Friday, October 31, 2008

Learning Alphabet

Mummy had been busy with jiejie's exam preparation and totally left little boy in the care of helper. But think she did a fantastic job. Just one month, he now can fixed the entire A-Z "puzzle".

I don't know if he really know A is for Apple or he uses his memory to fix the "puzzle"..but I just glad at his progress now!

P.S. you can hear daddy's and Rachel's voice in the background...they are laughing at the T-shirt Rachel bought daddy during her school's Rainbow Carnival! Its too small for daddy but he wore it anyway to show her and also thank her for her thoughtfulness. But..hahaha..he looks like a sausage in it as the t-shirt is brown in colour and so tight!!! hahaha...


Mommy to Chumsy said...

wow..he is so smart eh? well done nicholas!

Meekfreek said...

So clever!

Something About Us said...

smart boy eh!

- Ling

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

you mean your helper taught Nicholas about the A-Z puzzle?

Anyway, is Nicholas coughing?

Angeline said...

as clever as his mommy! *wink*
oh no! then what is daddy gonna do with the t-shirt?

Vivianz said...

very smart! my girl can only recognised O, U, A, nia... :(

Blessed mum said...

mommy to chumsy; meekfreek; Ling - thanks :)

Sarah's dad&mum - yup..she play it with him all this while... he is not coughing but have running nose and got choke on his saliva ;P

angeline - daddy convinced Rachel that the T-shirt is too small for him and ask if he can gave it to my helper which she agrees.

vivianz - hi..thanks for visiting my blog. Nice to have new friend.

I think he had a lot of practice with my helper, thus able to fix it with ease.

Wonderful Life said...

So smart boy! Her jie jie is a good helper too.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Wonderful blog! And what a smart boy you have there!
Can I ask where you bought those 2piece puzzles? Been trying to find but can't... thanks!

Pet said...

Very clever... school helps?

Blessed mum said...

wonderful life - thanks :) jiejie is a good helper indeed but it's my maid that help teach him this :)

Hi there - thanks for popping by and your kind compliments :)

This sets of puzzle was bought 6 yrs ago for my 1st girl. If I'm don't recall wrongly, I got it from IKEA.

PET - thanks. School does help a little as they were teaching this during last month too.


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