Friday, February 27, 2009

Cute Blogger Award

Angeline and Ping passed this Cute Blogger Award to me.

Thanks dear!

Here are the rules:
1. Copy Badge “2008 Cute’s Blogger Award” and put it on your blog.
2. Link or tell a bit about the person who gave you the award…
3. Each one of you who receive this award must list down 10 facts/hobbies about yourself.

1. I’m a Part Time Stay At Home Mom
2. I have 2 girls and 1 boy (and 1 more to come in 2 months time)
3. There are 5 members in my house NOW
4. I have 3 younger sister
5. I am a Singaporean
6. I am now very busy with work and planning for the arrival of the new baby.

7. I like to play mind games
8. I like to fix jigsaw puzzles
9. I love babies!
10 . My favourite colour is white

4. Pass this award to 10 bloggers and link them in your blog

I'm passing this to all my blogging friends!


Angeline said...

Wahhhh... purity leh! White!!!! *Grin*

Blessed mum said...

angeline - hee..not pure la..just nice colour to go with anything.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

I think you must be a patient person, because it requiries this quality when fixing the jigsaw puzzle.

Blessed mum said...

Joanna - not really if you ask my kids. My temper flew very quickly with them recently :P

Quessed it got to do with the pregnancy and the piling workload... hopefully, I can revert to a better mom after the baby's out.

ps. sorry, I have yet to figure out how to do your tag (Google's)

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Michelle, I think pregnancy will lead you feel uneasy and uncomfortable with minor things.

Don't worry, you are still a good mother.

About the tag, I am sorry to trouble you.
Do you need my help?

Blessed mum said...

joanne - thanks for your kind words. On the tag, if its not too troublesome, would love to engage your help :)

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

I think this time I really troubled you with the Google Tag. So sorry about it.

Of course I could help you with it.
First: You just put the title as Google's Michelle Needs.
Second: Just copy and paste any google logo
Third: You type your name in Google and then needs i.e (Michelle needs), and see what comes up!

If you really find difficult in doing the tag, it is okay. It is more important for you to take care your health and of course the baby.

Blessed mum said...

joanne - hahaha..I think I'm a internet-idiot! still didn't manage to do it:P

Think i got to give this a miss. sorry:P

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

You are not internet idiot, Michelle.
It is just that this tag is abit tricky...

Anyway, is ok for not doing the tag. It is not compulsory to do it. Hehe.

Blessed mum said...

joanne -thanks for your understanding :)


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