Sunday, February 28, 2010

Off To Big Boy Church!

Knowing that my boy will be "promoted" to the bigger kids class in church (aka Praise Club) tomorrow, I had made some preparation. He had just gotten used to the current class and I was worried if he is willing to go to Praise Club WITHOUT mommy tagging along. See, now mommy stays with him but when he promotes to Praise Club, I wouldn't be able to stay with him anymore.

Back to the preparation part, actually nothing much. We went shopping at Westmall and bought him this nice Thomas & Friends bag that matches his shoes.

He loves it and we told him its for him to bring it to church when he joins the big kids class. He asked if I'll be there. I told him that he is a BIG boy now, a N2 kor kor, so he has to go join all his friends at the Praise club. Mommy will stay with baby Ryan at the baby's class. He asked if its the same class as the 2 jiejies. I told him "no" and explained to him that his 2 jiejies are in Bigger kids church. He looks a little reluctant, so I asked him if he wants to be a big boy or a baby (he dislike being treated as a baby). If he wants to be a big boy, a strong one (he likes that), he has to go to the new class without mommy and jiejies. Okay, he said and that's does it!

Today, we went to the baby's class and did some activities. Towards the last half an hour, we had the "graduating" ceremony for all the "graduating" students. He as usual refuses to take the certificate and presents and was like being stunt by a stunt gun.

After the simple ceremony, the kids were escorted to the big kids class and he even said "bye" to me. According to the teacher that brought them over, Nicholas was in his cheerful mood as he walked to his new class, unlike his grumbly self earlier in the class.

His graduation Certificate

When his class ends, I asked if he likes the new class and he said "yes!" *phew* I was so happy to see him settle in so fast, was still worried that he might refused to go to the new class. Lets see if he ok next week.

I am happy that my boy is independent but on the other hand, feeling a little sad that my boy had grown up and no need mommy be with him anymore Weepy


mommy to chumsy said...

well done nicholas :) he is so independent. well mommy, you've got another one in the baby class for another few more years...heheheheh

prince n princess mum said...

Well done!

Aunty Serena said...

haha... actually, when one of the other boys was asking if we were going to a different sunday class, and I said yes, we are going to the Big Boys and Big Girls Sunday Class, Nicholas said "Yay!!"... LOL

Blessed mum said...

hope he can maintain this enthusiasm :)

BoeyJoey said...

good tactic to encourage Nicholas... be a big boy and not a baby :-). Good job, Nicholas!


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