Thursday, June 30, 2011

School Update - Nicholas

For the month of June, the K1's children were introduced to the animals' kingdom. They spent the 4 weeks discussing about the following topic.

"The Giant Jellyfish invasion" ;

Can animals be nice? (animal's behavious)" ;

"Extinct Animals";

Spiders at risk in human-altered world. They may be creepy-crawly but spiders are a bellwether for a healthy environment.

They did their part in saving Gaia too. They each were given a pot and to plant their seeds. They took responsibility to water it every day and observe the growth of the seedlings to a young plant. A topic they touched on too for their Science lesson...Life Cycle of Plant.

1 comment:

Angeline said...

Isn't school cool nowadays? I don't remember having such lessons during my pre-school life.


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