Friday, July 15, 2011

Bottle Tree Park

Read some much about this place from all the blogging mummies but never took the effort to bring the kids there. So today, finally gathered all my determination to drive the 2 boys there to check it out. Being a weekday, the place is very quite and we got almost the whole to place to ourselves. Nicholas laughed at the funny looking trees and came up with lots of his creative explanation why it looks that way.

It was bright and sunny one minute....

....and heavy downpour the next. We took shelter under the hut and was glad the rain stop pretty fast.

Back to explore more..took a picture the pack of mega bones! Nicholas said it look like the bones in the Elephant grave in his Lion King's book. Both had reservation going through it but after assurance, Ryan took the lead to walk though the "tunnel" and both started running in and out of the "tunnel"!

Walking up the slope to check out the pin-ball shooting. My dear Nicholas holding his little brother's hand, pulling him up the steep slope.

Boys! Boys! Boys! They stop chattering when they saw the army guys shooting and shouting out command. They just glued their eyes at the scene in front of them.

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