Sunday, March 1, 2009

Little Nicholas @ 29 months

In less than 2 months time, baby Nicholas will be "promoted" to kor kor and so far, he has taken the news of having a new baby brother very well. Every now and then, he will come over and stroke my tummy and said "my baby brother". He even kissed my tummy sometimes!!

With the baby arriving soon, we decided to place him on full day care at the centre now. So he started his FIRST full day with the childcare centre today. It pain my heart (I don't have such feeling when the 2 jiejies go on full day...) to place him on full day but with the baby coming soon, we are really short of manpower. Instead of placing him on full day after the baby is out (he might feel threaten then that we love the baby more than him), I better do it now. At least, I know he will have more fun and learnt more things in the centre than being at home as I won't be able to spent much time with him then with the baby's arrival just 2 weeks before the 2 jiejies mid-year exam.

For the past 2 days, we had been preparing him for THE DAY. I explained to him that after lunch, instead of waiting for us to fetch him back, he will shower with his friends and take his milk and nap. After the nap, he will have some snack and sing songs/play games with the teacher. He understood and promised not to cry and look for us.

Things that he can accomplish so far:-
  1. Express clearly what he wants and speak in complete sentence;

  2. finally able to pronounce the letter "S", "F". He used to say "sleep" as "leep"; "see" as "lee".. we are so happy that he finally able to correct his own pronunciation!

  3. Complete Diaper free

  4. Understanding the concept of counting. He is able to count things up to 6. He always replaced the "7" with "11" but with constant reminder, he occasionally could get it right and reached 10.
  5. He will also question our action. Sometimes, when I scold his sisters, he will ask, "Why you scold jiejie? Is it because jiejie is naughty?"

  6. He definitely knows how to make me feel guilty! Whenever I leave the house without him, he will give me a sad look and ask, "Where are you going? What about me? I thought you bringing me too?"
Lastly, he is getting more and more handsome!!! hee..very thick skin hor, this mommy. Well, beauty in the eyes of the beholder!


jazzmint said...

wah..big kor kor already :)...

mommy to chumsy said...

oh he is such a clever boy :)

Wonderful Life said...

yeah... he's really a good boy... diaper free somemore!

Angeline said...

clever mommy!
putting him there before the arrival of the new one is the right thing to do, for the most obvious reasons, yet so many parents don't recognise that, or worse, they tell the kid that The New Comer is the reason for the change to Full-day. *faint*

Pet said...

Ya, preparing them ahead for their new sibling is very important.

I am not sure how my daughter will feel if I send her to full day care. She's attending half day care too! But, there's no need at this moment.

Sharon said...

Hello :) Hope you still remember me, a follower of your blog.haha.. Upload some cute photos of handsome lil nicholas when you have time okay? take care

Aces Family said...


I think Baby Nic should have no prob adjusting to FD Childcare as most of his friends are there.

Of course, he is handsome, there is nothing thick skin about it..haha.


Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Michelle, excited to see your lil baby. So already get the baby a name?

Blessed mum said...

jazzmint; mommy to chumsy; wonderful life - thanks :)

Angeline - Thanks:) I learnt this from my eldest girl's childcare centre. The supervisor explained to me that we should place our kid in childcare before the arrival of the baby rather than after so that the older kids will not feel jealous or unwanted.

Pet - me kaisu mom. I've been playing Nicholas's baby video to him now to prepare him for the arrival of the new baby, hoping he can understand what the whole thing actually means.

Its always better to be able to teach your kids yourself if there's no need to place in Full day care. At least they can bond with the parents in the afternoon.

Sharon - Hi, of course I remember you! How are you? Hee..mommy now very lazy and Nicholas very camera shy. Will try to catch some nice one.

Astee - You are right. He have no problem adjusting to the full day care.

Joanna - We have a few names in mind but yet to finalize it yet. Its the Chinese name that is giving us the headache.

Mummy and daddy: Angie and Ben said...

I think you are doing the right thing by sending Micholas to full daycare now rather than later. Good job to Nic.. he seems to be coping well at home and at the daycare.

Blessed mum said...

Angie - thanks for the assurance. :)

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Is ok, still have time to think about the chinese name of your baby.

Don't be rush ya!

Blessed mum said...

joanne - hahaha..actually not much time left :)

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Maybe you can find the chinese name from dictionary. Last time my husband did that too..

Blessed mum said...

Joanne - we got my hubby's aunt to give us some names..hee..the easy way out...she is a Chinese teacher and she had given us a list of good names with meaning to choose from...


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