Thursday, February 10, 2011

Nothing scared him

I'm at a lost at how to "punish" little Ryan when he is naughty. The usual "punishment" that works with his siblings doesn't work on him.

When I said I'll put him in the dark room when he's naughty, guess what his reaction is?! He happily opens the storeroom door, walked in and closed it with him inside the dark enclosure!!! (I've never refer that room as dark room, so we have no idea why he link the storeroom as dark room) When he did that, we can't help but giggles nonstop outside.

Or when I told him to stand at a corner and not move for his naughtiness, he cheekily stood next to the wall and placed his freshly cheek on the wall which then look so adorable!!!

At times when I scolded him, he will cover his mouth and smile *faint*

And I when I asked him if he wants mummy to beat beat his hand, he nodded his head and give me his little hand!!!

The only thing that will "upset" him is when I refused to give him his milk!


Angeline said...

*Huge Laugh*
When his reaction is so cute, all angers disappear eh? *laugh*

So I guess, the only way is to Not give him milk, at least he got the 'right' reaction. *giggle*

Have you tried the 'ignoring him method'?

BoeyJoey said...

hahaha... all so cute!!! how to be angry with him? he's smart la... knows how to "catch" your hearts :-D.


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