Sunday, January 9, 2011

Ryan @ 21 months

Ryan @ 21 months
Still no sign of him talking but he babbles a lot now though. I'm just as happy with that though. I had a feeling that his delay in speech is because he is shy or insecure/intimated (something along these lines). This is because when I asked him to look at my mouth and say certain words, he will given me a shy smile and lean forward to hide his face on my shoulder. We find this really cute but sure hope he can overcome this "insecurity" and start to speak soon.

His Babbling
Phonic sound "d d d d thur" when he wants something and we have to guess and see where he is pointing or try our luck at everything till he nods his head. His godma had suggested to teach him "sign" language so that we can understand better what he wants. So I did try it out but its proof to be quite a challenge.

Another sound he babbles is "ba ba ba" which he used it to refer to "bus" or "bird".

Another word he uses is "eeee" though. Whenever he see something dirty/ scary like lizard, he will goes "eeee" and pat his chest. He look so cute when he does that. I guess he knows too which explain why he sometimes would playfully points at pictures that are black in colour and says "eee".

His motor skill achievements
He is able to stack 2-3 blocks on top of the other.

Another action song he knows now is "Wheel on the bus". It never fails to tickle us!

Another big achievement is going up and down the 2 to 3 steps without the need to hold on to anything.

Actually other than his speech, all his other skills are on par with kids his age.

Bits and piecesHe still give the pretentious cry when I drop him off in school. No tears just "wah" when the teacher took him over. There were times he "forgot" to cry though like when he was distracted or when I rushed off after dropping him off.

He used to cry whenever I picked him up too but this month sees great improvement from him. No crying when he saw me, only dashed towards me and gave me a hug before looking for his bag.

One serious finding recently was that he suffers from withdrawal symptoms from playing iphone. He goes "er er er" and throw tantrum if he sees my iphone and can't play it. And he knows only my phone has his games. When hubby gave him his to soothe him, he refused to take! So now I have to hide my phone from him and only allow him to play for a while after dinner.

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prince n princess mum said...

Adorable Ryan.. Love his eyes!


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