Thursday, July 9, 2009

His Daily Morning Exercise

Baby Ryan loves to be placed on his tummy WHEN he is not sleepy or hungry. Guessed he is happy to see the world from a different dimension. Laugh

Initially, his face will rub on the bed and mouth/tongue licking the bed sheet but as his muscle grows, he is able to hold his head up for quite a while. And His legs are so strong that he is able to push his way forward too!


mommy to chumsy said... cute. his neck is very strong :D

Pet said...

Kudos to mummy little boy!

Aces Family said...

Wow..he's growing up strong and fast..: )


BoeyJoey said...

Wow... 3 months and little Ryan can lift his head up... well done! :-D

Wonderful Life said...

aiyo... his eyes so big and round like the 'guli'!!

well done, Ryan!

Blessed mum said...

thanks :)

Moomykin said...

Yes, it's really good exercise.
Keep it up, baby Ryan!

Just this evening, my almost 5 month old actually lifted his upper body up by straightening his arms when placed on his tummy.

Oh, they grow so fast.

Blessed mum said...

Moomykin - I must agree with you that they really grow very fast!

Angeline said...

In no time, he's gonna crawl with those strong legs!!!

Blessed mum said...

Angeline - waiting for that day to come *laugh*


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