Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Full Day Trial for Ryan

After discussing with hubby, we decided to place Ryan on full day every Monday on top of his regular half day school. This is because Monday is the busiest day for me - work + ferrying the 2 girls around + grocery shopping.

So today was a trial day for him and I had told him in the morning that he will be sleep in school that afternoon. He did not say anything.

When I picked him up in the evening, his teacher said he was ok in the morning but cried in the afternoon after he wakes up looking for me. He also refuses to eat much for lunch and the teacher kept his lunch and fed him again after he wakes up. I carried him over asked him why he cried, he said in his pathetic voice "because I want you! I miss you!"...aiyo! This boy hor... really knows how to make me feel guilty!


Sunday, February 19, 2012

Singapore Air Show 2012


This is the FIRST time we decided to bring the kids to check out the Singapore Air Show. The boys were excited to be able to see planes doing those aerobatic flying displays and thus I innocently brought the tickets for hubby and the 2 boys to get in there, not knowing that actually they can just watch the display too at Changi beach too! The girls were having competition and thus, its only "boys' outing".

Coincidentally, the officer that took picture with the boys shared the same name as Nicholas! Nicholas was so excited that he told his daddy that he wants to be like the officer too when he grows up!

Anyway, the 3 "man" enjoyed the flying displays most!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Nicholas - Recognition of Chinese Words

Nicholas's preschool Chinese teacher is doing a very good job in teaching them the Chinese character writing and reading. As compared to his sisters when they were in kindergarten, he is speaking very good complete sentence and thus, it didn't cross my mind in sending him for any enrichment classes. 

However, after hearing from friends their testimony about this enrichment center, decided to just send him there to enrich him further. And it is indeed very good. Even the girls commented that Nicholas is so lucky to have a good preschool teacher and now a good interesting enrichment center! 

In the center, they learned Chinese idioms every week in a fun way and he was so excited with what he had learned after the first lesson. 

He was so eager to show me what he had learned and we had this conversation... 

Nicholas : mummy, you know how what is the meaning of "人山人海"?! 
Me : hmm...let me think... is it "people mountain people sea" ? 
Nicholas: hahaha...I know you will say that! No, it means there is a lot of people, very crowded! 

The page that he read in the video was taught by the center and he was able to read it without any help after going through with him once at home.

Hope he will develop an interest in Chinese and will not struggle with it when he enters Primary school.


Sunday, February 12, 2012

Lunar New Year Chess Fiesta 2012

After a long break from the last competition, I was surprised by his played today. He was very focus on his games and thus, did super well, winning even some tough players who were 2 years older than him. Maybe the bait to watch Transformer really work on him. I have promised to bring him to USS to get up close with the Transformers if he win this competition. He is had his eyes on these tall trophies...

Its the FIRST time his name is in the 1st box - playing board 1!

 His this opponent is very strong and he lost. Nicholas did not managed to recover from it and so lost the rest of the 3 matches.

Luckily, we have a pair of cupids to cheer him up. They gave him a chocolate and that is enough to make him smile again.

He scored 4 out of 7 games played. He was the Champion in the Under 6 category but because his point, he was also 6th place in the U8 Open section. Since only one prize per player, he was awarded under the U8 -OPEN category.

Good Job Nicholas!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Ryan @ 34months


A collection of his speech for this month
  • Not knowing that the McWings are spicy, I gave one to him. He took a bite and said, "Hot! Burn my tongue! This one not nice, French Fries nice!" 
  • After dinner, the 3 big ones each grab a handful of M&M as treats for eating their food fast. He saw me throwing the empty packet of M&M into the garbage bag, he then took it out and complain to helper "jiejie Rachel eats, jiejie Charmaine eats, koror eats, I don't have" in his pathetic voice! Aiyo!
  • We were in the cinema and he started climbing down and wants to walk to the front. When I asked him why, he told me "one people block me! I cannot see!"
  • Got him to do some colouring with pencil, after a while, he told me this "you colour for me. I'm busy."
  •  When he sees or read something funny or unrealistic, he will comment , "How can it be?!" and laugh in his cheeky way.
  • He saw that I had a little cut on my foot and said this to me "mommy, I call ambulance!"
  • Once I asked him "Are you mommy's baby?" He replied: "No. I'm mommy's big boy!"


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