Sunday, October 2, 2011

Children's Day Chess Competition - Eastern Knight Chess Club

This is Nicholas' 2nd Chess Competition. Its small scale compared to the one that he had for his first. This competition is something special to the 3 kids as their 2 cousins and 2 good friends will be playing too. I must say they all played very well with Nicholas winning 3 games and drawing 1. He had played with this boy in the previous competition which he lost, so when he drew this time round, it was a big step forward for him!

As for his 2 sisters, they were paired with very strong opponents and their games were definitely much tougher. There was 2 games when Rachel put up a super good fight till the end. She was actually winning but due to lack of experience, she made a mistake and that's becomes the turning point.

Charmaine had one game unfairly ruled against her and she was so upset that she cried. She was supposed to win that game but the opponent played foul (a long story) and the arbiter gave him the benefit of doubt.

Though the girls were not in the top 5, they enjoyed themselves nonetheless...a break from books!

Nicholas got a special seat! hee..I though he would be too short so brought this blue cushion along to give him a boost!

Round 1, the girls were seated side-by-side.

Nicholas found a comfortable position to sit while waiting for Round 1 to start.

The game officially started with a hand shake. I loves this moment.

Its his first time doing recording of his game. I told him to record only the first 10 moves.

Round 2, Rachel was paired with this boy. Very strong but Rachel did well and gave him headache. She could have won but she was too nervous to realise her winning position and make a mistake, which became the turning point of the game. Lots of people gather to watch this game as it was really well played.

In deep thoughts...


Nicholas was very focus in this competition. He just needs more exposure.

Writing his moves slow his reflex which is good in a sense. This way, he will not moves carelessly.

My cheeky boy was paired with his cousin on the 6th round.

My tomboyish girl...what a way to "ah lian"

The kids were excited to see the trophies and medals. Nicholas kept asking if he had win enough to win something. (I didn't tell the kids that everyone will get a medal/trophy) So when his name was being called, he was so excited!

A photo with all the U-8 kids.

The girls missed the top 5 but they still get a merit trophy each (for top 10)... hahahaha...they are lucky cos there were only 9 under 10 girls took part in this competition. Anyway, Rachel was 6th and Charmaine was 7th.

A photo with their medal/trophy.

and their cousins...

and the girls' good friend, L.

A good game played by now its back to books again! hahahaha...exam in a week's time!

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