Sunday, June 28, 2009

Is Foremilk The Cause For Soft Stool?

Mentioned in my earlier post that I had plenty of fore milk, so instead of wasting it, I heed some advice to collect them for Nicholas.

This is the amount of fore milk or so-called the "let down" milk from the other breast when I nursing Baby Ryan over 3 feeds. Each feed I'm able to collect about 30ml and this bottle of fore milk was mixed into Nicholas' usual milk.

However, after 2 days of such concoction, Nicholas' stool turned soft and kept going to the toilet at the end of 2nd day. I have no idea was the fore milk the cause or simply because he ate too much fruits and yogurt on that particular day. He even vomited one chunk of watermelon which he ate after dinner.

He recovered the next day but I just wonder should I continue giving him this concoction. Any advice?

Friday, June 26, 2009

My Cheeky Boy

Little Nicholas was really getting cuter and cheekier by days. One special incident happened last week and I told myself, I had to record it down.

Daddy carried the little boy and started dancing cha cha. My little cutie gave his father a cheeky funny look and asked in a cutie smiling way: "Are you mad?"

His face was so cute that we couldn't help laughing out loud.

Daddy then danced again with him and he asked again in the same manner "Are you mad again?!"

Aiyo, my post here couldn't justified his cuteness! His face and words still remains so vividly in our minds even after many days! And his 2 jiejies kept using this little phrase of his to tease him.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Too Much Foremilk!! How??

Lately, Baby Ryan's poo alternate between yellow mustard type and greenish and watery poo.

I was concern over the change and check the net and found out that its a result of him having too much foremilk.

It says that healthy breastfed baby's greenish stooling and fussiness can be a result from too much lactose(sugar). When the excess lactose enters baby's colon, there may be increased fermentation. This problem occurs when mommy has abundant foremilk supply. More info can be found here.

And over here, it says that babies whose moms have too much milk will often exhibit symptoms such as fussing, pulling off the breast, colicky crying, gassiness, spitting up, and hiccuping. They may want to nurse frequently, and they may gain weight more rapidly than the average baby (who usually gains 4-8 ounces each week during the first 3 or 4 months). Their stools may be green and watery. The mother’s letdown reflex may be so forceful that the baby chokes, gags and sputters as he struggles with the jet of milk that sprays too quickly into his mouth.

Baby Ryan is exactly what mentioned above! At least now I know why he spit out the milk.

Anyone can tell me how to reduce foremilk and increase hindmilk??!!Anything I should eat or drink?

I heeding some advice found on the net to nurse him only on one breast at each feeding and also try to relax during the letdown. I now catch the initial forceful sprays in a towel before putting him back on the breast after the sprays.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Weekend Getaway to Sunway Lagoon

Hubby was needed in his KL office for the weekend and since its the kid's school holiday, we decided to bring the kids up too. I had all the hotel and Sunway Lagoon tickets booked, only to realised that Baby Ryan does not have any passport! Blur mommy then got to rush to do up the passport for him. Luckily Singapore Immigration is very efficient. The passport was ready in 3 days time, just in time for our trip.

Anyway, most of the details of our trip had already been written by the girls in their blogs, so I'm not going to elaborate here. Will only note what was not mentioned in theirs.

There were 2 hiccups on the first day. We got to Sunway Lagoon Resort at about 8am. In the hotel confirmation acknowledgement, it stated very clearly that I had booked for a room with 2 Queen Size bed, but according to the hotel, they do not have such bed. Hubby was insistence and luckily for his insistence, we got ourselves a deluxe suite + an extra bed put in, all for FREE!!

Next, when we got to Sunway Lagoon itself, we realised that the 2 girls are not allowed in almost all the rides in the Extreme Park! I questioned the manager why the age limit was not indicated on the web. She was really nice, she told me that she can gave me the entrance at a discounted (Malaysian) rate and asked me to used the receipt to seek refund from the agency. So sweet of her!

Other than these 2 hiccups, our stayed at Sunway was great.

We tried the Fish Spa and OMG! Its so ticklish! I couldn't stop laughing out loud and every passerby stopped and looked. It somehow attract more customers for the shop. Hmm..I should actually get a commission from that.

Nicholas didn't dare to put his feet in. The 2 girls took quite some time before they finally submerge their feet into the water.

In the Park, daddy's job is to look after the 2 girls while helper and I handle Nicholas and Ryan. When I'm nursing Ryan, helper will bring Nicholas for the rides. So glad that Ryan is a fast drinker and I'm doing direct breastfeeding. He took only 15minutes to satisfy himself and that can last him for 2 hours. Also, I do not need to go hunting for hot water to warm the milk.

After nursing Ryan, I brought Nicholas for most of the thrilling rides. I must say he is rather brave. He went on the Kiddy Roller Coaster ride and other rides in the Wild Wild West.

He also played the slide at the water play for kids. That's a big achievement for him as he doesn't like to have water sprayed on him. He used to cling onto daddy whenever we go Wild Wild Wet.

After 2 days of fun at Sunway Lagoon, Hubby needs to get back to the KL office. Thus, with 4 kids and 1 helper, we went shopping around at the Sunway Lagoon and Midvalley. Nothing interesting with the price tag similar to Singapore's Orchard Road.

Hubby met up with us after his work and we set off for Singapore. We stopped by at "buangsai" Village (couldn't remember the spelling) for roadside food and small bites.

See how happy Little Nicholas was!

He was in his cheeky mood and even showed his cheekiness to the camera.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Ryan @ 2 months old

His weight @ 2 months old : 5.80kg. Put on about 1.2kg within 3 weeks! No wonder its so tiring carrying him to nurse! I have to support him with my legs when I nurse him....not very lady like but at home, its okay la.

He smiles and "talk" a lot now too. He is still pretty much a night owl, sleeping most part of the day and active from 7 to 10pm. He will has his last poo for the night at about 10pm and the next poo will be 6am the next morning.

And if you think he slept through..then you are wrong!! He still wakes up every 2 hourly to feed. His tummy clock is so punctual, never misses one feed at all. Sometimes, I'm too tired and just popped him on to my breast while lying down and while he fed, I continue my sleep...I'm a light sleeper, thus, once he stop or when the nipple came off, I wake up and popped back in till he is satisfied.

He loves music too. He gets very excited and his hands and legs will move actively when we sing songs to him.

He sometimes got bored playing by himself and will look around the room for me. Once he found me, his eyes will follow my movement. And if I ignored him, he starts to protest with his mighty "WAH WAH"

Monday, June 1, 2009

His Drinking Habits

This is how he looks like after almost every milk session.

Sometimes, he will suckle till the milk (fore milk) comes and split out the first few mouths.... wonder is it because it tasteless that's why he spit out?


He has another bad habit. He will cry for milk and once latched on, after a few mouthful, you can hear sound coming from below. Sometimes, the force is so great it "explode" out of his diaper!

Very Constipated

And once he had satisfy himself, he will split or let the milk flow out from his mouth. Any of your baby did that too?


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