Monday, December 31, 2007

Heart Shape Egg

Men are funny being. When I was frying this egg, daddy came into the kitchen, have one look at it and said to his daughters that mummy is crazy!

But when I dished it out for dinner, all of them especially daddy went for it!

Thinks appearance really help as my 2 princess usually takes very long to eat their food but today they finished real fast!


zara's mama said...

Hey.. you started updating your blog again? But how come the posts are for 2007?

Sasha said...

if u serve that to me, I'll gobble it down really fast too! hehe

Blessed mum said...

To Zara's mum, yes, I'm updating it again. I'm a little slow in updating his blog so pls forgive me if the post is dated back 2007 : P

To Sasha, thanks for your compliments : )


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