Sunday, November 27, 2011

BIL's Wedding

The BIG day everyone being preparing for is HERE! Because of this DAY, I was made to get a gown, go to MIL's friend's saloon to style my hair and learned to put on make up...hahaha...finally look more like a lady after so many years of being a "yellow-face" woman aka 黄脸婆.

This cutie insist on taking his Gordon train along...

He all set and ready to be the Page boy....

The wedding dinner was at Shangri-La's Rasa Sentosa Resort.

Its my second time sitting at the VIP table, first being my own wedding... hee...quite excited.

The kids were being briefed of what to do and where to go and they position. Ryan was most interested in his "bubble gun" though...

He got to keep the gun and that's enough to reimburse him for his page boy's job.

The 2 flower girls and the 2 page boys...

The trios love this new aunt of theirs and followed her everywhere she went, helping with her long train during the reception...

Friday, November 25, 2011

Video - Boys Year End Concert 2011

Nicholas's concert... I must admit that their dance steps were not synchornised but I don't mind.

I must say I was really surprised at this little chap dancing so spontaneously! I was half expecting him to freeze (just like Nicholas was he first went on stage) and half expecting him to cry. But was surprised he danced so well! Good Job Ryan!!

The Finale...dancing to "Positive" by Taio Cruz. They choose this song to remind the K2 graduates and everyone to stay positive when we were facing difficulties..especially dedicated to the graduates since they will be going to the BIG kid's school (Primary school) and more challenges stay ahead of them...

Year End Concert 2011

This is the first year Ryan participate in the School's concert and my worry was that he cries up stage. But surprisingly, he DIDN'T!! In fact, he danced so well and not at all worried about the big crowd of audience down there! Well Done Ryan!!

Nicholas did well too and look very handsome in the cowboy dress up. They were really enjoying their "dance". On top of their usual dance, the K1 had a showcase of what they learned in their music class - Handbell.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Chess Marathon

The 3 chess kids went for their chess school's "Fun Chess Marathon". It's a full day event with lots of different type of chess games....all done in a very fun way.

They get to play "blindfold"; "bullet"; "rotation"; "Random Chess"...Nicholas being in the last board for his team need not play those tough "games" like Rotation and Random. He played mainly the normal games.

Initially I was worried for Nicholas that he may tired out midway through (since there's no time to nap) but the coach said he did very very well and he certainly did not look a least bit tired when I return to pick them up.

His teammates also praises him as he won quite a fair bit of games for the team. So in the end, his team came in first! He was very happy to receive the "golden cup", his first trophy! A Golden Trophy!
His team came in FIRST!

Little one so happy with his golden cup!

All 3 kids each got something.. Rachel's team came in second while Charmaine's team came in third.

Their trophy...

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Random Pictures

See how strong their bonds are! They even hugged each other in their sleep!

BIL's R.O.M.

Its the kids' FIRST going to a R.O.M. ceremony and they were super excited to see the whole solemnisation.

Me and my cutie pie...

The two handsome princes

The 3 musketeers...

Our Family photo...

One Big family with the newly wed (on the right)

Friday, November 18, 2011

Universal Studios Singapore...again!

Hubby brought the 3 kids to Universal Studio today...he been nagging at me for not giving him a chance to spend some time with the kids..hahahaha... and so his wish was finally granted today! He seized the opportunity to bring them to USS and freed me to do my shopping and some Me-Time.

He took these pictures of the girls doing rock climbing...

That's Rachel reaching the top and below was Charmaine trying to catch up with her sister.
and this outside Jurassic Park... They had a great day out with fantastic cooling weather and no crowd.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

My Cheeky Little Mickey

Brought him along to do some last minute shopping for his uncle's wedding. He walked around with his cute little index finger tapping on his head (thinking) as he browsed around the cute! Rachel spotted this Mickey ''glasses'' and put it on for him and we got this CUTE ''mouse''!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Ryan @ 31 months

With him speaking more and ability to express more of his thoughts, he got more and more cheeky.

He loves acting out the character from the stories we told him. He can be the billy goat; the ugly troll; Bubbles (the monkey); Baby Panda; Owl babies; Winnie the Pooh.... He loves best to be the youngest baby owl and Baby Panda.

He likes to mimic how animals behave too. When he sees snakes on NGO wild, he goes sliding on the ground with his tongue sticking in and out.

A video of him as a his tongue...

He goes sliding in a "S" shape too when he wants to be a crocodile. The difference between a crocodile and snake is that when he is a crocodile, he will place his hands in front, opening and closing it, as if it is the jaws.

He is also super super clingy now!!! Especially at night, he goes crying if he doesn't sees me. He tells everybody "I don't want you!! I want pommy!" Pommy!" and goes screaming and running round the place looking for me. Even if I was in the toilet, he will insist on waiting outside and refuses everyone. Its a sweet feeling to be so WANTED but I do hope he get out of this soon.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

SCF Children's Day Chess Challenge 2011

This will be his 3rd competition and mummy is still as kancheong and nervous as it was his first!

As usual, along with others his age, they played in the U-8 category. There were 100 kids playing in this category....tough one. And to make things worst (more kancheong), he was paired with previous year Under-6 4th placing boy for the first round! *faint*

Knowing the chance of winning is near 0%, I still gave out the instructions... ''be careful, think before you move ... ''

He lost the first round but won the 2nd, 4th & 7th(last round) and drawing the 5th round. His final score was 3.5 points. His starting rank was 85 and he ends the competition with the final ranking at 58. His chance of winning a medal was slimmed...a lot have to depends on the rest of the under 6 players played (although the under 6 were playing in the under 8 category, they have separate prizes for the Under 6 players.) Anyway, as usual, we stayed on to watch the prize presentation, a way to motivate the kids.

Little did we expect that his name will be the FIRST to be called when they were giving out the medal for Under 6 boys. Being first to be called up stage means he was the 10th placing! We were so excited but my blur boy have no idea his name was being called and still busy munching his packet of crisps. We shoo-ed him up the stage with him not having any idea what was going on! hahaha... He shook hands with the SCF President, Mr Ignatius Leong and took his medal with a stunned face!

After receiving the medal, he stayed on stage while waiting for the rest to receive theirs...

Together with all the top 10 players for the under-6 boys... Well done all of you!!

A group photo with their chess school's friends and coaches after the event...

The girls did very well too with Charmaine coming in 2nd and Rachel 4th for the Girls Under 10 category! A fruitful day for all 3 babies!!

A photo of him and his medal!

Well done, all of you!! Your hard work and intense training paid off!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

My Little elephant

My little cutie pretending to be an elephant...he even include sound effect with it!


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