Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Too Much Foremilk!! How??

Lately, Baby Ryan's poo alternate between yellow mustard type and greenish and watery poo.

I was concern over the change and check the net and found out that its a result of him having too much foremilk.

It says that healthy breastfed baby's greenish stooling and fussiness can be a result from too much lactose(sugar). When the excess lactose enters baby's colon, there may be increased fermentation. This problem occurs when mommy has abundant foremilk supply. More info can be found here.

And over here, it says that babies whose moms have too much milk will often exhibit symptoms such as fussing, pulling off the breast, colicky crying, gassiness, spitting up, and hiccuping. They may want to nurse frequently, and they may gain weight more rapidly than the average baby (who usually gains 4-8 ounces each week during the first 3 or 4 months). Their stools may be green and watery. The mother’s letdown reflex may be so forceful that the baby chokes, gags and sputters as he struggles with the jet of milk that sprays too quickly into his mouth.

Baby Ryan is exactly what mentioned above! At least now I know why he spit out the milk.

Anyone can tell me how to reduce foremilk and increase hindmilk??!!Anything I should eat or drink?

I heeding some advice found on the net to nurse him only on one breast at each feeding and also try to relax during the letdown. I now catch the initial forceful sprays in a towel before putting him back on the breast after the sprays.


miche said...

i hv a lot of foremilk too but my baby poo is not greenish. as for the food, sorry, i hv no idea. btw, as for the food, i balance up with cold food and heaty food. and i avoid food or fruit that will make baby hv lots of gas in his tummy.

i also catch my foremilk using my cloth nappy. once the "shooting" stopped, i let him latch again.

Angeline said...

Once the 'reason' is known, solution comes easier...
I didn't have 'too much foremilk' problem... but still can I suggest?

Would you like to try expressing once your breast is full and when the little one is NOT needing it, I believe there were such moments...

ok, then COUNT!
Count how many times you press your breast (express), before the hind milk comes. Lets say 20times before hind milk comes.

So next time before feeding press about 10-15times before latching the little one...
so that after 5-10mouth of foremilk, which is REALLY IMPORTANT to quench his thirst, while hind milk is for his hunger; he will get to the hind...


Pet said...

Hmm... not sure what advice to give you. I don't have this problem. I am always afraid I don't have sufficient milk for my son.

Also, make sure dont' drink coffee!

Moomykin said...

I normally let my baby nurse on the same side for the whole 10-15 minutes feed (my milk also fast flow). Sometimes next feed also on the same side so that he gets a bit more of the hind milk.

The other thing i do is that I even express some of the foremilk for my older boy, mix it secretly into his milk so that I don't waste any milk.

I so know about the "shooting" spray. All my babies have had, now no.3 still has, their occasional "milk bath" LoL.

Anyway, Happy nursing.

Sasha said...

alamak too much milk problem. no milk also problem. No wonder my son drink my milk but doesn't gain weight la. Anyway i hope u can find the solution fast :)

mommy to chumsy said...

sorry i can't help you here but i see you have a lot of advice from other mommies. Hope everything will be ok soon :D


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