Thursday, July 2, 2009

Check up @ 2months & 23 days old

Was debating whether to give him the Pneumococcal & rotavirus vaccine. Rotavirus is the leading single cause of severe diarrhoea among infants and young children while Pneumococcal disease is an infection caused by a type of bacteria called Streptococcus pneumoniae. When these bacteria invade the lungs, they cause the most common kind of bacterial pneumonia and can then invade the bloodstream and/or the tissues and fluids surrounding the brain and spinal cord (meningitis). Another common complication is infection of the middle ear (otitis media).

The Pneumococcal seems more serious, so in the end, decided to just go ahead with just the Pneumococcal vaccines and skip the Rotavirus one. And today was his 6 in 1 jab too, so he was to have 2 jab altogether.

The paed asked if I want to nurse him while they jab as this jab would be very painful, I was quite cool about it and told them its ok. I thought it would be one after another but to my shock / surprise, the paed and her nurse each standing at one side of his thigh, and without even the need to count 1 2 3, they poked in together! 2 jab at one go!! Baby Ryan cried, though not very loudly, probably caused more by the shocked than the pain!

He was a real tough boy, stop crying in less than a minute. Probably he got more fats in his thigh, thus not so painful. Paed told us to monitor him for fever this two days.

Paed also asked to put him more on his tummy to get him to exercise his neck and tummy muscle.

The Paed checked on his belly button too and said its hernia. Its very common and said to give him till 6 months for it to get back to "normal". I mentioned that its like balloon. She said nothing to worry, its the intestine in there and very seldom will they need operation.

And Paed observed that he has slight Enzyma. Remedy? Keep him cool.

As for the greenish watery stools, she said she is not at all concern if I am still 100% breastfeeding him.

His weight gain was very satisfactory.

Weight : 6.255kg

Length: 58.5cm

His weight and height are on the 90 percentile. hmm..thinking back, I was still worried when my gynae said he will be a short boy during one of those check up.


Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Baby Ryan looks very alike his kor kor.

He is very brave boy. Two jabs at the same time but stopped crying within a min.

Pet said...

Wow, big boy! Must be all the mother's milk milk!!

Both my children skipped the rotavirus jab but took the pneumoccocal instead... I too find that this P jab is more important.

Health Freak Mommy said...

He is heavy for his age!

Moomykin said...

Ouch! Poor baby. 2 jabs together is just too much. I am sure it was the shock that got him. But really bave to stop crying so soon.

Good that the doc had a look at the belly button. At least you know what it is.

My boys took the P jab after 2 years old. Doc said no need to jab under 2 unless they are constantly exposed to a lot of other children, i.e. at a nursery.

Blessed mum said...

Joanne - Yes, as he gets older, he look more and more like Nic.

Pet - that's what my mum said too. my mum said he's fleash is "hard" not those flabby type, thus must be mommy ate well and fed him well. :P

Health Freak Mommy - yes, his weight is on the 90 percentile. Now got no strenght to carry him for long esp if he struggle.

Moomykin - We gave him this jab b'cos Nicholas is in school and he might bring back the virus.

Angeline said...

This is so hard to read....two jabs TOGEHTER???!!!
Luckily ah boy is such a tough little fellow.... imagine if he kept crying, bet you'll probably break the heads off the paed and the nurse man! Well, I would!

Then again, if they had to do it one after next, it might be one severe pain is better than two pains in a row??? was that what they were thinking?

Blessed mum said...

Angeline - I think all my 4 kids got thick skin..they only cry a short while, probably due more to shock than pain.

Yes, that's their intention of jabbing together. Pain at one go is better than 2 ;P

Aces Family said...

Wow..he is a very strong boy..hee : )

My boy was the pioneer "test"batch for Rotarvirus and we didn't need to pay for the injection..and we got PAID for it..haha.

My GP even commented that i dare to let my boy be Guinea pigs..haha.

Blessed mum said...

Astee - I must say you are really brave to let your boy be the guinea pigs *winks*

quEeNie said...

he is so cute....look so alike Nicholas

Blessed mum said...

Queenie - thanks :)


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