Saturday, July 9, 2011

Ryan @ 27 mths

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He now able to use 2 to 3 words to form sentence like :
Go up
Sit down
Big house
Big bus

A new vocab he uses this month is "where". When I ask him to throw the litter into the bin, he look around for a bin before turning to ask "where?" as there's not one in sight.

His mathematics is getting along very well. Whenever we have the chance, will ask him "how many....?" and he is able to count (if more than 3) and give the correct answer.

He is doing very well in his sorting skill too, both shapes and colours.

Definitely very, very cute and cheeky now. This is the best age!!! How I wish he is Peter Pan, forever the same age....

One bad area which he had developed is hitting and spitting when he is angry. When he was irritated or angry, he will start spitting saliva and even flinging his saliva at people. He will dig into his mouth and took the saliva with his fingers and throw at the person that he is angry with. I really had no idea where he learn this from. No one, not even his siblings, did that! HELP! HELP! HELP!!!

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