Saturday, August 22, 2009

Baby Ryan @ 4 months old

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4 months had passed since little Ryan was born. From a tiny little "fragile" baby to a now tough one. And before we even knows it, he will be crawling around the house! That's when the real test of sibling's love comes. Wonder will Nicholas love him just as much as now when baby Ryan takes his stuffs then...

As expected, from the way he drinks his milk, he did not put on as much weight as the past months and with the nurse assuring words during our last check-up, "Babies' growth will slow down for a few months before picking up again. So don't worry if your baby weight gain drop." I'm not that concern on this area. He can be satisfied in 10 minutes and that will be enough to last him for a good 2 hours. The night feed was totally waking up for fun as he only suckle for less than 5 minutes before dozing off to dreamland and only to ask for it again 2-3 hours later. The longest stretch of time he goes without crying is in the morning. He will feed about 6am and the next feed will be about 10am.

Though he did not put on much weight, he is now sharing T-shirt with kidding..he fits perfectly well in all his korkor's T-shirt.

I'm not sure if he is able to recognise me as the provider for him yet but he does smile and talk more to me than with others. Probably also because I played more with him. We usually have our "chit-chat" session in the morning (when I am not needed in the office) and I really love to hear him "talk". So CUTE!!

He is very afraid of tickle and always chuckle when I tickle his tummy. He enjoys having my fingers gently "walking" on his forehead too...heehee..he will close his eyes and makes those kind of cutie sound..

He had also picked up playing with saliva and biting my nipple...On the biting, it started about a week ago when he was drinking and poo-ing at the same time. When he heard me saying "Ouch!" he actually gave me a cheeky smile. I know I have to stop this habit of his else I risk him biting it off when his starts teething..hahaha...

Changing Nappy for him is a challenge now that he flips so easily. Most of the time, he would flip before I have completed the "change".

Under the influence of Nicholas (while Ryan is still in my tummy), baby Ryan loves to listen to Thomas The Trains theme song. He usually stop crying (in the car) when I played the Thomas and Friends' DVD.

Oh..he is affectionately known as "li lu pet" Don't asked me how he get this name, have totally no idea..probably because Nicholas' pet's name is "lu lu" thus baby Ryan is little "lu"..

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Baby Ryan Down With Fever

His fever started on Monday morning, about 5am. Gave him 1ml of Paracetamol. His fever comes back on again at about 2pm and gave him another dose. Other than being a little more grumpy, he was active and smiling when played with.

Paed said to monitor him for another day, if the fever persist, then will have to bring him to her. He has slight running nose too. Just hope its not H1N1.
Thought breastfed babies are supposed to be stronger? Wonder why baby Ryan so weak? Wonder what I should eat so my milk will be good booster for his immune system?

Monday, August 17, 2009

Lovely Blog award and Best Blog award

Got these 2 wonderful awards from my new blogging friend BoeyJoey !! Thank you so much Blow Kiss

The award works this way:

1. To accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award and his/her blog link.

2. Pass the award to 15 other blogs that you’ve discovered and think are great! Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award. (I played cheat a little..only have 7 bloggers to gave to as most of the other blogging friends don't do tag.)

I wish to pass this award to the followings:

1. Angeline

2. Ling

3. LZmommy

4. Mommy On Call

5. Joanne

6. Little Prince

7. 3lilangels

Friday, August 14, 2009

Amazing School

This post is super back-dated. I was supposed to post it last month but was super busy and also lazy to do up the video. And today when I finally have time, my computer's cd reader spoilt! Grrr

Many had been surprised at the many updates and photos I received from Nicholas' childcare centre. I, too, am very happy that I found one that really do what they say and not just "marketing".

But what Nicholas brought back today really surprised me..In his bag today was a 20 minutes VCD recording of the N1 going about their daily routine. It records the N1 kids, including Nicholas, having some music and movements time. I had always wonder if Nicholas sing and dance in school, though he does it at home, as he tends to be shy outside. But this little recordings showed me that he is very happy in school and he actively joined in the singing and dancing too!

The video might be short but it gave me a lot of assurance that Nicholas is in good hands. and Nicholas laughed out loud too when he saw himself on the TV and couldn't help but sing along too!

I was so happy that when I fetch Nicholas the next day, I couldn't help but praise them. The teacher said the recording was not a rehearsed one nor was it planned at all. The boss just came in one day and record them doing the activities. According to the teacher, its just one off thingy but as parent, I am already very grateful, what more can I ask for!?

I strongly believe that children this age should have fun and enjoy themselves, learning the world through play. That's why, I never bother much about Nicholas that he could be slower than others in term of academic. All I want is for him to enjoy his toddler's years before all the stress starts coming to him when he goes into P1.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Look Alike??

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Some random pictures I took..don't you think they really look alike from this photos??

Same factory = same product!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Bits & Pieces On My 2 Boys


While I was brushing my teeth, little boy came in, asking " Mommy, may I urine in your toilet?"

Then, what happen next makes me laugh out loud. He lifted up the seat cover, placed his little birdie over and "fired"! aiyo, so cute!!!

First time I saw him doing this!!! Really Big Boy more dependent on anyone to help him now.


And little Baby Ryan @ nearly 4 months old finally able to grab his toys and entertained himself for 10minutes while mommy rushes to finish her work. He enjoys it a lot and as I rushes about with my work, hearing him "talking" and laughing to himself makes me happy.

Oh and Baby Ryan can now flip even when he is not angry!! Although it takes him a few tries before he succeed! Yippee!!

He is a TV addict too Ignoring You Guessed mommy watched too much TV when I was pregnant with him!! He is very attracted to lights too. Whenever he cries non-stop, all we have to do is to on the light and he will stop and starred at it. Easy pitsy!


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