Monday, January 9, 2012

Ryan @ 33 months old

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  • His speech is progressing well and no more worries that he can't speak properly.
  • Knows most of the alphabets in both capital and small letters.
  • He likes to pretend to be the animal/ character in the book I am reading to him. Like the one above, he pretend to be the Heterodontosaurus, licking his hand and walking like one. Its quite hilarious to see him doing it.
  • He now cheekily called me "mom" instead of "mummy" sometimes. When I asked him where he learns this from, he said korkor taught him...hmmm...come to think of it, Nicholas actually called me "mom" instead of mummy. So we had this little game between the 2 of us. When I call him "baby", he will reply "mummy". When I called him "babe", he will reply "mom". He super good at this...good reflex there.

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