Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My Little Gardeners

These 2 girls had been my little gardeners since we moved in to our new place and I must say, they both had been doing a very good job at keeping the garden and car porch clean.

But since school re-opened, they are so tied up with all the school works and enrichment classes that they can only help on weekends and days which they had completed their work early.

Seeing them working so hard under the evening sun, I paid each of them $2 each for the hard work.

This extra money will be used to buy small stuffs which they need for school. See, in the beginning of the year, I will give each of them a brand new set of stationery (1 box of 2B pencils, 3 erasers and colour pencils). If they decided to misuses it (Rachel loves to sharpen the pencil and play with the erasers), then they have to use their own pocket money to buy new ones. This idea was shared by a church friend of mine who is very good at handling kids.


mommy to chumsy said...

ahh...your girls are so well-trained :) it's good that they get paid..makes them work harder...hehehehehehe

Blessed mum said...

mommy to chumsy - hahaha..yes. it helps when the initial interest wears off :)

4malmal said...

WOW nice garden! I love the gREENS :)
good way to motivate them

ladyyjae said...

hello, stopped by your page from barbs! =) those 2 girls are too cute. feel free to stop by my page, i just started blogging. really nice to meet you!! www.charmoflove.ca

w/ Love: Jen

Aces Family said...

wow..cleaning the garden..so good. Mine can't even sweep the floor yet..hehe.(actually i am too lazy to train them). NExt year will start the house chores routine for them..hehe,


Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

I like your garden.
It is good to get kids involve in some gardening work and I like the rewarding system too. I will definitely use it later on Sarah.

Angeline said...

That is so sweet of them. Then again, with kids, I always have that thinking in mind "See how long will they last."
Then you came out with the money reward system, Cool! Now I believe they will hang on much longer.

Blessed mum said...

ladyyjae - thanks for dropping by :)

Astee - the school trained them to sweep the floor and everything else, mommy didn;t. Parents were told by principal to get the girls to do household chores. :)

Joanne, Angeline - i certainly hope the $$ can last them longer :)

BoeyJoey said...

Your girls are such angels... And I love your spacious garden :-)


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