Sunday, March 7, 2010

Follow Up on His Move To Big Boy's Class

My dear Nicholas was excited about his new class that throughout the week, he kept telling us that he likes to go to church. Bravo! We thought he is good BUT... today when we finally reached our church and was walking towards his class, he said he does not want to go in. He wants to be with me.

Nic: I want to be with you.

Me: I can't stay with you anymore. You are a big boy right? No more a baby, right?

Nic: But big boy must stay with family! (fighting to keep his tears from falling)

Me: Ok. I stay with you till your class starts and I go off.

But he still refuses to enter the classroom and I have to coax him in, all the time, he is fighting to keep those tears from falling. After some warming up with the toys provided, I told him I have to go to the baby class to change baby and told him to stay. He agrees.

After church, asked him if he joins in any singing and activities, he said he didn't sing. Only the Big children sang. Well, at least he is ok with the idea of being there without mommy. He is pretty slow in warming up, hope he settle into the class soon.

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