures".

The children were introduced to the characteristics of a shark, fish, jellyfish, dolphin, sea star and squid. They did a visual discrimination activity that required the children to search for fishes that were hidden within a large picture, they really enjoyed the activity and were so excited each time they found a fish lurking in the background.

They did some counting by making spots on the body of sea stars using some paint and the tips of our forefinger and making a jellyfish using half a paper plate and strips of plastic as the tentacles. The artworks are displayed on the staircase leading up to their class and the children loves watching it flutter in the wind.

They played "Tag" during outdoor play and instead of having an "It", they had "sharks" chasing the little fish around the garden, the children's squeals and shrieks could be heard from the back of the school!

He did "color swirling" science experiment too. The centre used a tray of fresh milk and put a few drops of food coloring into it. The kids then dipped a cotton bud into some liquid detergent and put the tip into the milk. The result is a swirling of the colors. The scientific explanation of it is breaking surface tension, but the children all thought it was magic!!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Happy 1 year old, Baby Ryan!

We did not have a big celebration for him unlike his siblings as mommy was so busy that I had forgot to inform our relatives about it. Only remembered it was his birthday yesterday! Terrible mommy, hor?

So cake was also bought off the shelf from Awfully Chocolate when I picked the girls up after their class.

Little boy was so excited when he saw the cake and "calling" us to look at the cake!

A family picture before we sing him his FIRST birthday song. Happy Birthday

Usually, its the mommy that "cut" the cake with the baby but for my family, its the daddy..because, mommy has to be the camera woman.Ponder

My dear Charmaine is always so eager to help out. Little boy seems to know that he is the main attraction.

Grandma said must give the little boy a small bite of his cake and everyone (the kids) started feeding him!!

So, what do you think is his reaction to his very first taste of the cake?





Hurry Up




Hmm...Its delicious!! He Loves it!

hahaha...look at the mess on his face!

A very rare time some one help to take picture of me and him!

Rachel is such sweet jiejie! She bought this (Mr. Bump) with her own ang bao money (I have yet to find the time to go to the bank to deposit them) while I was getting the cake!

A Mr Bump for little Mr Bump! Rolly 1

Little boy likes his one and only present very much as it make a "boing" sound when he bang Mr. Bump on the floor. He laughed loudly when Rachel hit her head with "Mr. Bump" and he tried to do that to his head too.

So its just that simple! A simple birthday for my dearest boy!

Happy Birthday, Little Ryan!

Birthday Balloon

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Nicholas's School Update #1

Must start doing some update of what Nicholas was doing in school so he can read about it when he grows up...

Last week, the his class focused on the ocean animals theme and the children have learned many new facts about the various animals, such as the squid, orca (Killer whale), jellyfish, crab, lobster, clam, fish, dolphin, sea star, shark, shrimp and octopus as well.

And Nicholas had a fantastic time exploring the Easter theme in school. He learned about the Easter bunny and Easter egg. They even made some thumbprint chicks, an Easter egg basket and a bunny mask. And to top it all off, they had an awesome Easter celebration. during the curriculum time. They had an Easter egg hunt in the garden and each child had the opportunity to find the chocolate eggs that were hidden in the garden. Everyone went home with an Easter basket full of chocolates and candy that were donated to by some of the parents.


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