Friday, November 13, 2009

Nicholas's 2nd Year-End Concert

His concert day is finally here. In the morning before dropping him off at school, I actually bribed him. Told him that if he danced for me later on, I will get him a "BIG" ice-cream.

His class was the first to perform. I was so happy to see him shaking his buttock, though little, but still a very big progress from last year whereby he just stood there like a statue. This time, he did some shaking, turning and even a little hand movements. So proud of him!

Just in case you can't locate him, Little Nicholas is the 2nd boy from the left. The boss of the centre told me that he can dance very well during those practises and she insisted that she is going to send me one of those video. I know he can dance cos I saw him dancing too at home and also singing the song. Nonetheless, I am really very proud of him moving even that little bit.

The K2s from another branch did a guest performance. It was a tribute to the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Think they danced rather well. Oh, this year concert theme is Super Star and my girls thought they are really in a concert. See Charmaine and her classmate, jumping up and down as if they were in a rock concert! Catch them in action towards the end of the short clip.


Leona said...

Your son really cool, lah!!! I couldn;t stop smiling at his John Travolta a.k.a. Pulp Fiction actions and also his cute swagger!

mommy to chumsy said...

haaahaaahaaahaa...what a nice concert. however, i don't know who is Nicholas because of the gelled hair :D the supporting fans are his 2 sisters?

Blessed mum said...

Leona - ya..i couldn't help laughing at that too!

Mommy to chumsy - haha..he is the second boy from the left.. Yup, one of the supporting fan is his sister, Charmaine.

3lilangels said...

I like his side shuffle.... he's so cute!

Angeline said...

completely enjoyed this post man!

Nicholas is just sooooooooooo adorable... when the teacher pass you his video, you must post up ok?!! I think maybe Nicholas a little stage-fright? But from his actions, can tell that he had all the moves man! Oh ya, Thank you for telling me which was Nicholas... I really couldn't recognise him leh! Grown so much!

And the girls....*laugh* I LOVE THE ENERGY!!!

BoeyJoey said...

Hahahaha... awwwww.... so so SO cute!

Pet said...

Nicholas dancing in slow motion...really cute! The boy 2nd on his left, is so hyper.

Anonymous said...
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