Monday, June 1, 2009

His Drinking Habits

This is how he looks like after almost every milk session.

Sometimes, he will suckle till the milk (fore milk) comes and split out the first few mouths.... wonder is it because it tasteless that's why he spit out?


He has another bad habit. He will cry for milk and once latched on, after a few mouthful, you can hear sound coming from below. Sometimes, the force is so great it "explode" out of his diaper!

Very Constipated

And once he had satisfy himself, he will split or let the milk flow out from his mouth. Any of your baby did that too?


Serena said...

Erm, actually hor, I think this is perfectly normal lah. I remember all my kids, I feed, must put towel under their chin... because of this lah.

then the input output at the same time, also the same. Of my 3, one will do during, the others will do shortly after... so quite normal also lah.

miche said...

i think he spits because the flow is too strong and he cannot swallow on time; my Ezra did that many times.

and the same as ur son, he just loves to fart and sometimes until he poops. so funny eh?

so far my baby did not let the milk out voluntary. if he is too full, he will vomit some milk out.

dont worry lar...all these are normal. ;)

mommy to chumsy said... but judging from the other mommies' comments, i guess it's normal.

Pet said...

If the flow too fast, express out first then only let him latch on.

As for bowel movement, very normal especially at this first few months - no worry.

Glad you have lots of supply...!

Zara's Mama said...

I think the foremilk probably gushed out too quickly.. so he had to spit out.

And BM digest real quickly.. 1 side go in.. 1 side come out. :P

Zara's Mama said...

Hey.. you have 4 children? How come this blog is only about the boys? Sorry.. kaypoh.

And I also realised you attend most of your son's school lessons. It's a school where parents accompany their kids for lessons? The school looks nice though.

Blessed mum said...

Serena; Miche; Pet; Zara's mama - Really? I thot he's a fussy drinker that's why he spit it out. :D

I know its normal for baby to output when they input, but mine is special in the sense that he must latch on to poo! He can "tahan" the poo poo till I give in to him and latch him on?!

Zara's mama - Oh, my 2 girls have their own blog (link at the side bar) :)

And nope, I didn't attend any of lesson, the school send me updates of their learning every week with photos of him in action. If he did something special, they will mentioned in the email to me too.

The centre is indeed very nice and most importantly, the teachers and staffs there love the kids!

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Mom, thats the fun of having babies...and trying to keep yourself clean same time too.
But have fun, kids grow very fast, Lee.

Moomykin said...

Every baby's system is different.

My first one would poop after every feed, but my second was consistent in doing it once a day. Now this third one would sometimes skip a day, then the next day give you a double load! All 3 are fully breast-fed.

But so far, non of my babies spit out. They would mostly pull away when the "over-active let down" begin (milk squirting our involuntarily like a fountain), usually after a minute they start nursing. Then they will be showered in milk and Mommy will have to wipe them so that they don't get milk-rash.

Moomykin said...

p/s- I added you to by blog-buddy list.

Blessed mum said...

Uncle Lee - your r right! :)

moomykin - He too will rub his face all over the nipples! and I have to clean him and myself up when he's in the mood for such fun ;P

Thanks. I added you to mine too!

Angeline said...

Oh Mommy, its the diet...

I won't say I'm 100% sure
but my boy's drinking 'pattern' changes with the intake of food I eat that day.
If I drink tea, coffee or gassy drinks like coke, I'm in for trouble.
If I eat things with ginger or garlic, worse!

but when I eat or drink sweet things...*laugh* I could almost be 100% sure that the feeding would be smooth....

the 'explosion' *laugh* wahhh... maybe he'll become a purchaser or an accountant in future! Cos First-In-First-Out!!

Blessed mum said...

Angeline - thanks! Maybe I should monitor what I eat and see what happen too!

and you are soooo FUNNY!!!


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