Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Row Row Row Your Boat

Finally, Hair Cut with a smile!

Found a way to get Nicholas to the Pro for hair cut without ended up teary. It wasn't a planned thing to bring him for hair cut today but we passed this "salon" and it just came to me to get him try. See, it offer cartoon for the kids and thus help to distract him while the lady make her swift cut. Initially, he wriggle around and with a rather uncomfortable look, but soon he was enjoying his "Tom and Jerry" so much that he even smile for the camera!

Hubby was so shocked and couldn't believe his eyes when he received the MMS send from me (to show off) and was jealous! See, Nicholas always ended up teary whenever he brought him for hair cut. Sometimes, hubby even have to bribe him and both were like playing "tug-a-war" outside the saloon.

HURRAY to Nicholas!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Welcome to God's Family!!

On this beautiful day, we were blessed with fantastic weather and on this beautiful date (10.10.2010), my 3 beautiful babies were welcome to God's BIG family!!!

For Charmaine, she already knows what baptism is about and why the need to. For Nicholas, I explained to him that baptism means joining God's family and God will be in him. He already learnt from Sunday school that God is in his heart. He had also started to pray on his own too! As for Ryan, he is too young to be briefed.

All were excited today and ready. I had to brief Nicholas on what to expect and hope he doesn't cry when the Vicar dip him into the water. During the water baptism, Charmaine was a little shy but otherwise ok. I have to say my 2 boys were fantastic given their personality.

No struggle from him when daddy handed him to the Vicar...

No WAILING from him!!! So relieved! That's my brave boy!!!

Ryan was another surprised. Ryan who was usually a koala bear and stranger weary didn't make a single fuss when daddy handed him over to the vicar.

No crying either when he emerge from the water!!! Even bigger surprise!

After the water baptism, the kids got changed and went up to the hall. The baptism candidates were invited to the front to be welcomed by the church members. After "showing" Ryan how to shake his hands with members who came forward to welcome him, he was seen (at times) stretching out his hands to shakes with those who came and welcome him!

A photo with our kids' Godparents before heading off for a lunch celebration.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Ryan @ 18 months old

October was a super busy month for me! So busy that I totally forgot to take photo of my little Ryan on the day he turns 18 month! Search through the photos and realised the only photos of him I took in October was at the end of the month, on my MIL's 60th birthday!
Ryan @ 18 months
His achievements:-

  • Nodding and shaking his head to indicate "yes" and "no". He looks very cute when he nods his head because he nods his head as if he needs to use a lot of strength. We simply loves making him nods his head!

  • We always claps and makes lots of fuss whenever he did something right and now he had master the art of clapping, claps whenever he did right too. Now if we didn't clap, he will called out to us and as if to asked us to clap for him too!

  • He is developing his gross motor skill very well. He is able to form his own train tracks and connect the Chugginton trains together. Need to special mention on his ability to connect the Chugginton trains because it requires some "skill" as the knobs are wobbly unlike Thomas & Friends trains which connect via magnets.

  • He likes to snatch things too from Nicholas and he show his teeth and make the "ieee" sound as if he is using a lot of strength. Its a funny sight but I know we have to stop this even though he didn't really mean to "snatch". He just wants to play what Nicholas was playing because its always seems more interesting than what he was playing...grass is always greener in other's pasture.

  • His vocabulary had finally expanded to "chay" for jiejie, "buts" for bus and clearest of all "CAR"!

  • He knows the action for nursery songs like:-

- "Twinkle, twinkle little star" even forming the diamond with his fingers.
- and the kiddo's modified version of "Row, row, row your boat" which goes like this:

row row row your boat,

gently down the stream

when you see a crocodile,

don't forget to scream!

and ryan will goes "AH"

  • He favorite fruits is apple when we gave him papayas or bananas, he would closed his eyes and mouth tighty.

  • Beside playing with trains and guns, his other favourite game is cooking. He would slice his toys veggie/fruits and put it on a plate and serve it to me. He had also learnt not to place the toys in his mouth and only pretend the bite the "food".

Monday, October 4, 2010

Zoo Trip

There's no school for Nicholas today (centre closure for in-lieu of Children's Day) and thus, I decided to bring the 2 boys to the Singapore Zoo while the girls were in school.

My main aim today was to bring the boys to see those activities that they seldom get to see like the Elephant bath and Jaguar feeding. Both the boys, especially Nicholas, was too scared to go near the elephant. Nicholas shown a face full of worries (he was afraid the elephant will spray water at him) and kept hiding behind my back. Ryan was climbing all over me when the elephants came near us! Their response was surprising given that they both had went on the elephant ride when we were in Phuket and Nicholas had enjoyed himself then.

After watching the elephant bathing, we walked on. We chose to walk instead of taking the complimentary tram ride so that we can see more. We had our first rest of feet at the Jaguar area. Both boys had their little snacks and checking on the jaguars while waiting for the Zoo keeper to arrive for the feeding time. The boys enjoyed the feeding session especially Ryan who kept pointing at the jaguar and shouted "there"!

Our last stop of our short trip was at the Kidzworld. I got them a small bucket of carrots and beans each to feed the goats.

Ryan was tagging behind Nicholas, mimicking what Nicholas was doing, but at a distant. He didn't really feed the goats, only holding the carrots at a distant.

Then when more goats charged towards them for the carrots, Ryan duck behind Nicholas for protection!

After some assurance, my little tough nut finally summoned up all his courage to feed the goats and he got better after each feed! He even dared to stroke the goat!

After the feeding session, we watched the Animals Friends Show before taking the tram back. I was surprised that Nicholas not afraid of the big dogs and even went over to stroke them.

I cherished this short bonding time with the 2 boys and all 3 enjoyed ourselves. Back home, they took their lunch and nap while I "bond" with their 2 sisters..but this time, nothing enjoying., in fact was stressful....cos its preparation of exams!


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