Friday, August 14, 2009

Amazing School

This post is super back-dated. I was supposed to post it last month but was super busy and also lazy to do up the video. And today when I finally have time, my computer's cd reader spoilt! Grrr

Many had been surprised at the many updates and photos I received from Nicholas' childcare centre. I, too, am very happy that I found one that really do what they say and not just "marketing".

But what Nicholas brought back today really surprised me..In his bag today was a 20 minutes VCD recording of the N1 going about their daily routine. It records the N1 kids, including Nicholas, having some music and movements time. I had always wonder if Nicholas sing and dance in school, though he does it at home, as he tends to be shy outside. But this little recordings showed me that he is very happy in school and he actively joined in the singing and dancing too!

The video might be short but it gave me a lot of assurance that Nicholas is in good hands. and Nicholas laughed out loud too when he saw himself on the TV and couldn't help but sing along too!

I was so happy that when I fetch Nicholas the next day, I couldn't help but praise them. The teacher said the recording was not a rehearsed one nor was it planned at all. The boss just came in one day and record them doing the activities. According to the teacher, its just one off thingy but as parent, I am already very grateful, what more can I ask for!?

I strongly believe that children this age should have fun and enjoy themselves, learning the world through play. That's why, I never bother much about Nicholas that he could be slower than others in term of academic. All I want is for him to enjoy his toddler's years before all the stress starts coming to him when he goes into P1.


Leona said...

I totally agree with you that children should be children...and enjoy the simple pleasures of childhood which is laughter, joy and play.

Thumbs up to such a good school!

mommy to chumsy said...

like i always say...this school is amazing :D wish there is one like this over here.

Angeline said...

I've said it a hundredth time now? Nahhh...... too exaggerating, but I know I've said it too many times, but not sick of it yet, "Mommy, you really found a great school for your boy! Well done! All the hopping around finally paid off!"

Hey hey, get that thingy fixed, won't ya? I wanna SEE Nicholas in action too!!!

3lilangels said...

I'd always admire the daily photos, now got VCD too. Wow! Fantastic school!

mumsgather said...

Oh, I wish I had a video like that of the kids. It would be really nice to know what they are up to without us around.

YM said...

Hi Blessed Mum,
Can I know the name of this school?
I read from chocklitmom's blog that you tried out some school in the Upper Bt Timah area before but it didn't work out, so I am hoping that this school is in the same area.
I'll be moving to Bt Panjang in Dec'09 and am in the midst of looking for a preschool around that area.

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