Sunday, August 12, 2007

Baby Contest

Last month when I fetch Dajie Rachel to her piano class, I saw on the C.C.'s notice board that they are having a Baby Contest and decided to try my luck with him...Guess in mummy's eyes, her baby is always the best : P

Today is the contest and we are very excited (okay, it's only mummy & the sisters that are excited, daddy said I'm wasting time : { )

For his catergory, the doctor did a full body check-up on him to see if he is healthy. My boy was also asked to pick up tiny pits of paper with his 2 finger to test his motor skill. He passed that! Then, we were told to wait at the hall for result.

His 2 jiejie were more excited than me and when they are announcing the result, they keep asking if their DiDi win. I even caught them praying! And when their brother did win, I was a little disappointed. But his 2 sister asked why and Rachel even tears. We have to console her and explain that to her that it's okay even if her brother didn't win. It's just for the fun of it and there can only be 1 winner in every game.

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