Friday, May 21, 2010

Nicholas's School Update #4

This week, the school rounded up the topic on "vegetables". There is a consensus that vegetables and fruits are really good for the body and we shall have more portions of such goodness.

The teacher wanted to try something different with the children when it came to coloring. Usually the kids get to choose whichever colors they wanted but for today, the teacher wanted to see if the kids could follow accurately what they see on the example given. So different portions of a vegetable was colored differently. Result...they had a couple of misses but generally the children could copy well, hence thumbs-up for good observation skills. They also talked about neat coloring - "coloring within the lines". hmm..its about time since the kids are 4 this year and can be encouraged to have that discipline to control "penman-ship" when coloring.

A new rhyme has been introduced - Pop goes the Weasel. The children adored it and can do the actions well. They were invited to "perform" in small groups.

The little boy enjoying himself during the outdoor play..oh..he said he looks like hamster when he smile like that!... Think he misheard me when I said he look very handsome when he smile.

Doing Maths with counters..

The school are also reinforcing good behavior in class, especially when it comes to routine things like going up and down the stairs, shower time, toilet time, hand washing, nap time and lunch time.

Stairs - we keep in a single line and use soft voices. No need to be yelling when moving along the stairs.

Shower - Towel, clean clothes on the chair before stripping for shower.

Toileting - No throwing excessive amount of paper in the small toilet bowl, always flush & wash hands thoroughly.

Handwashing - no wasting water and dry hands thoroughly

Nap time - lay bedding before shower

lunch - no need to shout lunch time song, we don't talk with mouthful of food.

I'm so glad these are practised in school. Nicholas is like our Discipline Master at home, always reminding us on the rules, especially on the "no talking with our mouth full of food". He always said that to his 2 sisters.

They did a science experiment was on
"fireworks". The teacher showed them a video (New Year's countdown 2009 in London) on fireworks and brought their attention to the motion of the low explosives.

After viewing the video, its time for some experiment! They used food coloring, oil and water for this simple experiment. Instead of fireworks in the sky, they created fireworks in the water. The droplets of food coloring in the oil will disperse upwards upon submersion in water and droplet descend, droplets float up, disperses into strings of colors...just like Fireworks.


Alice Law said...

I love Nicholas's school, I can see he really have fun at school!

Have a wonderful week ahead!

jen cheung said...

looks like he had a lot of fun :)


mommy to chumsy said...

So interesting. Looks like all the kids have a swell time in this school.

Pet said...

Sorry, havn't drop by in awhile! Does he practice them at home? daughter is an 'angel' in school, at home she is the 'queen'.

Baby Darren said...

His school is really great.I love those photos capturing him learning and observing. Priceless photos.

Sigh...i always don't know what is darren doing in school.

BoeyJoey said...

Wow, lots of activities there! I like the fireworks idea :-)


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